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Most online content, like podcasts, vlogs and ads made for Youtube and social media platforms were traditionally shot out of DIY home studios built on minimal budgets. But with so much digital content on offer competing for the internet’s attention, video production quality has skyrocketed in recent years. So how do you compete with the Joe Rogans and MrBeasts of the world with millions of followers tuning in each week? Ensure you’re putting out your highest quality work, which is so much easier when shooting in a state-of-the-art, fully equipped video studio. Some of the many benefits of hiring a studio include access to expensive professional equipment, with experienced film and photography experts available to answer your questions. Review our checklist further down the page before you book so you feel confident and prepared for your next video production.

Why hire a video studio in London?

Many of the UK’s biggest content creators are based in London, take Youtuber and musician KSI who has over 35 million followers across multiple channels. So of course you have plenty of options for studios for hire in the capital. With all this competition, studios have focused on differenciating themselves, giving you the flexibility to choose a video studio that meets your particular needs. For example, you can hire a stylish podcast studio like Tribe Urban Studios in Greenwich, already set up and ready to hit record, or say goodbye to boring backdrops when you hire the advanced Silvertown Film Studios with LED wall in Elephant and Castle.

Checklist for hiring a video studio

How will you get to the studio?

Consider whether you want to drive to the location or take public transport before you book to make your life easier on the day of the shoot. You can use Tutti’s advanced search tool to filter by free or paid parking options, and each listing also shows you the nearest tube stations and bus routes. 

Have you established a budget?

In addition to the basic studio hire fee, you’ll need to consider your camera, lighting and sound equipment options. If you don’t already own equipment, you can generally hire everything you need from the video studio. Studio listings should detail what equipment is available and how much it costs to rent, but you can always send the host a message if you’re unsure.

Do you want to add special effects later?

If you’re planning to add any visual effects in post-production then a green screen will save you a lot of time. See what green screen studios are available in your area, from studios with green screen backdrops to green podcast studios and green infinity coves.

White size shooting space do you need?

You’ll need to consider how large your team is. You want everyone to be comfortable too, so it’s a good idea to check you have access to amenities like a kitchen with coffee and tea-making facilities, separate storage space and changing room(s). 

Do you have a plan for the shoot?

It doesn’t need to be super detailed, but having a basic schedule outlining the order of scenes or your talking points, plus extra details like camera angles and lighting set-up means fewer decisions have to be made on the day, so you can be efficient with your time.

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