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Written by Gabriel I

Published Jun 14, 2019

Hello there

I am very happy to share the first Tutti brand video with you. We have two versions - the standard 53 second cut, and the extended 61 second version (we like to use standard timings): "Introducing Tutti" ft. Holly Madge

Short version (church)

This main one most people will see, features the church ending. 
Available here!

Extended cut (drummer)

And the extended cut, that has some additional seconds that we believe will resonate with drummers. 
Watch now!

The film was directed by Emma Miranda Moore, filmed by Simona Susnea, and produced by Rosa Galvin of Objekt Films (full credits in descriptions of videos). A lot of heart, soul, and work was put into this video, so we would be immensely grateful if you'd share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Space updates

In other news, we've listed so many amazing new spaces in the past month. Here are just three of them: 

Vortex Jazz Club

The Vortex Jazz Club is one of the UK’s premier jazz venues, programming almost 400 performances a year in an intimate space. As a volunteer-led jazz club in North London, Dalston, they have been given the accolade of being one of the world’s best, and have even been singled out by the prestigious Downbeat magazine as one the top 150 jazz venues in the world.

St Mary Magdalene Church

The Church of St Mary Magdalene, Windmill Hill, Enfield offers 3 distinct spaces: the acoustically rewarding 1880s church, the church hall, and the small rehearsal room with partition. Their varied uses and the church's beauty makes this space a wonderful addition to Tutti. 

Half Moon Theatre

A young peoples' theatre in Limehouse, East London, they both produce and present professional theatre for children as well as tour work nationally.

For last minute bookings (72 hrs notice), they have hourly rental, otherwise their spaces are available per day.

(Space photos by DH&Co)

Your events

As Tutti grows, we want to make one thing very clear: we are here to support you, in addition to offering you access to or uses for your creative space. 

So we have a request for you: to share.

We'd love to get to know you. So please say hi, send us suggestions or questions, and share your events and upcoming performances with us. Tag or DM us on social media and we can share, retweet, repost your story across our own socials.

Hosts - if your venue is hosting an event, let us know

Artists - if you have a concert, performance, exhibition, or public launch coming up, let us know

If you have special requests in the shares (such as day or mentions), feel free to email us at community@tutti.space

We're also working on a public "gig list" which your events will be added to. (the only requirement for this is that you have an account at beta.tutti.space, so sign up if you haven't already.) 

If you need to find our social handles, links to all our pages are below.

In the news

Rehearsal spaces? There's an app for that

We were highlighted by a new community called MUSIC:ED. Their goal is to support passionate music educators worldwide, by providing information and resources. We were honoured to be one of their first members and highlights. Check out the article here, accompanied by a goofy picture of me...

In the space

Part of the Night

are a theatre company bringing immersive theatre to pubs & clubs across the UK. The goal of their company is to create positive, welcoming environments in nightlife spaces for women, trans, non-binary, and queer people by combining the thrill of going out with the communal experience of going to the theatre.

Check out their first event on June 17th at the Old Red Lion here.

Breaking Things

Want to help us break things? And then hopefully help us fix them too. 

We're looking for additional testers for our first app, which is being designed right now. We'll ask you simple questions, your answers will inform our designs, and you will get insight into the process of building an app from scratch.

If you're up for helping, email us at community@tutti.space

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy update. We hope you've found it informative, interesting, and most importantly, exciting. 

Have a wonderful rest of June, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.


Gabriel & the Team @ Tutti.


We made a cool video (watch it here and please share across your networks), we've listed more spaces, and we want you to share your upcoming events with us. 

And much more (sorry you'll have to scroll up for the rest).

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