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8 Unmissable London photography exhibitions - Autumn 2022

Published Sep 29, 2022

As a photographer, you view life through your own personal lens. Perfecting your work and discovering your style as you explore life through your camera is crucial to reaching your full potential and becoming the professional photographer you want to be. However, taking the time to explore the work of others will allow you to see different perspectives and styles that you might wish to employ or emulate yourself. But where do you explore said work? 

Attending a photography exhibition in London is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and discover new work. There are plenty of photography exhibitions in London to explore this autumn. In this guide, we’ll take a look at 8 unmissable photography exhibits in London that are right around the corner. These include: 

  1. Seeing Auschwitz 
  2. Maurice Broomfield: Industrial Sublime
  3. Known and Strange: Photographs from the Collection
  4. Mónica de Miranda: The Island
  5. Christian Thompson AO: Being Human Human Being
  6. Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  7. Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize
  8. Exposure: Lives at Sea

If you’re ready to explore new themes, lives, and experiences, let’s take a closer look at the stunning photography exhibitions in London listed above. 

1. Seeing Auschwitz

8 Unmissable London Photography Exhibitions - Seeing Auschwitz Exhibition
  • Dates: October 20 through December 18, 2022
  • Price: £12.00 per person for adults (which includes teens aged 13 and above). NHS, seniors, and students are £10.00 per person. £8.00 per person for children aged four to 12. They previously offered a group bundle, but this has since sold out. 
  • Location: 81 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD
  • Learn More: You can find more information and purchase your tickets at 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Some photography exhibits in London are not only designed to evoke emotions but give us a glimpse into our own history, no matter how difficult it may be. If you’re a photographer that wants to capture some of life’s most historical moments, you may be interested in Seeing Auschwitz. 

As the name suggests, Seeing Auschwitz features over 100 photographs from the Holocaust, which are further supplemented with materials like sketches and interviews to help you better understand the individuals who were captured by the camera and what they endured in the concentration camps. It also serves to show what it would look like to be the perpetrator or the onlooker during the war. 

Seeing Auschwitz may not be for everyone, and it’s recommended for those over the age of 12. 

2. Maurice Broomfield: Industrial Sublime

London Photography Exhibitions - Industrial Sublime

Maurice Broomfield is a photographer best known for capturing the positive, energizing spirit of post-war industry in the 1950s. His work also captures the decline of industry all the way to the 1980s. Born to a working-class family, his father’s occupation had a great deal of influence on his work, and it shows. Broomfield’s portfolio captures everything from car manufacturing to textiles and beyond. 

A brilliant exhibition with ample online features and online courses to take advantage of (an amazing opportunity for those who love this work), this is certainly one photography exhibition in London you don’t want to miss if you have an interest in Broomfield and the work that he has created over his lifetime. 

3. Known and Strange: Photographs from the Collection

London Photography Exhibitions - Known and Strange

The day-to-day can seem mundane to many of us. But when we manage to make just a slight change, we can see things in an entirely new light. This is exactly the theme of Known and Strange: Photographs from the Collection. A normal family sitting around a table becomes eerie and strange when they’re covered up. A beautiful picture of the beach becomes more strange when pieces of it are taken apart and put back together incorrectly. Contemporary art can play a major role in your photography, and this photography exhibit in London is an excellent example of where you can take your photography to if you’re interested in presenting everyday things in a new light. 

Like many of the other events on this list, you’ll also find that there are free features and events to take advantage of along the way that will allow you to further immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art and photography. Discover amazing achievements in the world of contemporary art with this exhibition!

4. Mónica de Miranda: The Island

London Photography Exhibitions - Monica de Miranda - The Island

Mónica de Miranda is an Angolan-Portuguese artist whose photography explores Africa and its diaspora. The Island is a heavy research-led project exploring black presences in Portugal, with a strong emphasis on themes like the lives of those who have lived there, colonialism, and the relationship that people have with the land. More specifically, Miranda explores the island as a place of isolation, freedom, and refuge, especially through an ecofeminist lens. 

There are both films and photography to enjoy. Additionally, Autograph offers a VR tour so that you can explore some of the photography yourself before you set foot in this exhibit, and they also offer a range of events that you can enjoy as well as you gear up for your visit to Mónica de Miranda: The Island. If you not only want an in-depth look at Miranda’s photography but the ideas driving them and all the support you need to make the most out of the experience, this photography exhibition in London is for you. 

