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Railway arches like you've never seen before


Written by Ed G

Published May 03, 2022

Hey friend,

This last month has been a big one for Tutti. We've secured over £140k in investment and will be raising a bit more on a crowdfunding platform soon. Want to learn more? Sign up here. It's safe to say we have some very exciting times ahead.

In other news, we've got another great video tour for you this month, as well as some useful tips on being a sole trader vs a limited company in the creative industry.

Read on for more and we hope you have a great month.

All the best,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

📹 Inspire Me! Space tour of the month

This month's space is the amazing 100 Barrington in Brixton. With its Victorian chic feel and beautiful exposed brickwork, this stunning set of archways and outdoor courtyard makes for a fantastic location that's worth considering for so many uses.

Take a quick tour around it with Ed and see the space for yourself.

Want to see this month's video? Watch it here
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💸 The Creative Career: sole trader or limited company?

As creators and artists, the last thing we want to focus on is the minefield of business and tax laws. Unfortunately, it's an important part of earning a living and as many of us set out on our own, there often seems to be a little ambiguity on how to go about it.

We hope that article on the differences between a sole trader and a limited company will help save you some time so you can get back to what you do best, creating. Read the article here.

🎤 Tutti's crowdfunding

Following on from the success of raising £140k in April, we will be finishing off our fundraising round with a crowdfunding campaign later this summer.

With Tutti, we're building super simple software to help creative spaces receive and manage bookings from creators and artists just like you, which will in turn save you hours of time when booking those places.

If you'd like to make it 10x easier to book amazing spaces for creative hires, you can help us by investing in our crowdfunding campaign and becoming part of Tutti's journey, for as little as £11.

The plan is to launch the campaign in July or August, and if you want to learn more and be kept in the loop, sign up here.

🪐 Space Oddity: Arcus Sounds

As quirky music studios go, Arcus Sounds is a real gem. Tucked away in East London, its funky feel and calming interior inspire you from the moment you step through the door.

Learn more about Arcus Sounds on Tutti.

P.S. Did you know that 'bathing' mushrooms in sunlight can increase the amount of Vitamin D they contain by up to 2000%? This little known hack is the perfect way to boost your daily Vitamin D intake in a natural, organic way. Read about the process and the science behind it.

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