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Beta 12 - Discounts & new home


Written by Gabriel I

Published Feb 18, 2021

Welcome to another set of patch notes. 

Our main focus this week was a feature that has been requested by every single partner we have ever worked with: 


We spent a lot of time researching how best to integrate discounts. There's a lot of options. A number of other startups we talked to mentioned they've built their own, and they love the flexibility that offers them, but there's a lot of additional worries when you build your own. You need to make sure the admin panels supporting the discounts have all the features you need now, and in the future. And it's important that your discounts can't be easily misused or taken advantage of. 

So after much deliberating, and thinking, we looked around for a solution that would give us the flexibility of one built in house, but with a pre-made admin panel and plenty of security and support behind it. There were a number of options on the table, but eventually we landed with Voucherify. They provide an API based discount & coupon system (among other things we will make use of in the future). 

Their features allowed us to build in a powerful & secure discount system in just 2 weeks. 

Our system enables artists to apply discounts to any booking on Tutti, and have our system automatically adjust all fees (our commission and the host's total amount) programmatically. Which is certainly a weight off our shoulders. In the past, we had to arrange for occasional discounts and that quite literally involved users going through a booking, and us sending them money manually after it had taken place. So glad we're pass that now. 

Artists who want to learn how to apply discounts, we made a video about it here.  

Hosts who want to learn how this first iteration of discounts on Tutti affect you, read about it here. Essentially, they don't. 

We look forward to supporting artists with discounts as restrictions lift, and beyond.

New home page

We have a new core home page, very much created in the style of one of the brands we aspire to be like one day. 

beta 12 home.png

What do you think? 

Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't set a listing to be free
  • Re-ordered history in bookings with latest requests on top by default
  • Fixed bug where a location type search would filter by any keywords, not purely location types
  • Fixed sort by name in host --> listings
  • Fixed a rare image upload bug when listing a space
  • Fixed a bug where every listing was marked as free...
  • Added a tooltip when mousing over discipline icons to show what they mean (user request)
  • Added geolocation to metadata title of listings
  • Fixed a bug with nearest place only showing a local district, not city. 
  • Made What3Words nearest place override Ideal Postcode - the former is more reliable
  • Added contact host button on mobile
  • Added an additional follow up email to users if their request is rejected for any reason
  • Fixed a bug causing a user not to be able to message a space to request a booking
  • Fixed a bug where google map doesn't render properly
  • Added a 'contact user' button for hosts to contact other hosts. 
  • Added a 'book this space' button for hosts, so they can be prompted to switch to an artist account if they wish to book a space. 
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Added a feature I wish Twitter would ad. When you switch accounts/profiles, you remain on the same page.
  • Fixed a bug hiding information on booking detail page
  • Unlinked slugs from names, so if a user changes their account/profile, location, or space name it doesn't immediately break the URL
  • When switching accounts/profiles, it opens a new tab, and leaves the previous profile open in the previous tab
  • Made sure the address displayed correctly when a booking is confirmed
  • Lowered the search bar on the home page
  • Fixed a bug where the address displayed for users when a booking is accepted can be the wrong unit in the right address
  • Removed requirement of username when registering, as we had removed that field (user report/request)

As always, I hope you enjoyed this detailed account of how we're constantly working on improving the site for you. 

Let us know if you have any feedback.

Until the next time, I've been Gabriel, and you've been reading Tutti patch notes. 

Have a lovely day!