General Tutti questions

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Tutti is a London based startup that matches available space to artists looking to rehearse. Tutti enables artists to find spaces perfect for their every need, and also provides hosts with a simple and effective booking management and customer acquisition tool.
Early next year, you will be able to download Tutti on both the iOS and Android App Stores. Currently you can check out our beta here.
Tutti is already available. Check it out here. It will also be a mobile app in the near future.
Tutti is currently only operational in London, UK.
Simply sign up here.


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Simply go to our beta and start browsing.
Once you have gone to Tutti's beta website, simply click on a listing. You can select a date, start time, and end time on the right. Once you have requested a time, the host has 3 days to accept your booking request. You can communicate with them directly during this time, and once they have accepted your request, your rehearsal is booked.
When you request a time from a host, we do not charge you. Once the host has received your request and accepted your booking, the charge is set as pending. Once you have completed your rehearsal, you release the funds for the host to receive.
Our payment system runs on Stripe. All you have to do is enter your debit or credit card details when requested to do so. Tutti does not store any of your payment details - that is handled by Stripe.
Every rehearsal space is different and the cost is up to the owner. Every listing has the rate listed on the preview page.
Simply email us at [email protected].

Hosts / Spaces

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Simply go to our beta, create an account, and press "+ List a Space" in the top right corner.
You are required to provide a title for your room, the charge type (per hour/day/etc), its rough location, and the cost of the room.
Beyond that, we ask for a few required details including the maximum number of artists for your room, whether your space is sound proofed, and whether it has step free access. Additionally, you can provide more details including what equipment/amenities you have in your space.
We integrate with Stripe for all things money. They have made it very simple. All you have to do is input your sort code and account number, (information will be stored on Stripe, not Tutti) and when the rehearsal has finished and payment has been processed, the money will be deposited into your account.
We charge a 15% commission for our services, with a minimum of £2.50.
At this stage, there are a few options. You can look at the other listings on our site and make an educated guess when comparing your space to theirs, and edit it when artists book your space or don't.
You can email us at [email protected], with a couple pictures or descriptions of your space, and we can give you a rough price point.

You are always welcome to edit your price depending on how much interest you get.
Simply email us at [email protected].

General listing questions

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Let us know. We are constantly adapting our service based on user feedback. We can only do that if you let us know what you need. Email us at [email protected] any time.
Email us at ([email protected]) and we will answer, and we will add to our knowledge base so that future users don't have to ask the same questions again.