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Beta 23 - New home pages & more activities (Hiroim)


Written by Gabriel I

Published Sep 03, 2021

Hello again and welcome to another set of patch notes.

Yesterday, we launched both an enjoyable update and a very useful one, named Hiroim.


New creative use home pages

Up until now we had 1 single home page, for every customer. Now we still have that page, but we also have home pages for each creative discipline. This is a very welcome update for many. With everything clustered in one page, it was tough to write content & share venues that worked for everyone. So now, we can tweak our language and showcase the best spaces for different customers. The new home pages are here: 

Here's the enjoyable tweak I mentioned in the intro: in order to switch between these pages simply click the circular icon next to the logo. Selecting an option will take you to the relevant page AND switch Tutti's logo to the relevant colour :) 

Right now the content across these pages isn't all that different but as time progresses, that'll change. 


More activities

Before this update, we had 8 core activities including rehearsal, audition, photo, and film shoot. They were basic but they got the job done. The tricky thing was that our system didn't understand the difference between music and dance rehearsals. Or a high end TV production vs an independent music video (both referred to as video shoot). With this update we've introduced about 50 new activities, which is putting us well on the path towards teaching our system how those activities with roughly the same name are so vastly different. 

We have now added an additional search filter on the home page: activities. These activities will change depending on what creative use you're looking at. For example, music has performance, film has unit base, and dance has R&D.  



Became a Stripe Climate Member

Now for every booking that is paid for via Tutti, we contribute 1% of that spend to companies developing carbon removal technologies, to help remove CO2 from the atmosphere. You can learn more here.


Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Created 3 new average response time numbers so we can track how responsive people are over time
  • Added new filter: external noise level
  • Updated terms & policies page to a new, much cleaner design
  • Launched a new component to help crowdsource types of spaces
  • Added a response time sort option
  • Updated some automated emails to have more relevant information
  • Switch chat systems (Crisp to hubspot) - not for any fault of crisp. Crisp is a great system, just consolidating technologies.
  • Added 'as seen in' section on all home pages
  • Updated /hosts page with more info
  • Created a 'values and mission' page: https://www.tutti.space/info/about
  • Added primary and secondary filters to help prioritise spaces a bit in search
  • Fixed a few listing space bugs
  • Fixed a filter reset bug
  • Improved designs across the site
  • Changed "Quote" to "Price on request"
  • For quote pricing places that have a minimum price, that minimum price is now displayed in search rather than the 'price on request' text
  • Fixed a bug not allowing users on Safari & Mac OS High Sierra to use Tutti...
  • Changed "Write a message" in booking flow to "Click here to write a message and send an enquiry"
  • Hid Office Hours if they're not set
  • Fixed a registration glitch caused by phone numbers
  • Added phone number field to guest signup so users can receive notification by phone OR email
  • Fixed a bug with responsive badge only showing sometimes
  • Changed 'send enquiry' to 'start enquiry'
  • And made many more tiny tweaks!


Wrap up

So there you have it - those are the highlights of features we launched today. 

If you ever want to see a history of all features we've launched since we started working on Tutti, you can find that on Trello.

If you want to read more of these detailed breakdowns of what changes we've made (and sometimes why), you can find those articles in our Patch Notes.

Hope you enjoyed this set of patch notes today (Sep 3rd 2021). 

Till next time,