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Beta 10 - Accounts, Locations, & What3Words


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jan 20, 2021

Hi there,
This update has been our biggest change yet, and has been a long time coming. It improves the core functionality of Tutti.


Yeah, we haven't really figured out a name for this feature but for the moment, we're calling it accounts.

This new system enables every person to have multiple partitions of their Tutti experience. For example, if you are working on 2 separate films at once, you can have 1 email address for Tutti, but can have separate accounts/projects for the individual films. Then you can add your collaborators for both films to each project. Then every message and booking request for each film will be kept separate and will only be seen by the relevant people.

This same functionality will also help people who own/operate multiple spaces. If you run a space as your business, but also rent out your home to filmmakers, and those two buildings have separate payment details, you can create an account for each (both linked to the same email address), and manage both accounts with 1 Tutti log in.

One big difference from before is an account can only be an artist or a host. If you have a host account and want to book a space, you have to create a new artist account in order to do so. 


This feature has been requested by a number of our hosts: the ability to edit space settings in bulk. We now have locations as a parent entity to spaces. So 1 location can have unlimited spaces, and if you create a new space in an existing location, all the settings from that location will be pre-filled on that new space. Equally if you need to change settings for all spaces listed under 1 location simultaneously, you can do so.

We also updated the look & feel of the space listing flow and integrated 2 new systems so its easier to find the address of the space you’re listing.
You can either use Ideal Postcodes, which uses the Royal Mail’s up to date record of postcodes and addresses. OR if you do not have a postcode, like some of our unusual spaces (boats, parks, yurts), you can use what3words to tell artists where to go. (Don’t worry - we make it simple for you to enter either when listing a space.)

Tweaks & bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a user could create a draft booking request, not send it, and still block other users from booking that slot
  • Fixed a bug where pressing back on message would do nothing but delete the message
  • Added a 'message host' button underneath the booking box so if a user is unsure whether they want to book a space, the option to message is always visible
  • Improved the accuracy of the text on a listing that shares the nearest place. 
  • Improved icon for host menu
  • Removed the 'from' on listings that only have 1 price listed.
  • Replaced icons with words for 'filter' and 'sort' buttons
  • Logo now takes user back to the home page, rather than search
  • Removed the confusing text that shares how many spaces are loaded of the possible spaces for that filter selection
  • Introduced an introduction tutorial for people setting up a new account or returning to Tutti after a long hiatus
  • Listings now indicate to a host whether they are open or closed, when the host is viewing the 'public' listing
  • Adjusted discipline icons so instead of fading when deselected, they turn grey
  • Fixed a bug causing the site to be flagged as 'not secure'
  • Fixed a bug causing our listings not to accept vertical images

Hope you enjoyed this brief look into the systems we built for Beta 10. 

Much more exciting stuff on the way!