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In search of the ideal photography studio in North London, but not sure where to start? Here at Tutti, we can guide you through finding the perfect North London photographic studio for your needs and budget. 

There is a photo studio for everyone in North London, whether you want to shoot fashion, food, products or portraiture. Browse our site for options from Finsbury Park and Islington to Tottenham and Holloway, or search your nearest convenient tube station such as Walthamstow or Highgate, and hire your next photo studio with ease.

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Crack Magazine
CC Studio
Daylight photo studio in Tottenham Hale
per day
Photo and video studio
7by8 Studio
per half-day
Whiteback Photography Studio
Whiteback Studio
Price on request
ShutterHouse Studio
per hour
557 Studio
Studio 557
per hour
Mount Pleasant Studio
Central London soundproofed infinity cove studio
Mount Pleasant Studio
per day
Wood Green Films
Pre-lit U-shaped white infinity cove studio
Studio Wood Green
Price on request
ShutterHouse Studio
per hour
Photography/Video Studio In North London
Ctrl Creative
per hour

Why hire a photography studio in North London?

From Camden’s gritty music venues and Highbury and Islington’s high-end gastro pubs to the green expanse of Hampstead Heath, North London has a different mood for every day of the week. This variety is reflected in its creative spaces too, with plenty of options for photography studios, whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic or a blank backdrop. 

Once you have an idea of what look your photoshoot concept requires, then you can get more specific with your search. There are simple and affordable options with plenty of natural light such as Aseptic Studios in Haringey, rustic industrial factory spaces with plenty of props like the Buckle Factory near Seven Sisters station, and blackout infinity coves like this U-shaped studio near Alexandra Palace in Wood Green.

Checklist for hiring a North London photo studio

Do you require a parking space? Using Tutti’s advanced search tool you can filter the studios by free or paid parking to ensure you will have a car park space available. Each listing also shows you the local transport options including the closest tube lines and bus routes. 

What props do you need? Some photo studio hire fees include props and it’s a good idea to check whether you can move these existing props around to use them in your shoot. 

What lighting equipment do you need? Often basic lighting equipment like umbrellas and softboxes are included in the hire fee but if lights are chargeable, you’ll want to check how much they will cost so you can factor this into your budget. 

How much space will you require? This will depend on how large your team is. Make sure there is a break area and a kitchen/refreshment making facilities available for them. If you have models you’ll need to make sure you have a changing room/hair & beauty station.

What are your background options? Once you’ve decided on the style and colour themes for your shoot, you’ll need to ensure there is a good variety of background textures and coloured backdrops available at the photo studio to suit.

What are your power requirements? Under general information on each studio page listing, you can check whether single or three-phase power is available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget to hire a photo studio in North London?

North London offers a wide range of studios for hire for every budget. You can narrow your search by using Tutti’s advanced search options and filtering by price. In general, studios in North London charge by the day or half-day with the majority of prices falling between 250 and 1500 per day.

How long can I hire a photo studio for in North London?

This is completely up to you. Most North London-based studio hire fees charge by the day or half-day, but using Tutti’s enquiry form you can request multiple dates for a location.

Does the photo studio have A/C and/or heating?

If you require temperature control such as air conditioning or central heating or if you want windows that open to allow fresh air, you can use Tutti’s advanced search tool to filter on one or more of these options.

What is typically included in the hire price of a North London photographic studio?

This will be influenced by the price of each photo studio, but generally, studios in North London will include basic photo equipment at no extra charge, such as camera stands, softboxes, poly boards, coloramas and reflectors. There will also usually be core facilities such as a kitchen, storage space and changing room included. If you have specific requirements please remember to message the host. And if they do provide additional equipment, remember to check whether it comes at an additional charge.

Can I hire a professional photographer or assistant?

Some photo studios in North London offer the option of hiring professionals at an additional cost. You can either message the host or ask them the question when you submit a booking request to see if this is something they can offer as part of your hire, along with indications on costs.

What are the benefits of hiring a photo studio in North London?

North London is well connected by public transportation -  the area is served by the Northern, Victoria and Picadilly tube lines as well as the Overground trains. It also offers a variety of photo studios from fully equipped professional spaces to more basic options suitable for beginners.

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