Avenue Green Studios

Located right in the heart of London, at Tower Bridge, Avenue Green Studios is a new multi-functional space that can be used for many purposes, each room within the studio can be used for photography, videography, podcast, and many more.

London, UK
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About Avenue Green Studios

With 10 years’ experience in property and media, Avenue green studios have merged these industries together to create a space that is stylish, affordable and in-trend. Which caters to the growing need to produce home grown entertainment content. We are a company that values the community and actively works on supporting mental health through our partnerships and contributions. Our mission is to be customer focused and provide our service user with flexible options that encourage their artist flare.

The inspiration behind our studio was to offer a fun and safe place for everybody who might have struggled with their mental health during the recent pandemic. With many turning to social media, studies have found that creating memories through pictures and video seems to give people an instant high. By creating a path of positivity this helps to facilitate creative expression which enables our customers to freely embody the optimistic journey whilst producing content.