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Church halls are known for their amazing acoustics, which is why they're often sought out by choirs and orchestras for concerts and recitals. In addition, the unique architecture of each church can also make incredible spaces for filming. Or maybe you need a large music rehearsal space? Church halls can provide you with plenty of room and versatility, with churches available for hire across north, south, east and west London.

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Why hire a church hall in London?

You may know London best for its two most famous churches - St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. But the city has so much more to offer, whatever your needs and budget. You may not have considered hiring a church hall in London before, but they are ideal for musical performances as they offer beautifully decorated spaces with large seating capacities and often have a piano available for use. 

Churches make fantastic spaces to film as well, however, we do recommend contacting the host to get permission for a film production crew before you book. There have been many famous movie scenes shot in London churches - Temple Church, the 12th-century place of worship of the Knights Templar, was featured in the movie The Da Vinci Code, and The Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great is the setting where Hugh Grant gets cold feet in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

Where are the best areas in London to hire a church hall?

London has an outstanding number of churches and all with diverse architecture thanks to the rich history of the city. The oldest church, All Hallows By The Tower, overlooks the Tower of London and was built in AD 675. And did you know there are 50 churches contained within the square mile of the City of London alone?

Here’s a taste of what each area in London has to offer:

North London

Between the village-style high streets of Stoke Newington and Newington Green is the beautiful Grade I-listed St Matthias Church built in the Gothic Revival style. The outstanding acoustics make it ideal for musical concerts, performances and rehearsals. The maximum capacity is 350 people. 

East London

Only minutes away from Old Street is St John’s Church dating back to 1826. The central space features a stunning late pre-Raphaelite painted ceiling and is large enough for a full band or choir. It also provides a stunning backdrop for photography sessions and filming.

South London

St George the Martyr Church is located in Southwark and offers an elegant church space for musical performances with its 18th-century box pews, large stained-glass windows and a seating gallery. In addition, the church has two modern, versatile crypt rooms perfect for a wide range of music and dance rehearsals.

West London

Located in Paddington, the stunning St James’ Church has a grand, light-filled space, seating 300 people comfortably all facing the sanctuary. This sanctuary serves excellently as a stage and can accommodate an orchestra of up to 80 players. It also offers a Steinway Boston Concert Grand Piano.

Frequently asked questions

How much should I budget to hire a church hall in London?

London offers a wide range of locations for hire for every budget. You can narrow your search by using advanced search options and filtering by price. Most venues charge by the day or half-day with the majority of prices falling between £250 and £1500 per day. You can also request multiple dates when you send an enquiry through Tutti. 

Can I view the church before I book it?

Yes, you generally can view the church hall in person before your shoot. If you would like to see the venue, please message the host to confirm this is possible and arrange a suitable time.

How long can I rent a church hall for?

Churches are often used for multiple purposes by different groups throughout the week as well as weekend church services, so it’s beneficial to book as far in advance as you can to get your ideal time slot. If you need a regular rehearsal slot you can inquire by sending a message to the host to find out whether they have availability. They may even be able to offer discounts for ongoing hire.

Will there be parking available at the church hall?

Many churches have free off-street parking available, but It’s best to enquire in advance so you don’t get caught out on the day of your shoot.

What is typically included in the hire price of a church hall?

Church halls often have a piano available, for example, the St George the Martyr Church has a Yamaha C6 baby grand piano in the main hall which is tuned monthly. For other requests, see the information provided on each Tutti listing page, or inquire with the host by sending them a direct message. Some churches have kitchens available for you to use too, but facilities like this will differ from space to space.

Why do church halls make good performance spaces?

If you’ve experienced the rich sound of a choir or orchestra performing in a church or cathedral, you may wonder why it sounds so good. Using stone as the primary building material plays a large part in this, as it carries the sound around the space. Stone walls allow for long reverberation that gives a rich depth to instrument sounds.  Columns also help to bounce the sound from one surface to another, with the goal of filling the entire space and lingering in the air.

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