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Beta 21 - New designs, detailed types, & more infrastructure (Shooting Star pt 1)


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jul 21, 2021

Hello again and welcome to another set of patch notes.

It seems like only yesterday when I was writing the notes for Arcade! It was only a week ago, and yet we're surging ahead with even more useful improvements to Tutti for you. 

New profile page

If you've been a Tutti host for a while now, you may have noticed the less than aesthetically pleasing look of our old profile pages. Their design was entirely inspired by our original website, which was built upon the powerful (although not entirely beautiful, at the time) Sharetribe. It's taken us a while, but we've finally launched new profile pages, that prioritise showcasing your listings, rather than your biography. If you go into 'profile settings' --> 'public info' you will see the settings where you can change the photo, information, and some other info displayed on this page. (On desktop, there is also a link to view your profile page - this button is coming to mobile soon).

There are currently two types of these pages. The basic versions simply show your name, profile photo or logo if you've added it, a simple way to contact you, and your list of spaces. Here's an example: https://www.tutti.space/bridewell-theatre

In comparison, here's a more filled out example: https://www.tutti.space/lumiere-creatives. This version has key listings highlighted at the top, to show off a host's best spaces. There are 2 steps to 'unlocking' this sort of profile: 

  • Become a verified host on Tutti
  • Make sure you complete step 3 of ^ and add high quality photos. The top section of a Tutti profile will only display high quality photos.

Another major improvement of these pages is it makes the "message" button a lot more visible, particularly on mobile, where it is displayed at the bottom of the page at all times. So people can easily direct message you if they like the look of all your spaces but aren't sure which one to book, or need some help. 


New favourite page

Here's one for the artists in the room.

We know we only just launched favourites a few weeks ago, but we already felt the need to improve it. Before now, if you added spaces to your favourite list, you could see all your favourites in one place, but you couldn't filter them down any further, to figure out which ones were best for which use.

Now you can - we've added our full search & filter functionality to your favourite page. So even if you favourited both places that are perfect for your next photo shoot & places that work for your next band rehearsal, you can use filters within the page to make sure you only display the spaces with infinity coves, or spaces with drum kits.


Location & space type

We've had location types for a while now, but until now they were a filter only Tutti team members would set on a listing after it was listed. Because we needed to figure out what options to provide and how exactly it would work. But after a few months of testing that, we've decided to add it as part of the listing process when a host is setting up a new listing. Along with location type, we've added space type (as a whole new filter, to replace 'home room type' which was exclusively for homes). 

Location type - describes what sort of building or overall entity you are listing. A home, a church, a boat, a park (for examples)

Space type - describes what type of room, or self enclosed area you are listing. In a home, you might list 5 spaces: a kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms, and a bathroom. In a park, it could be a playground, or a football pitch. 

We've built Tutti with this level of detail so that people can very easily compare similar spaces. Rather than finding multiple homes and having to scroll through the countless photos on each listing to discover the master bedroom, and opening several windows to compare the places, on Tutti, you can simply type in "bedroom" into search and immediately compare the aesthetics, locations, and benefits of every bedroom we have listed, no matter which home or hotel they're in. 

More infrastructure

Beyond these visible changes, a lot of this sprint was spent improving the infrastructure of Tutti, including setting up additional internal data tracking, and building up the server structure so you never experience downtime (theoretically) no matter how many people are using the site at any one time. These improvements are laying the groundwork for new features we'll be adding in future sprints, so stay tuned!

Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Removed 'home room type' filter
  • Improved 'more spaces from this host' section in listing
  • Improved 'more spaces in this location' section in listing
  • Changed 'similar space' algorithm (not sure if improved yet... still a work in progress)
  • Tweaked layout of a listing on mobile (discipline below space)

Wrap up

So there you have it - those are the highlights of features we launched today. 

If you ever want to see a history of all features we've launched since we started working on Tutti, you can find that on Trello.

If you want to read more of these detailed breakdowns of what changes we've made (and sometimes why), you can find those articles in our Patch Notes.

Hope you enjoyed this set of patch notes today (July 22nd 2021). 

Till next time,