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Rehearse in Clerkenwell, audition in Elephant & Castle, and film in Shadwell


Written by James H

Published Oct 16, 2019

Hello there

We hope you're having a wonderful October. We expect you, like us, are having a busy month, so we'll keep this update brief.

New Spaces

We have lots of amazing new spaces, but here are three that listed recently. See all of our spaces at beta.tutti.space

Fidelio Space

Fidelio space is a brand new classical music cafe in Clerkenwell. They offer 'a place for musicians to express their creative talent and to share their passion,' all wrapped into one location with food, coffee, a bar, and 3 rooms available on Tutti. Whether you want to practice in public or private, Fidelio can help.

Book any Fidelio space here.

Disciplines: Music, Theatre, Photography
Uses: Rehearsals, classes
Instruments: Pianos (1 per room)
Price: Starting at £144/hr

Aegis studio
Elephant & Castle

This studio is the street-level accessible property of Aegis Productions, a production company founded by American writer, director, and actor Athena Stevens. Aegis Productions strives to stretch the boundaries of imagination and to equip others to do the same. Its studio was opened as a direct response to the lack of accessible rehearsal space in London.

Book Aegis studio here.

Disciplines: Theatre, Photography, Film, Painting
Uses: Workshops, rehearsals, classes, auditions
Facilities: Natural light, Kitchen, Accessible
Price: £17/hr

St Paul's Institute

This space is a flexible, open-plan set up, with seating for 250 guests on the ground floor, with an additional 150 spaces for guests in the 1st floor galleries. It is a classic Georgian style church built in 1820 and is equipped with both stage and mood lighting options, sound equipment, and projection. Disability access can be provided, and there is a kitchen and bathrooms.

Book St Paul's here.

Disciplines: Music, Theatre, Dance, Photography, Film
Uses: Workshops, rehearsals, recordings, classes, auditions, recitals
Instruments: Grand piano, drum kit, more upon request
Price: £40/hr

Community Creations

We want to help you with more than just finding spaces. If you have something you have made and you want to share it with the world, send it to us and we will do our part.
Even if it wasn't made using a Tutti space (though of course we especially love those).
Email links to community@tutti.space


Another way we are working to help you, is by forming partnerships with other companies that could be useful to you.

For example, have you ever found yourself somewhere around London in need of some WiFi and power in order to do some admin, or to jot down an idea you've just had? Fed up of having to buy a coffee or water just so you can have some space? Fret no more, WeCoffee is here to help.

WeCoffee helps individuals looking for a quiet spot to work for a few hours, by giving them access to cafes, hotels, and pubs across London for free.

Additionally, for an affordable monthly membership, you can enjoy up to 50% discounts on food & drink in those spaces.

Browse WeCoffee (now known as Othership) spaces here.

Help us spread the word about Tutti

Do you know a space that would be excited by what we're working on? Introduce us via email and if it leads to a signup, we'll give you a £10 rebate on your next booking.

That's it for today.
Thank you, have a lovely rest of your October, and speak soon.

Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti.

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