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Never check your bank for a payment again - meet Tutti Pay


Written by Jessie S

Published Feb 07, 2023

Hi there,

We've launched a new feature to save you time when receiving any payments to your venue from anyone. Not just for enquiries through Tutti. Easily let anyone pay securely by card online, and our system will help you track that payment automatically. And don't worry, we don't charge 10% for this feature.

Learn more about the new Tutti Pay system below.

And we've changed up the artist newsletter so that we will now feature 4-6 listings each time, rather than one a month. Get your Stripe account verified so we can feature you!

Until next time,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Quick payments and tracking: meet Tutti Pay

Over many conversations we've had with our hosts, we have heard about the complex, manual process that many of you go through to keep track of payments.

Mapping all of the steps, it adds up to a massive waste of your time. So we decided to help. Read more here.

Introducing Tutti Pay

Create a unique payment link in just a few clicks, which you can send to anyone via any method. Clients can pay by card, or where relevant, by Apple Pay or Google Pay. As soon as payment is made, your dashboard will automatically mark it as paid. Link specific payments to any enquiry you have, if you've synced your Google or Outlook calendar with Tutti.

You will never again have to check your bank account manually or chase a client, unsure whether they've paid or not: our dashboard will tell you definitively. Never manually mark items as paid in a spreadsheet and worry you may have marked the wrong item. Our payment dashboard interface looks like a spreadsheet, for your convenience.

Pricing for Tutti Pay is different

Pricing starts at 3%, and this includes the payment processing fee. For clarity: any booking enquiries made through Tutti will bear our 10% commission, but for payments that you manually set up using Tutti Pay, the fee will be 3%.

Learn more about Tutti Pay here. This is one step (of many) in our mission to give you more time to focus on the human elements of your business. We'd love to hear what you think.

Super Spaces

We now showcase multiple spaces in our revamped artists newsletter. If you'd like to see which spaces we featured this month, see the February artist newsletter here. If you'd like us to showcase your space, become a Verified Host.

Victorian Home

This beautiful East London terraced home is available for hire, featuring a number of versatile spaces: a large modern kitchen and dining table, cosy living room with fireplace, a second living room with upright piano, and a contemporary back garden.

Decidedly Different

Did you know New Orleans has a historical voodoo collection, Tokyo has a ramen noodles-themed amusement park, and there are underground silver vaults in central London? Niche Museums has all the info on tiny museums across the world. You can select locations near you, view by map, or search any subjects you're interested in.

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