5. Christian Thompson AO: Being Human Human Being

London Photography Exhibitions - Christian Thompson AO - Being Human Human Being

Unlike some of the other photography exhibitions in London mentioned on this list, the Christian Thompson AO: Being Human Human Being exhibit is actually an open-air one. Dr. Christian Thompson is an indigenous Australian contemporary artist that features a host of mediums to produce his unique creations. This exhibit in London will feature photography across street banners, projectors, and even more interesting and engaging pieces like soundscapes. 

As an artist, he aims to capture the human condition. His work explores themes like sexuality, memory, history, and culture. Given that his work incorporates so many different elements and styles, it’s something that you truly need to experience in person in order to fully comprehend. The event website gives you an in-depth background and insight into Christian Thompson and features some of his main pieces so that you can explore them for yourself prior to visiting the exhibit. 

6. Wildlife Photographer of the Year

London Photography Exhibitions - Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Dates: October 14, 2022, to July 2, 2023

Price: Price information is extensive. According to the exhibit website, the pricing for attendees includes the following: 

  • Adult:  £17.00
  • Child:  £10.25
  • Family (1 Adult 2 Children):  £29.95
  • Family (1 Adult 3 Children):  £38.00
  • Family (2 Adults 1 Child):  £35.25
  • Family (2 Adults 2 Children):  £43.50
  • Family (2 Adult 3 Children):  £51.50
  • Concession:  £13.50
  • Art Fund adult:  £8.50
  • Art Fund concession:  £6.95
  • Location: Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK
  • Learn More: You can explore the exhibit further and purchase tickets at

Great photography can accomplish a number of things. It can make us look at the more difficult aspects of life. It can bring us joy. It can help us explore new themes or find new perspectives. Some photography, however, allows us to learn more about the magnificent world around us. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a great exhibit for those of your who love capturing the beauty of nature and displaying it in your photography. 

This exhibit features some of the top nature photography from around the world, capturing creatures and landscapes in all of their splendor for others to enjoy and explore for themselves. If your future lies in nature photography and you’re trying to see what makes a nature photo worth showing to others, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year was made for you!

7. Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

London Photography Exhibitions - Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize
  • Dates: October 27 to December 18, 2022

Price: Much like the previous exhibit, pricing information for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is rather extensive. Here is the pricing listed on the website: 

  • Adult with Donation: £9.00
  • Adult: £8.00
  • Concession with Donation: £8.00
  • Student Concession: £7.00
  • Disabled Concession: £7.00
  • Art Pass with Donation: £5.00
  • Child 12-18yr: £4.00
  • Child Under 12yr: £4.00
  • Art Pass: £4.00
  • Unemployed/Income Support: £4.00
  • Pension Credit: £4.00
  • Carer: £0.00
  • Location: Arts Hub, 4 Cromwell Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2JE, UK (The building in St. Martin’s Place is currently closed for repairs until 2023).)
  • Learn More: You can learn more about the exhibit and book your tickets at

While there’s very little information offered about the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (which only makes it more mysterious) we do know that it’s a contest and exhibit sponsored by Taylor Wessing, which focuses on contemporary photography with an emphasis on portraits. The winners for this year will be announced prior to the opening of the exhibit. Those who are on the shortlist for this year include Haneem Christian for Mother and Daughter and Rooted, Alexander Komenda for Zahid’s Son, and Clémentine Schneidermann for portraits from the series Laundry Day. 

The website for this exhibit will allow you to plan your visit and prepare ahead of time by seeing portraits submitted by past winners. 

8. Exposure: Lives at Sea

London Photography Exhibitions - Exposure: Lives At Sea

As we’ve seen from one of our previous exhibit suggestions, Maurice Broomfield: Industrial Sublime, learning more about specific industries can be exciting. However, taking a more in-depth look at certain industries that pique your interest may be a better option, especially if you’re deeply intrigued by the maritime industry. 

The exhibition, Exposure: Lives at Sea, is an ongoing exhibit at the National Maritime Museum that explores the lives aboard tankers, those of professional divers and fishermen, and beyond. Better yet, this exhibit actually connects to real professionals who are currently around and visible on social media. If you’re a big fan of the ocean and all those who spend their time in it, this exhibit is a great choice! 
No matter what type of photographer you want to become, visiting exhibits is an outstanding way to discover new styles, learn how to improve your own art, and find inspiration. But what do you do when you’re ready to put your skills to the test? Who do you turn to for photoshoot locations? Tutti makes it easy for artists to find the right spaces for their work by connecting them directly with space owners to streamline the search and rental process. If you’ve been looking up, “photography studio London” to no avail, start here with Tutti!

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