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10 alternative locations for your next shoot (and not a studio in sight) - updated


Written by James H

Published Apr 23, 2021


Whether you’re shooting a commercial, documentary, portrait, or editorial, there always comes the time when you need somewhere other than a photo studio. The problem lies in finding somewhere new, and finding somewhere that works for your shoot (both stylistically and practically). 

Therefore, we wanted to curate this list of versatile options, focusing on themes or styles of locations to help you find what you need more easily, or perhaps, make you consider something new. If you find a location you’re interested in then follow the links to dive into the details, contact the host or start your booking.

Read our guide on what to look for when choosing photoshoot locations if you need any handy tips.


  1. Fancy Living (apartments, embassy)
  2. Industrial (warehouse, kitchens)
  3. The Concrete Jungle (carparks, rooftops)
  4. Places of Exercise (gyms, parks, sports facilities)
  5. Get Wet (pools, boats)

1. Fancy Living

If you’re looking for a home to film in then it’s lucky you live in London. In only a few places would you find such a magnificent collection of apartments, penthouses and even an embassy...


Dehav Studios
A 1200 sqft modern apartment with oodles of natural light. 


The Embassy
Located alongside the western edge of Buckingham Palace Gardens, this place screams style and exuberance. 


Masters Lodge
The fantastic flora of this space gives it a distinct visual aesthetic.

2. Industrial

When we’re talking “industrial”, we’re talking warehouses, dark basements and a “rough around the edges” aesthetic.


Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum
This museum is centred around a Grade II listed, former Victorian sewage pumping station that served Walthamstow until the late 1960s.


Victorian Factory
A humongous 16,000 sqft of space, this area features the warehouse above, a large private yard and 8 parking spaces.


Belt Craft Industrial Space
This versatile space is littered with antiquities that are bound to inspire some "industrial creativity".

3. The Concrete Jungle

The concrete jungle is bare and grey. Rooftops and car parks are the name of the game here.  


Bloomsbury Garage.
A garage space with surprisingly compelling lighting.


Bloomsbury Rooftop
Another rooftop with a distinctive vibe.

4. Places of exercise

Have you ever had an entire boxing gym to yourself? Well, now you can.


Total Boxer
A 3000 sqft boxing and fitness facility includes outdoor space, separate male/female toilets and showers, changing rooms, kitchen, green room and ample on-site parking.


5. Get Wet

Splish-splash. Try not to get your equipment wet with these spaces.


Chelsea House
That's right, it's one room that has a pool, a ping-pong table and a basket ball hoop! And this is just one room of a spectacular house. You can see the whole thing by following the link above.


Tereza Joanne Boat
Okay, so we hope no one actually gets wet with this one, but we had to include it. Docked at King George V Dock near London City Airport, Tereza Joanne is a 3 tiered, 300 capacity ship available for hire. 

It's a Wrap.

Finding the right space shouldn’t be a chore and with the options above, you’re definitely on the way. Furthermore, these are just a handful of spaces available on Tutti, so if you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for then jump on over to the search page

Or, if you’re still stuck then drop the team an email here and let us know what you’re looking for.

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