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Written by Jessie S

Published Nov 01, 2022

Hey friend,

Have any of your favourite musicians recorded at north London's Crypt Studio? Check out their library of Crypt Sessions below, and choose this decadent 1920s themed space from Immersive LDN for your next event - because nobody throws a party quite like Gatsby.

Plus, watch how video games are not meant to be played… in this month’s Decidely Different.

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This money will enable us to get more amazing spaces onto Tutti across the UK, and to make it even easier for you to book those spaces.

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📹 Inspire Me - Created Here

The Crypt Studio offers musicians 20 years of recording expertise. Located in Crouch End, north London, you'll get access to an enormous collection of vintage and modern instruments and equipment.

Explore their large YouTube library of talented musicians playing Crypt Sessions. All performances are shot, recorded, mixed and mastered at the studio. We can't get enough of the exquisite sound of Boston indie folk band Darlingside performing Singularity.

Explore The Crypt Studio on Tutti.

📖 From the blog: Best Horror Movie Lighting Examples

Horror movies offer the ultimate escapism - a chilling soundtrack and a sudden noise can have you sitting on the edge of your seat. But how much does lighting play a part in building that all-important tension?

We analysed some of the best horror films leading up to Halloween and uncovered why the lighting techniques they used are so thrilling.

Read more about the eight best horror film lighting examples here, if you dare.

🪐 Space Oddity: Gatsby's Mansion at Immersive LDN

The set of the UK's longest running immersive show, this large space is an opulent 1920s themed room with standing capacity for 120 people, featuring a grand piano, surround sound system, and professional overhead lighting rig.

Hire Gatsby's Mansion for your next live event, film production, photo shoot or even as a large rehearsal space - and take note that this venue is closing in 2023, so your window of opportunity is sliding shut.

Check out Gatsby's Mansion on Tutti.

P.S. What if winning wasn't the only aim of the game? What would happen if someone were to play video games as incorrectly as possible?

The highly entertaining YouTube channel Let's Game It Out does exactly that. It's hours of un-family-friendly gaming fun - where amusement parks turn deadly, unethical zoos are built on the moon, and civilisations are stamped out instead of saved.

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