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Beta 7 - Nuxt


Written by Gabriel I

Published Sep 30, 2020

Hello again,

Our most recent update has been based around one idea that drives the very core of our business. We want amazing spaces to be found based on the merit of their creative value, rather than their marketing budget.

This month has been focused on building the infrastructure that will help us help you, whether you’re a host or artist.
Hosts: this update will enable us to improve your SEO for you. If you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s what companies with big budgets and lots of people spend enormous amounts of money and time on. In simple terms, good SEO makes sure that you’re at the top of the results on Google. Bad SEO makes it hard for you to be found on Google. We are here to help improve your SEO for you, entirely for free.

Artists: This update will make it easier for artists who don’t know about us yet, to find Tutti and find all the incredible spaces we have to offer. Or for those of you who may have used us before but forgotten we exist (happens to the best of us), SEO will help remind you we’re still here to help.

I want to get into the technical jargon a bit, but I also want to try to simplify it a bit and see if you understand (let me know).

So here we go: We have implemented Nuxt, which is an amazing framework for one of the languages we built Tutti on: Vue. One key issue with building websites with Javascript heavy languages (which Vue is), is that the robots that crawl around the internet, deciding which pages are most interesting for humans in relation to which search terms (SEO), don’t like reading web pages with lots of Javascript. Nuxt provides a useful feature known as Server Side Rendering (SSR) that translates Javascript heavy websites into HTML - a language much preferred by internet crawling “robots.” SSR does this translation before anyone, even the robots, see our web pages. So this solution helps the robots catalogue our pages into the correct places across the internet.

A nice side benefit of SSR is that it simplifies pages making them much faster for humans to load, which is always a nice benefit for anyone browsing the web.

Additionally, Nuxt helps us get our site metadata in order. In particular, this helps with our website cards on social sites. This helps not only our team, but also you when you’re sharing our links with your friends or potential clients. What I’m referring to with website cards, is the information that pops up on twitter or messenger (or many other sites) when you share a link. Before this update, no pictures or additional information showed up when you shared a Tutti link. Now every link you see has a relevant photo included.

In conclusion

Nuxt brings along with it some slight headaches for our team, but in the long run, the upsides for you, our customers, are so significant, it’s worth it.

Bugs & Tweaks (in no particular order)

  • Fixed how our payment provider accepts and transfers money - now hosts will receive their payments within days of a booking completing.

  • As suggested by a host, removed the manual completion step for artists. A booking will be completed automatically within 48 hrs of its end time.

  • As suggested by the same host, made the dialog box when you click “Register/Log In” default to “log in” rather than “register” - as he said: “register sends the wrong message. If register is first, your first priority is new users. But I think your first priority should be existing users. So make login the main page.” We liked and agreed with that logic.

  • Extended the duration of some warning messages that pop up

  • Fixed a bug stopping users from sending a booking request draft

  • Changed the first filter on the home page from “creative use” to “search”

  • Tweaked booking statuses

  • Changed the icon of the “Browse pages” option in Menu

  • Fixed an issue with notification icons, making them stay even when the message had been read

  • Fixed a bug hiding the number of new messages in your inbox

  • Added a comma into all numbers larger than 3 digits long

  • Fixed a spacing issue on listings on profile pages

  • Corrected an issue where the wrong user was referenced in booking flow