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6 free AI watermark-free video generators for creating faceless videos


Written by Reena A

Published Apr 18, 2024

The growing demand for video content has led businesses and individuals to rely more on videos to reach their audiences.

Traditional video editors can be intimidating, and they require technical skills. Meanwhile, AI-powered video generators offer a user-friendly alternative. They allow users to create professional-looking videos without extensive editing knowledge or film equipment.

Paid video editing software or hiring professional videographers can be expensive. Meanwhile, free AI video generators are cost-efficient and budget-friendly.

In this post, we’ll explore six free AI watermark-free video generators to help you start your project. Before we begin, let’s briefly discuss faceless videos.

Why is there a need to create faceless videos?

 Here are some reasons:

  1. Not everyone feels comfortable being on camera. Faceless videos offer a way to overcome this barrier and enable them to share their ideas or stories comfortably.
  2. Some people may prefer to keep their identities private. When discussing sensitive topics, many may want to separate their online personalities from their private lives.
  3. Without a face to draw attention, viewers can focus more on the content. The user can also convey the information or story without limitations.
  4. They can improve video engagement and appeal to a broader audience. It removes potential biases associated with the creator's appearance or identity.
  5. Faceless videos often lend themselves well to different types of video content. It gives users more creative freedom when producing video announcements and educational content. Here is a review by Attrock to learn more about various types of video content. 
  6. Creating faceless videos can be less time-consuming and expensive than traditional video production. It does not require film, lighting, and makeup.
  7. Faceless videos allow creators from different locations or who prefer to remain anonymous to collaborate.

Faceless videos do not provide a universally applicable solution. There are potential drawbacks to consider. 

For example, it lacks the personal touch and connection viewers often develop with on-camera creators. Additionally, the quality of faceless videos depends on the tools and skills.

Overall, the need for faceless videos stems from a combination of factors. As technology and tools evolve, we expect to see more innovative faceless videos emerge.

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6 free AI watermark-free video generators for creating faceless videos

1. Clipchamp

User interface of Clipchamp, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via Clipchamp

Clipchamp is one of the most popular free AI watermark-free video generators. It allows users to produce faceless content.

Like Canva, Clipchamp enables marketers to create catchy social media posts with meme-inspired, ready-to-use designs.

The web-based tool is as responsive as a native app. Its strong hardware acceleration for graphics enables it to function as a desktop application.

Here’s what makes Climpchamp one of the best free AI watermark-free video generators.


  • The free version offers access to various customizable templates. You can use them for social media content, marketing materials, and presentations.
  • The Clipchamp interface prioritizes usability. It simplifies video creation and allows users to navigate its features and tools effortlessly.
  • Clipchamp's AI-driven tools streamline the editing process. It enables users to personalize videos without intrusive watermarks.
  • One of the platform's greatest assets is its extensive stock footage, audio tracks, images, and graphics collection. This rich library allows users to produce creative, high-quality content without distracting watermarks.
  • Users can add text, effects, transitions, and other visual elements.  They can also make the content fit specific needs or brand identities while remaining anonymous.


  • Sleek interface
  • Generous template selection
  • Stylish effects and transitions
  • Good text and soundtrack options


  • Templates tend to be short and don’t specify shot types
  • Limited control over effects
  • Slow export rendering

Clipchamp editing tools are free. It enables you to experiment and create impressive content without any cost. However, a paid plan might be your best bet for creating fancy high-resolution videos. It’s also the best option if you need a bottomless bucket for all your creations.

2. Renderforest

User interface of Renderforest, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via Renderforest

Renderforest lets small businesses and aspiring YouTubers create broadcast-quality videos quickly. Sign up is entirely free, and you have complete control over the appearance of your videos.

It's a user-friendly and free video generator that requires no advanced technical skills. Select a template to create an impressive video, then add your text and pictures. 

Renderforest is ideal for promoting your latest project and creating a fun introduction for your channel.


  • Renderforest's free plan offers various customizable templates. They are ideal for promotional videos, educational content, intros, and animations.
  • Its simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to create videos.
  • Renderforest uses AI-powered tools to speed up the editing process. It allows users to customize videos without intrusive watermarks. 
  • The platform has an extensive stock footage library, animations, music tracks, and visuals. You can showcase your creativity without adding watermarks.
  • You can customize the video editing software templates. Users can add text, effects, transitions, and graphics to make the content fit their needs or brand identities.


  • Ease of Use
  • High-quality filters
  • It has 4K HD templates
  • Availability of commercial music to use
  • Fast customer service


  • Slow video uploads
  • Slow processing time
  • Rendering videos are often jammed

Renderforest is highly praised for its user-friendly interface, which beginners find simple. Small business owners and creatives will benefit from this editing tool. 

3. Biteable

User interface of Biteable, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via Biteable

Biteable simplifies the process of creating stunning videos. It enables you to create videos with images, animations, and stock footage on a unified platform.

It has an extensive library of beautiful pre-made video templates to combine and add a video to your website.

What’s more, it's user-friendly. Biteable provides expert guidance to help you navigate the video editor like a pro.


