Top spaces for filming a live-stream in London

Mar 26, 2021

We recently heard from a few London based creatives who were keen to find out about the best places to film their next live stream event. As these events can take place anywhere, at anytime, having a reliable list of good quality locations with good wifi, or even better, direct router access, and an interesting background, is essential. A number of the artists we spoke to said they struggled to find a good list that understood what they were looking for, so we were inspired to build our own. 

We have reached out to our hosts and asked them a series of questions regarding live streams:

  • Can artists plug directly into your router for faster wifi?
  • Do you have equipment for live-streams in house?
  • Can you store equipment overnight if people book for multiple days?

Below are their answers. We will continue to update this article as we receive more and more answers over time.  

Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club - Kennington, London


 Direct router access: Yes  |  Dedicated internet line: No  |  In-house equipment: Basic audio & lights  |  Overnight storage: Yes, until May 17th

Located in Kennington, South London, Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club is named after one of France’s most flamboyant artists and it certainly lives up to his name, as it brims with the bohemian charm of early 20th century Parisian jazz bars.

They have equipment in house to support basic sound & light engineering for both music and theatre. For additional costs they can help with multi-track recording, and pre-recording light & sound cues. 

On May 17th they're opening back up to the public and it will be harder to facilitate overnight storage, but the rest of their live-stream capabilities will remain in tact. 

Fidelio Orchestra Cafe - Clerkenwell, London


Direct router access: Yes  |  Dedicated internet line: No  |  In-house equipment: No  |  Overnight storage: Yes

Situated in a historic building in the trendy central London neighbourhood of Clerkenwell, Fidelio Orchestra Cafe is the only cafe entirely dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of classical music. Established in Summer 2019, it’s quickly becoming the London home for classical musicians and has been attracting locals and visitors to experience classical music ever since its opening. 

It has a beautiful, atmospheric basement lounge with a Challen baby grand piano, bare brick walls, red painted walls, warm lighting, comfy furniture, and flexible space that can be adapted for all your live-streaming needs. 

As an added bonus, it has a bustling cafe upstairs with fresh coffee and food, that you can purchase at a discount when hiring the room.

Photo Studio - Shoreditch, London


 Direct router access: Yes  |  Dedicated internet line: No  |  In-house equipment: Lights & Gels  |  Overnight storage: Yes

This stunning 1500 square foot studio is minutes away from Shoreditch High Street, Liverpool Street, and Old Street stations. Available all day Monday to Sunday. It has an eclectic collection of backgrounds and props for your various live-streaming needs: a wide variety of colorama backdrops, gigantic windows that provide excellent light, wood floors, open white brick walls, fireplaces, a wooden swing, vintage doors, and a chesterfield sofa (to name a few). It also features a balcony overlooking a beautiful church.

Note: The studio can also be blacked out for an additional cost. 

To be continued...