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Beta 5 - New URLs, share your search, and a brand new lightbox


Written by Gabriel I

Published Aug 07, 2020

Hello again,

We’ve updated a number of things that might on the face of it seem like small changes, but in the long run and for our team behind the scenes, these are some nice welcome changes. So without further ado, let’s dive in:


Previously all the URLs you may have cared about (your listings, your profile, your search) were entirely out of your control. A few words chosen by our system, followed by some random strings of numbers and letters.

We’ve changed this completely! You now have full control over your URLs.


Your profile is simply our website followed by your username. We’ve created a sample user to show you how things work. See their profile here: https://app.tutti.space/username



Any listings you create can be found with the URL for your profile followed by the name of the listing. So yes, all your listings have to have unique names. To show you what we meant, we gave our sample user an example space: https://app.tutti.space/username/location/space


Share your search

We’ve changed our system so that every time you filter your search on Tutti, the URL changes.

‘How does this affect you?’ I hear you ask.

It doesn’t change how you would search, but it means that you can both share and save specific searches now. If you are trying to choose a rehearsal space for your group and you’ve used our filters to narrow your search, simply copy the URL and send it to your group to have them help you choose the best space.

If you wish to save a specific search, simply copy the URL and put it in an email or a note on your computer so that you can refer to it again in the future (Yes - we will make that process much simpler for you in the future).

Reset your filters

Speaking of search, we’ve also made it much easier for you to clear your search. If you ever want to start over, simply click “Reset all filters” just under the sort button.

New lightbox

Once you’ve used our search system to find a space that you like, we’re sure you want to check out their photos. In order to show off our space’s beautiful photos as best we can, we’ve installed a new lightbox created by the talented Lucas Pulliese and very generously made open source (free to use). If you’re interested in exploring the code, you can learn more here: https://vue-cool-lightbox.lucaspulliese.com/


Booking ID

This might not seem like the biggest interest right now but that feeling might change when tax day rolls around in the future. We’ve simplified our Booking IDs and shared it across every relevant page and email on Tutti. If you ever need to track your ‘paper trail’ for one specific booking, it will be very easy to do so. (More improvements on this front are in the works).

Simplified signup

We received a load of feedback about our signup. Most importantly, that it seemed to be asking too much information, and that it wasn’t clear how to register for an account if you didn’t have one yet. We did our best to make that significantly clearer. Let us know how you think we did.

As always, there have been a number of other smaller things, but the best way to learn about them is by using Tutti, and seeng what’s new.

We hope you’ve enjoyed another brief update.

Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti.