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Having a good set of photos to show-off your space is crucial, especially as that’s the main focus potential bookers will see when searching for spaces. But have you ever thought about how to make your photos work for you? How to create a thread throughout your images and to show alternative layouts to help potential bookers build an image of themselves using the space? If not, then the four easy steps below will undoubtedly help you up your picture game.

1. Make a good first impression 

A picture tells a thousand words, but only if you have a high enough resolution. While we allow you to upload lower resolution images, if you really want to improve your chances of landing a booking then hi-res images are a must. On Tutti you can upload any size of image and then our system resizes for you, depending on where it is being displayed.

Mustard Seed Studio, Stratford.

The first image is your most crucial too as that’s what people will see when scrolling though listings. We suggest making it full width and something that shows off the entire space, rather than just one area in particular. If your space isn’t huge then try going for a head-on shot of the key feature of the space. Remember, everyone is looking for something different but no one is looking for a grainy low res picture. 

2. Add in more detail

If you’ve ever tried to buy something on ebay before then you know the feeling of looking at an item with one line of info and one picture, compared with how it feels to see an item with 10 pictures and a few paragraphs of detail about the item. You’re going to trust, and mostly, buy the second item, right?

While you can make a listing with just 1 photo, Tutti allows you to upload up to 10. Use these photos to give potential bookers an idea of every aspect of the space, so they can build a clear idea of what it would be like to book your space. 

Order is key

Think about the order too. Give your photos a sense of hierarchy, showing off the parts that you think would be most appealing first. This also creates a thread throughout your images, helping bookers build a mental image of them using your space. Rather than randomly jumping from in the main space then the toilet, then a completely different angle of the main space and then a close up of the espresso machine in the kitchen. 

3. Showcase different setups

If you're listing your space as a versatile space available for a range of activities then why not show-off the different possible configurations of the space?

This could simply be showing the space raw and then with equipment on show, or alternative set-ups that have been used by different bookers in the past. Check out how Mavro Worldwide show their main studio space with different backdrops and lighting options.

Mavro Wordwide Studios, Lewisham

If you can create distinctive set-ups for different use cases then why not refer to them in the space description too? E.g.

Picture 1: setup for small ensemble rehearsal.

Picture 2: setup for 1 to 1 lesson.

Picture 3: setup for photoshoot. 

4. Take photos of every booking

In behavioral economics, there’s the proven theory often used in marketing called, “Social Proofing”. It refers to how people make decisions based on what others around them do. 

For you, this means people like to see other people using your space, and your current guests are your best assets when it comes to getting those real-life examples.

This is especially useful if you do have a smaller space where showing off different areas is quite limited. Instead you can show the same space but being used slightly differently. 

It’s not only useful for getting real life examples but it’s also helpful to document bookings for internal purposes, and to help you review and revise future set-ups or streamline the process for repeat bookings. Some key things to keep in mind with this: 

  1. Check ahead of time that the guest is okay with it.
  2. Check again on the day and try to take photos nearer the beginning or ending of the booking.
  3. Let the booker preview the shots before publishing them anywhere public. 

If you’re unable to be there for the bookings then, alternatively, you could reach out to the booker and to thank them, and ask if they have taken any photos that you could share. This is also a great way to lead into asking for a review of your space. 


That wraps up our quick guide to making your listing a picture of perfection. If you're struggling to add pictures to your listing or need help with another part of your profile then you can head on over to our 'Help Centre', which is packed full of handy articles.

Alternatively, you can always email us at support@tutti-space.com and we're always happy to help.

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