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Written by James H

Published Feb 01, 2022

Hey friend,

We've got a few lists this month to really pack in the useful info!

First up, we've compiled a list of lists to help speed up your future searches when looking for specialised spaces. Next, we're trying to get you some money, with a breakdown of funding opportunities in 2022. Then, we round things off with industrial intrigue for filmmakers and photo takers in Space Oddity.

All the best,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Scouting locations for your next video shoot? Discover somewhere new.
Need a convenient music space to practice in? Check these out.
Looking for a professional dance studio that doesn’t break the bank? Here you go.
Have lines to rehearse but struggling to find somewhere suitable? Find theatre spaces here.
Need a new studio to shoot in? See our photography studios.

Creator 🎵

We've been busy searching the Tutti database to help speed up your future searches for spaces. From that we've created quick lists: short listing guides of spaces for specific uses. Check out a selection of the lists we’ve made so far:

Amazing Locations to Film Music Videos
Fashion Photography Studios
Band Rehearsal Rooms
Recording Studios
Event Venues

Find all the lists we've made here, or, if you have an idea for a list you'd like us to make, please email support@tutti.space.

Takin' Care of Business 🎵

We've rounded up a selection of funding opportunities to help you start this year on a high.

Film: from Women in Film and TV, a selection of funding opportunities open to all.

Photography: over 20 photography grants aimed at students, amateurs and pros.

Dance: a mix of funding grants, scholarships, bursaries and call-outs for projects.

Music: a diverse range of specialised music funding for early career artists.

Theatre: a huge database of over 3000 opportunities for funding in theatre, training courses and work experience.

Space Oddity 🎵

A seemingly derelict space in a 2000 sqft basement is this month's highlighted space. Empire Film Studios' 1930s industrial basement space has everything you could wish for from such a location: a disused boiler room, a precarious-looking lift shaft, distressed brick walls and a bare concrete floor. But it's not all dirt and grime, as an upstairs breakout area offers a retreat from the dark below, with desk areas, toilets and even a kitchenette.

Check out the space here.

PS What do you get when you combine books and therapy? Bibliotherapy. In short, it's the practice of turning to different texts to help people better cope with life challenges, mental illness and so on, for guidance, support and reflection. And it's nothing new - it's been around since the 18th century! Read more here.

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