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Basement lounge
Fidelio Orchestra Cafe
Beethoven room
Fidelio Orchestra Cafe
5 stars from 14 reviews
Great people and location.
Very friendly staff and a nice space for lessons. Great cafe too!

A wonderful, atmospheric space ideal for small-scale recitals or rehearsals. Lots of comfy chairs - a real salon vibe - exactly what we were after. The acoustic was dry but in a good way and the coffee upstairs is excellent. Thank you Fidelio!

Hosted by Jenny Lewisohn

great space had no issues with lighting, nice and helpful staff, easy to use for photography or filming.

Nasreen S from Tutti Beta -

Great service, thanks!

Ashley B from Tutti Beta -

Smoothly , Thankyou.

Theresa G from Tutti Beta -


Theresa G from Tutti Beta -


Orange L from Tutti Beta -

Really great place, super easy to book. :)

Hannah B from Tutti Beta -

Ideal practise room!

Marco B from Tutti Beta -


Vladimir S from Tutti Beta -

Great space and really friendly staff! Would definitely recommend.

Emma P from Tutti Beta -