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Beta 26 - Bookable Locations (Morg)


Written by Gabriel I

Published Dec 03, 2021

Sprint name: Morg
Sprint focus: Location listings & host profiles

We spent the majority of November building features focused on what we call “Locations.” 

On Tutti, we’ve built “Locations” and “Spaces” as separate entities from the ground up. “Locations refer to buildings or places that can be grouped under 1 address. “Spaces” refer to each individual room or area within that building/place. We separated the two in order to reflect how artists will search: often they look for 1 room which has a specific function or aesthetic look, for example, a modern kitchen within a townhouse, or a playground in a park.

On almost every other listing site, if an artist looks for a kitchen or playground, they’ll be taken to a listing that doesn’t immediately show the specified kitchen or playground they’re interested in. They’ll be taken to one listing representing the whole location (in these examples, a house or a park), where they have to scroll through loads of photos in order to find the space they’re interested in. And in order to compare options, they have to open multiple listings in lots of different tabs, and compare them there. 

Whereas on Tutti, they can simply type “Modern Kitchen” into search, or choose the relevant option in ‘space type’ (in filters), and they instantly see a bunch of kitchens they can easily compare in one view. Not the exterior views of a bunch of townhouses.

We’ve had the core structure of this system built into Tutti since 2020, but until now it has not been a public feature (as you can see in our list of patch notes, there’s just been a lot to build). Locations were used by hosts in order to organise and group spaces on their host dashboard. But it was always our intention that Locations would get their own listings, which is what was changed in this sprint. 

Want to see a listing already set up with this new system? Check out Murray’s home. He has space listings for each of his rooms, but people can not hire each room independently. They hire the whole place at once. https://www.tutti.space/murrayfisher/victorian-home

Below is a list of the major changes included in this update: 

For hosts

There’s a brand new overview for each of your locations, where you can:

  • Edit your location listing
  • Edit all spaces within that location, in bulk
  • Edit the location’s groups (see below)
  • View the location’s public listing easily

You can choose whether people are able to hire your entire location exclusively or each individual space like before, or if you want to give artists complete flexibility, they can choose either.

  • You’ll still get both location and space listings, regardless of your choice, but the booking options will be clear on each so people know whether they’re booking 1 room or the entire building.

If you’d prefer, you can choose to reveal your address publicly on Tutti, so that people can immediately see how easy/hard it is to travel to you directly within Tutti.

  • This is mainly for those running businesses or places that can be easily Googled.
  • Your address will still be hidden by default.

You can group your spaces within 1 location however you choose. Our initial types of groups are “floors” and “similar spaces” but you have complete control in how you set them up and what name you give them, so you can group spaces however you like. Here are some examples:

  • For homes, you might want to convey what floor each space is on, so each group can be the name of a floor: basement, ground floor, first floor, etc.
  • For hotels, you may want to showcase similar types of rooms you have available. Like ‘Bedrooms’ and ‘Event spaces’

If you have a Matterport model (3D model) of your location, you can share it on Tutti

  • Go to the relevant location overview, click 'Edit location,' jump to the 'Photo' tab, and follow the instructions there
  • If you don’t have a Matterport Model, but would like to get one, we can help connect you with a 3D Capture Technician. Simply email us at support@tutti.space if you’re interested.
You can add a Matterport 3D model in your location's photo settings

You have a new dashboard, named “Overview,” to see the highlights of your profile - let us know if there's any other information you’d like to see on this.

For artists:

Profiles, locations, spaces

The relationship between a host, their locations, and their spaces should be clearer. Every host has a profile, which is intended to give you a simple overview of who they are and all of their listings in one place. You can navigate to every host’s profile by clicking on their icon on any page.

Navigate to a host's profile by clicking their icon on any page.
  • Within a standard Tutti host’s profile are two tabs: Locations and Spaces. You can find a preview of each of their listings, along with a simple map displaying a pin for each of their locations.
  • If they have more than 3 locations and pay for an advanced page, their profile will look like Tutti’s general search, but the search will be exclusively for that one host’s listings. So you can search for extremely detailed information within just that one host’s listings. 

Every active host has at least one location. As stated above, hosts can set either locations or spaces or both to be bookable. 

  • In rare cases, hosts can choose to have only location listings and zero space listings, but this is unwise for the host as they’ll appear in very few searches. 
  • You can navigate to a location listing a number of ways:
    • Clicking a resulting location in search
    • Clicking the location name (the subtitle text) on any space listing
    • Clicking any locations on a host’s profile

And unless they’re in the rare case mentioned above, hosts will have at least one space, which can be discovered through: 

  • Search
  • In the spaces tab on a profile
  • Listed in the body of a location listing

Book a location

You can now book both Spaces and Locations, depending on the preferences of a host. Some hosts will only enable you to book each individual room in their building separately, like a collective of rehearsal or video studios. While some hosts will only enable you to book an entire location at once, like a private home for a film shoot, even if they have multiple spaces listed. Or in some rare occasions, hosts will enable you to book either by individual space or the entire location at once. 

The booking boxes will differ slightly and inform you which is possible on each listing. See some examples below:

Get directions 

We know how important finding a place that is easy to get to can be. So we’ve built links into all major map services directly into Tutti. If you’re looking at any listing, below the map is a button called “Plan My Journey” - click this to load your journey in your favourite map service.

If the host is a business they may have published their exact address on Tutti, which will enable you to get directions to the exact right spot. If the host has hidden their address, you can still get directions but it won’t be to the right address - the end point will be within a short walk of where the host’s place actually is.

You'll be able to choose your favourite map/navigation service after clicking "Plan my journey" on any Tutti listing.