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Beta 9 - SMS notifications & Inbox Archives


Written by Gabriel I

Published Oct 30, 2020

Hi there,
Today’s update was entirely inspired by user requests. Enjoy

SMS notifications

Some of our hosts have mentioned that they would prefer to receive notifications on the go via SMS rather than email. So we implemented SMS notifications via Twilio.

Whether you’re a host OR artist, you can receive key notifications via text, alongside or instead of email:

  • New booking requests

  • Quote given

In order to set up SMS notifications, simply log into your Tutti account and go to "My Personal Settings"

Inbox Zero

Until now, our Inbox has been extremely basic - a place for all messages to sit. No way to organise them.

But now, I’m pleased to say we’ve incorporated an inbox archive feature, so even on Tutti, if you love reaching Inbox Zero (no messages left in your inbox), you can do so.

Bug fixes & tweaks

  • Fairly large tweak: cleaned up the look/feel of settings, listings, bookings, and inbox pages. (no functional difference)

  • Made all disciplines we support visible without scrolling on desktop, on the home page

  • Improved the email you receive if you draft a booking and don’t send it in 48 hrs

  • Kept the phone number field in Private info, and added a country code system to it

  • Fixed a photo upload issue in ‘list a space’

  • Fixed an issue with adding spaces on the quote system

Known issue

  • If you archive a message thread, and receive a new message in it, the thread will not return to your main inbox (this will be fixed soon)

That sums up our updates today.

The next one is a big ‘un so this is us signing off for a long while now.

Have a fantastic halloween & November

Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti