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Beta 22 - Slicker notifications & Search changes (Shooting Star pts 2 & 3)


Written by Gabriel I

Published Aug 10, 2021

Hello again and welcome to another set of patch notes.

Technically we've had 2 updates in the last 2 weeks, but they were all part of the same sprint (which is on-going from the last set of patch notes: Shooting Star pt 1), so here I'll share what we updated both weeks. 

New notification emails

For anyone that has been a Tutti user for a while now, this change is long overdue. If you don't know, Tutti users receive an email notification every single time they need to be informed of something on the site, whether it's a new message, a step has been taken towards a booking, or they've sent a message without an account (yes this is possible on Tutti). 

Up until Aug 2021, this notification was not the simplest. Its designs were entirely based on our initial website, built in 2018, which included a preview of the message they received (not even the full message) plus a button that took them to the relevant page, and asked them to sign in. If they didn't have a password manager, they had to sign in slowly and manually every single time. Our system also had a 3 day auto log out period, so if someone took longer than 72 hours to respond, you had to log back in again...

This process could be ok for a website that maybe sends 1 notification a year, but for our users who receive notifications every few weeks on average, it was really getting tedious.

Which is why we massively updated the notifications in this update. Now the emails include: 

  • The full message text, not just a preview
  • A one time link, which enables the user to reply to the message without logging in, immediately.
    • On the first click it bypasses login. If the user uses that link again, it'll take them to the right page but they'll have to log in, if they are not logged in already.
    • Special note: this functionality was actually suggested by Rinas and Borislav Grigorov - an early user and the founder of Haptic, a great place to discuss problems and get immediate feedback from other product-focused founders.

In the past fortnight we also changed the auto log out period, so our system isn't quite as eager to force you to log back in...

Response time system

Following hot on the heels of creating our 'verified' badge for hosts that complete all steps to become a verified host, we also wanted to call attention to the hosts who go the extra mile to respond to every request promptly. So we've implemented a response time system, which tracks how fast hosts respond to messages, and awards hosts various levels of recognition depending on their speed. 

  • If a host responds on average, in less than 2 hrs to every request, they get a yellow "Responsive" label in search. (see photo below)
  • On every host profile, our system will now give users a rough idea of how long they can expect to wait for a response. It won't show exact times, but a rough average that falls into one of the following levels:
    • < 30 mins
    • < 1 hour
    • < 2 hours
    • < 4 hours
    • < a day
    • < 2 days
    • < 5 days 
    • < 10 days
    • 10 days or more
  • Those are the 2 places it currently shows this info, but we'll increase the number of places in the future. 

Note: Unfortunately we only just implemented trackers for this information, so if you've been responsive in the past but don't have a yellow badge, that's simply because it started tracking on the 10th of August... To get the responsive badge, simply reply to all future requests promptly and it'll appear in no time. 

Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 12.25.35.png

New sort option & general search changes

To tie in nicely with the above response time system, we've implemented a new sort option where you can optimise for responsiveness. Right now it's called "Default" because we were being bad with words and couldn't think of the word "responsiveness" when we were designing it... But it'll change to a name similar to "Responsiveness" fairly soon.

We've also added responsiveness as a major property within our search algorithm, which means that if a user is searching for something, and your space and someone else's space both match the requirements exactly, whoever responds to requests faster will show up higher. 

Bug fixes / tweaks

  • Changed 'similar space' algorithm (again, not sure if improved yet... still a work in progress)
  • Improved our back end data tracking so we're moving closer to launching analytics for hosts
  • Updated the infrastructure behind Category Pages so that we are no longer limited by the systems we're using to create them (hundreds more coming soon) 
  • Changed "Send enquiry" to "Start enquiry" as too many people were clicking send, and not writing a message, which is required in order to send the enquiry.
  • Gave hosts back control of their 'location type' and 'space type' selectors. 
  • Added a 'show all photos' button on listings, because it wasn't clear you could click a photo to see the full collection of photos, beyond the 5 displayed. 
  • Added phone as an option to guest signup so people can receive notifications by text rather than email if they so choose. (because of our database, email is still required...)
  • Hid email and phone numbers from email notifications, with regex
  • Fixed an issue with our Stripe integration
  • Added 3D payments with Stripe, for more secure payments

Wrap up

So there you have it - those are the highlights of features we launched today. 

If you ever want to see a history of all features we've launched since we started working on Tutti, you can find that on Trello.

If you want to read more of these detailed breakdowns of what changes we've made (and sometimes why), you can find those articles in our Patch Notes.

Hope you enjoyed this set of patch notes today (Aug 10th 2021). 

Till next time,