  • Biteable has an intuitive interface that allows creators to navigate its features and tools easily.
  • The free version provides access to various customizable templates. This includes influencer marketing campaigns and educational videos.
  • Biteable's AI-powered capabilities streamline the editing process. It lets users personalize videos and create high-quality, engaging content without intrusive watermarks.
  • The platform's library includes stock footage, animation tools, images, and music tracks. It provides a wealth of resources for creators without intrusive watermarks.
  • You can customize Biteable. Users can add text, effects, transitions, and graphical elements. They can tailor content to meet their specific needs or brand identities.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Fun assets


  • Extensive buffering
  • Limited browser support

4. Panzoid

User interface of Panzoid, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via Panzoid

Panzoid is another free AI watermark-free video generator. It has robust tools for creating and editing any video or audio clip.

It’s an online custom intro and animation. Users can create a free introduction and vlogs on YouTube and other platforms. 

The tool has robust and user-friendly online 2D and 3D animation tools. These make the videos interesting and fun.


  • Panzoid offers a versatile creative space with AI-driven tools for video editing, adding effects, and transitions. These tools can manipulate various project elements for personalized content.
  • It has a diverse asset library featuring video backgrounds, effects, and audio tracks. You can experiment and personalize them without watermarks.
  • Panzoid allows you to create faceless videos using text overlays, graphical elements, and animations. It enables you to convey messages without identifiable faces.
  • Panzoid offers a rewarding experience for users to understand its functionalities. 


  • Edit 3D and 2D animation
  • Free intro & outro video maker
  • Review others’ videos & learn creative ideas
  • An overall selection of effects, layers, distortions, etc.
  • It is very simple to learn how to use it for newbies


  • Not so many formats supported
  • Lots of Ads

5. FlexClip

User interface of Flexclip, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via FlexClip

FlexClip is a simple yet powerful free video generator. It allows you to create videos with voiceovers and simple text overlays.

Its editing capabilities are robust. It’s ideal for those looking to quickly create a compelling short video project. 


  • FlexClip's interface is accessible and ideal for all skill levels. Compared to other free AI watermark-free video generators, beginners can grasp video editing quickly with the software.
  • It’s easy to streamline the video creation process with AI-powered features. It allows users to generate video blogs for maximum engagement while maintaining privacy with faceless videos.
  • It has diverse videos, photos, and music tracks without watermarks. This enhances your video's visual appeal without intrusive branding.
  • Users can choose from various templates. For instance, social media, marketing campaigns, and presentations. They can also personalize them with text, effects, and transitions.
  • Users can tailor videos to individual preferences or brand identities. They can also add text, effects, transitions, and other elements.
  • Users can maintain anonymity with text overlays, images, and animations. They enable content creators to share messages or stories without revealing their faces.
  • The free plan enables users to explore FlexClip's capabilities. However, there are  limitations in video duration and premium assets
  • Users can create professional-looking videos without intrusive watermarks. This makes FlexClip an excellent choice for creators and filmmakers on a budget.


  • Intuitive design
  • Easy to use
  • Good customization
  • Free video maker available


  • Uploading media delays editing
  • Free option has low export quality

6. Animaker

User interface of Animator, an AI watermark-free video generator

Image via Animaker

Animaker is an incredibly innovative video maker. Creating projects centered around concept scenes for different types of videos is effortless.

It has various templates organized by category, objects, characters, and props. You can add them with a simple drag-and-drop feature. 

Its main feature is its animated 2D characters with unique actions and expressions.


  • Animaker offers a user-friendly platform. It enables easy navigation for both beginners and experienced users.
  • It has a comprehensive library of templates, characters, animations, and audio resources to enhance video creation.
  • It has AI-driven tools for seamlessly customizing characters, animations, and scenes. This enables the creation of engaging, faceless videos.
  • The platform simplifies the editing process with a drag-and-drop interface. It caters to beginners while providing advanced features for seasoned creators.
  • Animaker supports various video styles. This includes explainer videos, presentations, and infographics. It's ideal for content creators, educators, marketers, and businesses.
  • Users can tailor videos to specific needs. They can customize backgrounds and scenes, allowing for faceless visuals or maintaining anonymity.
  • The free plan enables users to experiment and familiarize themselves with its capabilities. However, there are limits to the features and video duration.
  • Users can animate characters, and add text, music, and transitions. They can create high-quality videos to share on social media. They can also incorporate the video into presentations.
  • Animaker provides options for customizing backgrounds and scenes. Creators can convey messages or stories without revealing their faces.


  • Easy to use
  • Numerous great features
  • Fun and versatile animated 2D characters
  • Excellent customer support


  • Playback glitches
  • Hobbled voice-over feature

With Animaker, you can effortlessly create captivating 2D animations directly from your preferred browser. 

Its user-friendly interface and versatile tools are ideal for new and experienced animators. It removes the need to hire a video editing agency for your corporate videos. You can also upgrade to a paid plan for additional features.


Thanks to AI-powered tools, video editing has changed. Now, anyone with basic technical experience can easily create compelling videos.

We've explored six free AI watermark-free video generators. We’ve discussed their features, pros, and cons to help you create stunning faceless videos.

Clipchamp, Renderforest, Biteable, Panzoid, FlexClip, and Animaker have unique strengths. They offer diverse templates, AI-driven editing, and extensive stock libraries. 

So, don't let a lack of skills or a tight budget hold you back.

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Reena Aggarwal is Director of Operations and Sales at Attrock, a result-driven digital marketing company. She is an industry expert with 10+ years of sales and operations experience in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing.

You can contact her at reenaa@attrock.com or on her LinkedIn or Twitter.

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