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Beta 8 - Quote System & Improved Booking


Written by Gabriel I

Published Oct 20, 2020

Hi there,

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Getting into things

While building Tutti and contacting spaces, we’ve often come across a request we couldn’t meet before: the ability for hosts not to list their exact prices up front.

There have been numerous reasons for this:

  • People don’t know what to charge

  • A number of places give preferential rates to charities or independent artists, vs larger organisations

  • And the most common: the price changes depending on the nature of the request

Fortunately with this site now being fully under our control, we can finally do something about this request. So here we have it:

As a host on Tutti you can either:

  • List your space for a specific up front cost (“fixed fee”)

  • OR list your space using our quote system

Why would I stick with fixed fee?

Our initial feedback from artists gives us the impression that transparent fee pricing will be favourable to them as they will know what they’re expecting to pay ahead of time and can more easily budget for the project. So we expect fixed fee will receive more booking requests.

Can I switch between the two and test?

Yes, of course. We have built some intelligence into the system, so if you receive a booking request while listed on a fixed fee model, any booking requests you receive, will work on that fixed fee model. If you switch pricing models after a booking is requested but before it is confirmed, that booking will still stay on the fixed fee model. And visa versa

With the booking system before I could edit the cost of a booking before it was confirmed. Can I still do that on fixed fee?

Yes of course, that hasn’t changed. In both pricing models, you (the host) can edit the cost AFTER the booking request has been sent, but before the artist has paid for and confirmed the booking. So if you give a quote, and then new requests come into play, you can edit your quote. OR in fixed fee, if our system has estimated the price for you incorrectly, you can always change it before the artists pays and confirms.

(Thinking through this it seems the name “fixed fee'“ is a bit of a misnomer - might have to change that…)

Booking flow

Along with the quote system, we’ve improved our booking flow statuses and descriptions. At all steps of the booking process, the statuses should be clear about what stage of the booking you are at. And below that is a status description, that should inform you of any next steps you need to complete. In the past these statuses and descriptions have been a bit hit or miss - some informative, some not so much. We’ve spent some time making sure every single one provides valuable information so you know what to expect.

If any are ever confusing to you simply send us a message at support@tutti.space

Bugs & tweaks

  • Added spaces after bold text, where necessary

  • Fixed the auto-username issue where a random set of characters were listed after your auto-assigned username. Now you only have random characters assigned if your auto username is not unique.

  • Fixed the map on space listing pages, so you can click and drag it around, allowing you to see what nearby Tube stations are available to you (in the past you could only zoom on a fixed point)

  • Fixed a bug with reviews not displaying correctly

  • Fixed the order that Length, Width, and Height was displayed on listing pages - it incorrectly stated that height was the middle number)

That’s all for this update.

Our developers, JD, Dharmil, and Maddy are diligently working on the next exciting update, all feature requests from hosts. It should be complete in less than a week.

Till then,

All the best from Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti