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Vocal Networking

Vocal Networking

Our mission is to bring awareness to how many skilled and talented people are so local to each other and raise awareness on how much more beneficial they are to each other.
Last active 13/02/2023
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About Vocal Networking

Why We Started This Business?

We started this business back in 2006 because of the lack of awareness on how to get the job done in the entertainment world, and monetise yourself into a career.

We started this business because youth clubs were slowly getting closed down. We were slowly becoming too old to benefit from the support they offered. As this happened, communities never had the chance to grow and regain some of the more general relationships in the area.

We felt like this had a massive impact on social life, so we went about to think of a plan to revive the creative spirit in the community. We believe every community has excessive amounts of untapped potential and talent that goes to waste and never sees the light of day.

So we have made it our job to bring awareness to this issue and show people how much more opportunity they have to follow their passions or heart´s desires. As an artist, Marcus has experience having support vs. not having support, which he is pretty passionate about when it comes to the progression of others.

Who Are We?

Marcus Data and Smiley, and the extended family is Kabir and Shev. Our interests are music, business and good times.

Marcus is an artist who goes by the name Marcus Data and is very interested in talent in general. Growing from being an mc/rapper, he has become a role model in his community. Throughout his rap career, he has been part of a very established band called Engine Earz Experiment. He has toured Europe and Internationally and managed to start his own solo career. In his spare time, he practises aggressive inline skating and writing music as often as he can. Originally, he is from West London and relocated to Reading in his late teens.

Smiley is a multi-talented and skilled young man who has grown as a producer in many senses. He spends his spare time and career time creating new music, filming and capturing moments for his community and network. Smiley has built an excellent reputation as a man with quality and is now striving towards bigger and better accolades. Smiley has a very similar circumstance to Marcus as they both grew up together through school.

Kabir and Shev – the dynamic duo of entrepreneurs are business-minded and driven from the many businesses they run, from a fruit and veg delivery service to vehicle sales. Both love spending time with family, and seeing good times create good times. Shev is originally from Ireland, now in the UK and Kabir is Reading based.

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