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Beta 11 - Calendar view


Written by Gabriel I

Published Feb 11, 2021

Today we pushed another update entirely designed around user requests. 

Raffaello, owner of the fantastic Fidelio cafe, asked for a better visualisation of past and future bookings. So we split the 'request' section into 3 sub-sections.


This gives you a visual overview of future and past bookings. Each space of yours is assigned a colour (randomly by our system) and all requests are shown.

  • Pending requests are outlined
  • Confirmed requests are filled in 
  • Completed requests are faded
  • Requests that never got confirmed and have passed disappear

By default you see requests for all spaces in one location at the same time, but you can filter your view to one listing at a time if it gets too crowded. 


The upcoming tab does what it says on the tin. It shows all bookings & requests that are in the future, and makes it easy for you to see what stage they're at, how much they're for, and when they're for. But this time, they're in list form. 


Again, we like our simple naming. This shows a history of all bookings you've had on Tutti, so that if you ever need to check message histories or see why you got a chunk of change from Tutti in your bank account, you'll be able to find the reason in here. 

This page also gives you a few useful insights including how much you've made through your time at Tutti, how much you're about to make, and when you can expect the next payout. 

If you want to see the booking request system in action, we created a video for you here

Tweaks & bug fixes

  • Dimensions across the site now accept 2 decimal places (rather than being round numbers)
  • Created a new simple flow for users to go straight from Signup to list a space.
  • Switched chat systems: from Intercom to Crisp.
  • Renamed "fixed fees" to "transparent fees"
  • Added a check in case people set a postcode and w3w address far apart - clearly one is not correct. So our system informs people of that
  • Removed certain controls from Admins, Managers, and Supporters of accounts
  • Fixed a bug where a square button had a circular drop shadow

Hope you enjoyed this peak behind the curtain. If you're a host and have been using the calendar system recently, we'd love to know what you think. We welcome any and all feedback (good or bad) at support@tutti.space

Speak soon,