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Beta 17 - Adjustable bookings and a lot more


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jun 02, 2021

Welcome to the latest instalment of patch notes. 

We've spent most of this past month (May) tying off loose ends, tweaking things that needed to be tweaked, fixing things that could do with fixes, adding invisible improvements, and adding some key features people have requested for a while. 

Adjustable bookings

One key issue we've noticed frustrating a number of users over the past few months has been the fact that when you create a booking request and negotiate different times with a host, you had to cancel the original booking and start over. 

We're happy to say that we've fixed that - you can now edit the days and times of booking requests after starting the request.

And along with that we have added a tick box for the artist to share whether their times are set in stone or if they can be changed.

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.04.20.png

Quote pricing - minimum

We've had a number of reports from hosts being frustrated that the booking requests they receive are generally far under their minimum spend. So we've added a "Minimum Price" field to quote pricing, which gives users an idea of how much the space might cost. 

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.25.20.png

Social sharing

Because of the technology we've used to build Tutti (giving us more flexibility) we've had to build some things from scratch. One example of that is something many people take for granted - the card of information that shows up when you share a link on social networks. Our links have been working well on Twitter for a while now, but many other websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, others) have been giving us issues for ages. I'm happy to say it seems those issues were fixed with our update this morning. 

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.25.14.png

Filter changes

  • WiFi is now its own filter, and includes more questions including rough speeds and whether people can plug directly into the router (good things to know for live streams/hybrid events)
  • Availability - we now have options for 24 hour days and even 24/7 availability, which some of our studios were requesting
  • Amenities - as so many of our photo/film studios mention they have clothes rails, steamers, and an iron available, we added those as filters
  • Food and Drink - we added a section to share information about alcohol licensing - whether a space has it and until what time. 
  • Price search - as per a request from a user, we added a selector into the price search field, where a user can specify if they're looking for that price per day, hour, etc. (Note: This feature is still really clunky - we have some issues with how we ask for prices from hosts which are a priority that will be fixed shortly, but this is a good first step.)
  • Spaces that are available 24/7 are now marked as 'Available all day every day' rather than a list of all days and their times. Seemed cleaner

Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Rough prices for quote weren't being saved sometimes. That's fixed
  • Minimum days notice wasn't being saved sometimes. That's fixed. 
  • Had a major issue where Safari and Firefox didn't trust our domain without the www. - that's fixed. 
  • We had a frustrating issue where if you changed certain settings when trying to book a space or list a space, all the availability/times would get lost. We've fixed that. 
  • We have a brand new admin panel for customer support - this is a major thing but it's included in tweaks because you won't see it itself. You will only (maybe) notice the effects of it. It simply means we will be faster and more capable at helping you with any customer support needs. 
  • Added 2 new options to floor: 'laminate' and 'astroturf'
  • Changed name of the power filter from "Power (# of sockets)" to "Power"
  • Hid all fields in list a space preview, that would be hidden in the public listing
  • Added clearer indication of what space people were booking within booking view
  • Made the intention question on registration required so that we can send you relevant information. 
  • Fixed an issue where generic info@ hello@ emails were unable to register
  • When you reset filters in search, the sort will adjust to popularity, so you see our best spaces first
  • Fixed metadata issues on profile links so now it shows whose profile you're going to open before clicking on it
  • Fixed an issue where our site was automatically rotating lots of vertical photos incorrectly for some reason
  • Undid a change where photos got cropped to be displayed. This is fine in preview, but in full view when you're looking at the large images on a listing, it was an issue. Fixed that. 
  • Fixed a bug where users got told to create a new profile when they were simply logging in to view a message
  • Booking history stripe details for hosts were wrong - fixed them
  • A lot of metadata had 'undefined' locations. Fixed that.
  • Made sure it was clear for users how to browse spaces AND list a space on mobile. For artists, it prompts them to create a new profile or switch to a host profile, if they're trying to list a space
  • Added underline on hover on footer links
  • Right clicking listings wouldn't always allow you to open them in a new tab. Fixed that. 
  • Made the left/right arrows for clicking on photos only visible when you mouse over a listing on desktop. Cleaner. 
  • For some people the 'reset password' function wasn't working - we fixed that. 

As always, I hope you enjoyed this detailed account of how we're constantly working on improving the site for you. 
Let us know if you have any feedback.

All the best,
Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti