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Move over 2D, 3D listings are now on Tutti


Written by James H

Published Feb 01, 2022

Hello friend,

This month, our feature spotlight introduces a new tool that lets you showcase your space in glorious 3D.

But if 3D is not your thing then we also have a blog just just for you. We've created a quick guide to really help upgrade your listings: looking at how you can set up your pictures like a pro and bring in more bookings in the process.

Then we round things out with the dark and dirty from Empire Film Studios, who host a rather intriguing industrial space in Bethnal Green, plus we consider the surprisingly old practice of bibliotherapy.

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Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Feature spotlight: Matterport

Imagine potential bookers experiencing your space as if they were actually there, without the headache of organising and supervising site visits. Imagine people seeing your space not just in 2D pictures, but 3D models?! Well, you no longer have to imagine, as we've integrated Matterport: a platform that "transforms real-life spaces into immersive twin models".

Why 3D?
3D models of your space open up new potential while solving old problems. People can now easily see every corner of your space and how rooms connect, take measurements and really be there without ever leaving their home. Not only that, being able to accurately see your space will cut down on queries and save you time in the long run.

I want a Matterport Model
We can introduce you to certified Matterport Capture Technicians. They'll then provide a consultation and give you an estimate on your space. Simply drop us an email and we'll take it from there.

What does a Matterport Model look like?
Tutti hosts have already started to integrate Matterport into their listings, so you can check out a few examples below. Make sure to click the View in 3D button underneath the blue Message button.

I already have a Matterport Model
If you already have a Matterport Model, all you need to do is open your Tutti account, go to the 'Photos' tab on any of your listings, and paste your public model URL into the Matterport field. It's a link that starts with https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=...

If you don't know how to access that link, here's a handy guide from Matterport.

Set up a consultation with a Matterport Capture Technician or let us know any further questions by sending us an email.

What's on the blog?

We bring you four easy steps to upgrade your listing and start bringing home the bookings. In the age of rapid content consumption, pictures are crucial to showing off what you've got to offer, so in this blog we explore all about how to create a picture perfect listing.

How to make your listing picture perfect (in four easy steps)

Super Spaces

We showcased this space to our artists in this month's newsletter. If you'd like us to showcase your space, become a Verified Host.

Empire Studios

Empire Film Studios' 1930s industrial basement space has several quirky features: a disused boiler room, a precarious-looking lift shaft, distressed brick walls and a bare concrete floor. But it's not all dirt and grime: an upstairs breakout area offers a retreat from the dark below, with desk areas, toilets and a kitchenette.

Decidedly Different

Books + therapy = ?

Well, the answer is bibliotherapy: an idea that is based on using books as healing tools. In short, therapists recommend specific texts for people coping with life challenges and mental illness as a way of offering guidance, support or distanced reflection. Surprisingly, this approach to therapy is not at all new, as the treatment has been used in asylums dating back as far as the 18th century!

Find out more about bibliotherapy and how it works here.

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