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Need to lock in a venue for an important upcoming event? Whether you’re hosting a product launch, a fashion show, a corporate event or a live performance, we've got a range of event venues in London to suit your needs. From halls & warehouses to theatres & bars, these event spaces are all available for private rental and events with audiences.

Explore 80+ event spaces in London
Silly Towers
Silly Towers Arch 555
Bureau Of Silly Ideas
Price on request
TicketText Group
Comedy venue, stage, and bar
2 Northdown
per hour
Aldgate East London E1 Photographic Studio
Kimber Studio
per hour
Newflex - XCHG
Open Plan Meeting Area
Price on request
Regent Brothers LTD
Fully equipped South London Jazz Club with Yamaha 1977 Grand Piano
Toulouse Lautrec
per hour
Photography/Video Studio In North London
Ctrl Creative
per hour
Interlude Studio
Film and Photography Studio Space
East London Studio with Natural Light, Blackout, Exposed Brick, Plants and Designer Kitchen
per hour
The Penthouses
Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green
per hour
The Den
Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green
per hour

Why hire event venues in London?

There are so many unique event venues available in London that you are truly spoiled for choice. If you need some inspiration regarding the type of venue that might suit your event, here is a list of event spaces available for hire:

Historic Buildings 

London's rich history offers many stunning and architecturally diverse buildings. Art galleries and museums often have event spaces available that are perfect for private receptions, product launches, and cultural events. The Foundling Museum, for example. is a beautiful and unique party venue located centrally near King’s Cross station.

Theatres and Performance Venues

London's vibrant performing arts scene offers theatres and performance venues for concerts, live shows, theatre productions, and award ceremonies. Tower Theatre in north London is an intimate venue available for private hire, or for a large-scale event like a conference, The Barbican Theatre can hold up to 1,150 people.

Restaurants and Bars

Many restaurants and bars in London offer private dining spaces or areas that can be booked for parties and gatherings. Social Convention is a fun and casual cocktail bar with an outdoor terrace which is perfect for small bar hire in London. 

Rooftop Venues

Rooftop bars and other London venues for hire like Brown Hart Gardens in Mayfair, provide stunning views of the city and are popular choices for cocktail parties and other evening social events.

Private Clubs and Member Clubs

Exclusive private clubs often have event spaces that can be booked for private parties and corporate functions. Century Club in Soho and The King’s Head Members Club both have multiple rooms available for private hire including a gorgeous cocktail bar, roof terrace and restaurant.

Boats and River Cruises

Thames River cruises and boats like the Fordham Gallery, an impressive 60 ft canal barge, provide a unique experience for parties, networking events, and celebrations. 

Checklist for hiring an event venue

Define your requirements

Before you can start searching London venues for hire you need to understand precisely what you’re looking for. That means determining the purpose of the event, the date and time of the event (if they are fixed) and the duration of the event. You’ll also need to estimate the number of attendees so you can ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate that number. 

Establish your budget

The hire fee isn’t the only cost you need to consider when shopping around for venues. Build a comprehensive budget that includes catering and beverage expenses, event staffing, fees for entertainment or speakers, decorating costs, and marketing costs if applicable. 

Choose your location

Consider where your attendees will be travelling from. If the majority are located in one area then a local venue will be more convenient. If you can’t hire locally then check for good public transport links to the venue, or consider hiring your own transport to take people to and from the event. 

Check availability

How flexible are you around dates? Popular venues in central London may be booked out on the weekends for months or even years in advance. But if you’re looking for affordable venue hire in London and can be more flexible with your dates, you may be able to take advantage of mid-week hire discounts.

Check facilities and amenities

Verify that the venue has everything you need to make your guests comfortable and so that you can run your event smoothly, such as restrooms, Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, power outlets, as well as tables, chairs, and other necessary furniture.

Choose your catering options

Some venues only offer catering supplied in-house, so if you would prefer to source your own food from an external supplier, first check whether the venue will allow you to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book a venue in London?

It's advisable to book a venue as early as possible, especially if you have a specific date in mind or if you're planning a large-scale event. Popular venues tend to get booked quickly, so reserving your preferred venue several months to a year in advance is recommended.

Are there any noise restrictions for evening venues in London?

Many London evening venues have noise restrictions in place, especially in residential areas. So if you’re event involves music or loud entertainment, it’s essential to check with the venue regarding their noise policies and any specific time restrictions.

What is the cost of hiring small and large event venues in London?

The cost of hiring an event venue in London can vary significantly depending on factors such as the venue type, size, location, and specific event requirements. Smaller venues like bars and meeting rooms may cost £300 to £1,000 per day, while large event venues like banquet halls and event ballrooms can range from £1,500 to £5,000 or more per day. Some venues also offer hourly rates for shorter events.

Can I bring my own catering to the venue?

Some venues have in-house catering services and may require you to use them. However, others allow external caterers or have a list of preferred vendors you can choose from. So always check the venue's policies regarding catering options before booking.

Is there parking available at the venue?

Parking can be limited in central London, so check with the venue about whether there are parking facilities nearby. Alternatively, consider advising your attendees to use public transport (but first make sure to check there are good options available).

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