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Are you struggling to find a filming location for hire in London? Maybe you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, or maybe you do but you have no idea where to start your search! Well Tutti is here to help, we have a range of London filming locations for hire to inspire your next film project — from professional film studios to hotel bars and historical homes. 

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Why choose to hire a filming location in London?

London offers about as much variety as you could ask for in one city, with both modern and classic architecture and green open spaces. The city’s rich history spans centuries, offering a wide array of period-specific locations including medieval castles, Victorian-era streets and Georgian townhouses. So no matter how specific your shoot requirements are, there is a London filming location for you. London offers superb locations for your storytelling needs including commercials, short films, music videos and interviews.

Here are a few types of film locations for hire in London.


London's diverse boroughs provide a range of filming possibilities. The city boasts mews houses tucked away in picturesque lanes, grand period mansions in Richmond and Mayfair, and unique and unconventional houses across the city.

Restaurants, bars and pubs

Why create your own set from scratch when you could shoot in an actual working hotel bar or a cozy London pub and elevate your scene’s atmosphere? You’ll find a wide variety of hospitality spaces available for hire on Tutti. 

Film studios

Studios offer controlled environments where you can create the best quality sound and visual productions. Some studios also offer green screens if you’re looking to add visual effects to your film. 

Rooftop locations

London rooftops offer some of the best views of the city skyline if you’re looking for a dramatic and impressive backdrop. These spaces can include rooftop bars, warehouse rooftop spaces and garden patios. 

Historical buildings

London is home to world-class museums and galleries as well as churches and cathedrals of all architectural styles that provide beautiful historical settings for filming.

Checklist for hiring a London film location

Set the tone

Consider the visual elements, ambience, and overall atmosphere needed to bring your vision to life and evaluate how well the locations align with the story and script. Take into consideration how the architectural style will impact your production's storytelling.

Create a budget

If you’re on a small budget then keep an eye out for filming locations further out of the city, as central London film location hire fees are generally at a premium. Don’t forget to include equipment rental, transport costs and crew hire in your production budget.


Consider whether you need absolute quiet on set because central London film locations are more likely to have ambient noise, but you can always ask the host to tour the location first before you book.


Will you rely on natural lighting and therefore need a space with large windows to let in natural light or would you prefer to create a specific lighting setup using a blackout studio? This will depend on the type of project and the mood you want to set. If you want to learn more about lighting setups read our film lighting guide.


Consider how accessible the location is for your cast, crew, and equipment. Do they have the option to take public transport and is there parking available? It’s also a good idea to check essential amenities like catering services or other food options nearby.


Evaluate whether the location offers enough space to accommodate your crew, equipment, and any set designs or staging requirements. This will depend on the scale of your production, and the hosts will generally have a good idea of whether it will suit your needs based on past film productions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a London film location?

The price for hiring a film location in London can vary greatly. It depends on factors like the type of location, how popular it is, how long you need it for, and any extra services you might require. Most Tutti spaces give their hire prices with either hourly, half-daily or daily rates, otherwise, feel free to ask the host by clicking on the ‘message host’ button.

How far in advance should I book a film location in London?

It's a good idea to book a film location in London as early as possible, especially if you have specific dates in mind or if you're eyeing a popular or unique location. Highly sought-after places may have limited availability, so booking in advance helps avoid scheduling conflicts and disappointment.

Are there any restrictions on what can be done at the location?

Some locations might have restrictions on certain activities or modifications during filming. These limitations could be related to preserving the property, following local regulations, or ensuring safety. So we recommend discussing any modifications you’d like to make with the host prior to booking.

Are there any additional services available, like catering or production support?

Some film locations offer additional services or have partnerships with catering companies, production support, or equipment rental providers. Feel free to ask the host about any extras that might be available to make your life easier during the shoot.

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