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Beta 19 - Favourites & Message origins (Weapon X)


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jun 29, 2021

Welcome to the latest instalment of patch notes. 

Recently I was told by Maddy, our front end developer, that my naming scheme for sprints is awful. I just used the rough date and the names of the features I wanted to implement. So we've changed things up. Using the rather useful Sprint Name Generator, we've got some much more interesting names that have nothing to do with the features, but they sound cool (for example, today's sprint was named Weapon X). Occasionally we'll get lucky and some appropriate name will pop up on the random generator, that seems to match nicely to the features we're working on...


Beta 19 aka Weapon X was focused on a couple of user requests: 1 from a host, 1 from an artist. Not to give them too much credit, they were both ideas in our roadmap, but as they specifically requested them, we moved their priority up, and implemented them today. 


Favourites (mostly for artists)

Save the spaces you want to book in the future, to a list in Tutti. So you don't have to save the links by email or in some document somewhere.

Requested by artist user Corin M. we implemented our version of a favourite system, where you can tap a heart on a listing, and it will get added to a collection you can view in your menu. Here are some ways ours is different to many out there: 

  • Unlike many favourite systems out there, we have some information in the top right of all our listings in search, so we opted to put the heart at the bottom right instead.
  • We also made it white in search view, because many of our spaces have red photos, we thought a red heart icon would get too easily lost. So when the heart is displayed on top of a photo, it is white. If it's ever displayed on top of a white background (in a full listing view for example) it's red. 
  • We made it very easy to find your favourites. Any time you favourite a space, the success message pops up with a quick link to your favourite page. 
  • If you accidentally un-favourite a space, it is very simple to undo. The success message will pop up with a quick 'undo' button to help you correct the mistake. 
  • Favourites are set at a profile level on Tutti. So if you have multiple profiles, make sure you are using the one you want before you go through and start favouring a bunch of spaces. Every one of your profiles will have a completely unique set of favourites. (want to learn more about Tutti profiles? Here's an article about them)



Message origin (for hosts)

This feature was requested by the team at Lumiere London. They have multiple stunning spaces, in multiple locations. And quite often they would receive messages from users, asking about a particular space, without sending an enquiry/booking request. With an enquiry, a lot of detail is shown: the specific space, the date, time, and much more. With a simple message, there is very little information given. As we link all messages between users into 1 thread (so people don't have multiple different conversations all over the place and lose track of what was said where), people would often send multiple messages to Lumiere, about their amazing different spaces, and not mention which space they were talking about. And it would be all sorts of confusing. 

We added a tiny (from a visual perspective) change to fix this. A simple mention of where the message originated - whether that was a listing, or their profile. 

Below is an example from a conversation I had with myself earlier today (I know, I'm normal), to test the feature. Before today, the only information someone saw when receiving a message was the date and time it was sent. 

Thank you for that suggestion Lumiere!



Version history (for hosts)

The final major feature launched today was something we built for our own administrative purposes, but there was no reason not to share it with you, so we built it into your interface too.

Version history gives you a detailed view into how your listings change over time. 

It details what changes were made to an individual listing and who made those changes, displaying this info in chronological order and allowing you to dive deep into what property was changed, with what exact information. (what was removed, what was added)

As the infrastructure to support this didn't exist until we built it, it doesn't show you any changes that were made before today 29th June 2021. But it'll show every change moving forward. 


Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Slight change to UI of ratings on a full listing (thanks to Maddy)
  • System now shows how many ratings there are, as well as the average star score (thanks to Maddy)
  • Made "edit times" function available to hosts until a booking is paid for. 
  • Made "edit cost" function available until a booking is paid for
  • Fixed issue where only some people received referral codes on signup
  • Fixed issue where change of username was voiding referral code (thanks to Lydia from FeedForward)
  • Made "edit times" function available to artists until host accepts or provides the quote
  • Added a location search to home page on mobile
  • Fixed a glitch in the hero carousel on home page
  • Added more colour options for buttons on the home page
  • Changed the amount of credit that could be applied to 1 booking. Set to £10 for bookings under £200 in total, rather than £5 as before. 
  • Fixed a bug not letting anyone create a profile (one day)
  • And as always, we were constantly fixing and tweaking loads of other things in the background. These are just the visible UI based changes. 


As ever, I hope you enjoyed this detailed account of how we're constantly working on improving the site for you. 
Let us know if you have any feedback.

All the best,
Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti