The Heath² Studio

The Heath² Studio

The Heath² is a three-level exclusive photo & film - showroom gallery studio. The brightest studio in East London with modular capabilities, and provided with a high power supply plus blackout options.
Hackney Wick
Last active 07/05/2022
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About The Heath² Studio

The Heath² is a three-level exclusive photo & film - showroom gallery studio situated in a private, gated plaza - only a few minutes away from the new East Bank development & Hackney Wick overground station.

the brightest daylight studio in east london is located on the first floor the skylight casts natural light, enhancing the scene. 

We host leading productions in art, photography, fashion, commercial, and film projects, the canal-side position houses also our photo production operations.

All levels can host activities in need of more than one set up at the same time, the daylight level has a light grey painted wooden floor, and a new infinity wall has been installed on the ground floor, where the new concrete finish meets the kitchen.

The mezzanine overlooking the main area is often used as a beauty & styling area or as a green room area, this elevation can suggest also a different point of view from above, or when styled is an additional smaller studio. 

All areas are modular and provided with a high power supply, also with the option of blackout operating the big blinds like in a 19th-century studio. 

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