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Beta 3 - Our social distance calculator for spaces


Written by Gabriel I

Published Jul 11, 2020

Today we shared a small additional feature we believe will be of use to a number of people out there - a very simple way to calculate how many people you can have in your space while social distancing.

Enter the width and length of your space, and we can tell you how many people can stand/sit in your space at either 1 or 2 meter intervals.

We included two measurements:

  • “Conservative:” keeping everyone away from walls to allow for some breathing room

  • “Crammed:” Lining the walls with people. Not accounting for doors, windows, and other obstructions.

It should be noted that this is not government approved and is just a rough estimation based on our own calculations. Use these numbers as rough guidelines only.

Give it a go now: https://app.tutti.space/social-distance-calculator