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Beta 2 - a new logo and lots of tinkering behind the scenes


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jul 03, 2020

Hi there!

Let’s be honest: you probably didn’t notice but a new version of Tutti was released today. It’s a major addition that you won’t necessarily see, but it will help you indirectly. It’s Tutti’s brand new admin panel, which enables us (the team behind Tutti) to assist you faster and more effectively than we’ve ever been able to before. And yeah, that about sums the main bit up.

Beyond the admin panel there are a few incremental changes we’ve made to the website that you might be able to notice.

Original shape design by  Anna Vecchi ; Colours picked by  Jessica Horton

Original shape design by Anna Vecchi; Colours picked by Jessica Horton

  • We published our new logo for the first time. Before now, our logo has been completely blue. The new one consists of the 5 colours we have assigned the 5 creative disciplines we support at this stage: music, theatre, dance, film, photography.

    • This change is the first part of a much bigger change coming in the next few weeks, which we hope will make the experience of using Tutti much more streamlined for individual needs.

  • For the image nerds out there, we replaced all our PNG icons with SVGs so that no matter how far you zoom in, the icons will never be out of focus.

  • We fixed text spacing across the site so there aren’t weird gaps between words and symbols.

  • We locked the map on listing pages so it doesn’t highjack your scrolling. Don’t worry - you can still zoom in and out using the buttons on the map.

  • And we implemented a “review import” system, so if you have a review of your space on a site other than Tutti (google, facebook, other) and want to add it to your listing on Tutti, that is possible. This is an admin-only feature so if you want a review to be added, get in touch with us at support@tutti.space

That about sums it up in terms of noticeable differences. As I said, this update was more about making sure we can provide the best customer support to you as you use Tutti. We look forward to doing just that for you in the near future.

Till then, have a lovely weekend,
Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti