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Beta 6 - New home page & Atlas search


Written by Gabriel I

Published Aug 26, 2020

Hello Tutti enthusiast (at least I assume so),

Here’s a long overdue set of patch notes for a change we made at the end of August, but it seems important to share because the next set of notes ties into what we implemented back then…

Home page

We had received feedback from many people that the initial landing page (what is now app.tutti.space/search) was a bit overwhelming, confusing, and/or frustrating because it didn’t effectively explain why Tutti was different. So after a bit of experimenting with different ideas, we came up with the design you see here: app.tutti.space (Edit 19 Mar 2021 - this design can no longer be seen)

Hopefully you feel it gives a quicker idea of what we do, and helps explain some of the icons you see on the search page.

A lovely side benefit of this page is being able to highlight our best venues. We’d always known we wanted to show off the venues who go the extra mile to fill their profile to the brim, respond quickly to requests, and have high quality photos taken of their space. This new home page seemed like the perfect place, so there they are. Many more will get their shot in the top spot in the near future. If you’re a host and want to be featured, being responsive and filling out your profile, with professional photos, is all you need to do (and we can facilitate the photography for you. So what are you waiting for?).

Atlas Search

The term “atlas search” probably doesn’t mean much to you. And nor should it. But it’s the name of the product that has helped us build a powerful keyword search into Tutti (thanks to our supporters MongoDB). With our new search system, you can type any word into the search bar and find relevant spaces. Doesn’t matter whether that word is in the space’s description, gear list, or any of its filters, it will show up in your results.

This may seem like a small edition but it’s an enormously important feature that took us a great deal of time to implement. We’re constantly tweaking it to make sure the most relevant results pop up to the top for you. So if you ever have any experiences of search not working for you, let us know.

Tweaks and bug fixes

Beyond our new home page and search system, we’re constantly improving the site for you. Here’s a number of ways we did that in this release:


  • Added Open info in line with Additional COVID info on full listing page

  • Changed “Open now” covid info on listing previews to “Accepting Bookings” - so the messaging is clearer

  • Added new listing property: Gear List

  • Added random location circle to listing, so exact address is not visible until booking is paid for

  • Corrected “Base traps” to “Bass traps”

  • Added COVID availability filter to advanced filters

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that stopped users right clicking to open listings in a new tab

  • Fixed issue where brand new host could not receive a booking request immediately

  • Fixed “reset filter” issue where it didn’t actually clear all filters

As always, if you have any requests for features, get in touch with us at support@tutti.space - we’re constantly working to improve Tutti for you.

See you next time,

Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti.