We’re ready when you are: The road map out of COVID.

Apr 05, 2021

Today we wanted to take the excellent blog post created by Stephen of Brixton Hill Studios and adapt it to our audience. Check out the original blog post here: https://brixtonhillstudios.com/?p=1379


As you know, the government released a projected road map for how restrictions would lift across the UK. 2 Major dates have already passed but for our team at least, it doesn’t feel like all that much has changed, so we’re really looking forward to the next few steps where the more drastic changes take place. 

There has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not artists are able to return to working outside their home. The short answer is that if you are professional or working towards a professional engagement or writing/arranging for a commercial release then you are allowed to. However, the definition of professional is quite broad, meaning that if you are paid in any way shape or form for your art, be that £10 or £100,000, that is considered a professional engagement. It does not have to be pre-determined fee either so, for example, if you are a band playing at the Windmill, and you are given a cut of the door at the end, then that counts as a professional engagement.


Step 2 – 12th April


From April 12th at the earliest pilot events will be taking place around the country, and as such you will hopefully start to see work beginning again. There will be no changes to non-public bookings, so carry on requesting spaces on Tutti - it will be business as usual.

Amateur artists

If you get together just to create together for fun, and you have no pretence of preparing for a paid engagement then we’re afraid, you’re still subject to rules regarding no internal mixing with members from another household. You may be able to go back to the shops and make appointments at hairdressers, but unfortunately you will have to wait until step 3 to meet up with others. You’re still restricted to relying on mirrors to provide yourself with creative collaborators. 


Step 3 – 17th May


No changes, carry on business as usual.


It’s your time to shine!  As long as the rules of no more than 6 people per room are not altered you should be ok to start booking spaces for creative hires again. Hopefully we should have some sense of normality at this point. 

However, the cautionary roadmap is not set in stone. There’s a high chance things will change between now and mid May. If so, we’ll continue to keep aware of changes and let you know if things change. 


Step 4 – No earlier than 21st June


Step 4 is when true normality returns. Nightclubs are allowed to re-open and large events will return. As the government so awkwardly puts, there will be "no legal limit on all life events." We can't wait for that day...

As and when you are allowed to explore new found freedom, why don’t you make use of Tutti’s new discount system? Use the code ROADMAP-4 to get 5% off any booking on Tutti up till the end of June. 

*Please note that these dates are all subject to governmental review and if you have any questions or queries please give email support@tutti.space

** Cover photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash