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8 unmissable London photography exhibitions - Spring 2024


Written by Esther C

Published Mar 21, 2024

As a photographer, you view life through your own personal lens. Perfecting your work and discovering your style as you explore life through your camera is crucial to reaching your full potential and becoming the professional photographer you want to be. However, taking the time to explore the work of others will allow you to see different perspectives and styles that you might wish to employ or emulate yourself. But where do you go to explore said work? 

Attending a photography exhibition in London is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and discover new work. There are plenty of photography exhibitions in London to explore this spring. In this guide, we’ll take a look at 8 unmissable photography exhibitions in London that are happening now or right around the corner: 

  1. Bert Hardy: Photojournalism in War and Peace
  2. World Press Photo Exhibition 2024
  3. Edward Burtynsky: New Works
  4. Diana Matar: My America
  5. Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2024
  6. Energy: Sparks from the Collection
  7. Street Life
  8. Nick Waplington: Living Room

If you’re ready to explore new themes, lives, and experiences, let’s take a closer look at the stunning photography exhibitions in London listed above. 

1.  Bert Hardy: Photojournalism in War and Peace

black and white photo of a monk with his head in his hands
Monk Memorising, 1950 by Bert Hardy

Produced in collaboration with Dr Tom Allbeson (Senior Lecturer in Media History, Cardiff University), this exhibition explores works from Bert Hardy's illustrious photography career alongside a rich selection of materials from his personal archive.

Born into a working class London family in 1913, Bert Hardy was self taught and worked as a combat photographer and later a photojournalist for Britain's leading photo magazine 'Picture Post'. The exhibition highlights decades of powerful images from the Blitz in London and war in Southeast Asia to his social documentary work in mid-century Britain and travels across post-war Europe.

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2. World Press Photo Exhibition 2024

photo of three beekeepers surrounded by a swarm of bees
From the series 'The Dying River' by Jonas Kakó
  • Dates: 03 May - 27 May 2024
  • Price: Advanced Tickets From £5.00
  • Location: Borough Yards, London, SE1 9AD
  • Learn More: Discover more at https://theexhibitionists.co.uk

The 67th World Press Photo Exhibition makes its highly anticipated return to London after seven years. The annual photojournalism exhibition tours over 60 cities and highlights the year's most impactful visual stories and narrative storytelling.

The contest had an impressive 61,062 entries from 3,581 photographers across the globe. The regional winners will be revealed on 3rd April 2024 and then the global winners on 18th April before the exhibition opens its doors on 3rd May.

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3. Edward Burtynsky: New Works

photograph of a dramatic mountain
'Coast Mountains #16' by Edward Burtynsky

Presented by Flowers Gallery, this solo exhibition of Edward Burtynsky's recent works focuses on three geological themes: Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada; erosion in Türkiye; and the coal mines in Australia.

His aerial shots capture the grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty of nature while also revealing the profound impact of global warming and industrial processes on the terrain. The exhibition reflects Burtynsky's lifelong observation of humanity's interaction with the natural world and its consequences.

4. Diana Matar: My America

black and white photograph of a tree next to a church, as featured in London photography exhibition 'Diana Matar: My America'
From the series 'My America' by Diana Matar

Each year the United States has the highest number of deaths from police encounters of any industrialised nation, and Diana Matar's exhibition My America is an archive and memorial of these victims. The photographs were taken at locations where citizens were shot or tasered by police officers, creating a quiet but chilling critique of the present-day United States.

It took Matar nearly eight years to complete the project. She started with her initial research of each person who died in 2015 and 2016, then created detailed maps, made six road trips across the US, and finally spent two years researching the legal outcome of each case.

5. Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2024

black and white photograph of a nature-themed artwork
From the series 'Fields of Sight' by Gauri Gill & Rajesh Vangad 

This influential annual prize was established by The Photographers’ Gallery in 1996, identifying and rewarding artists and their projects considered to have made the most significant contribution to photography over the previous year. 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Deutsche Börse’s partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery.

The exhibition features photographs from all shortlisted artists: VALIE EXPORT, Gauri Gill & Rajesh Vangad, Lebohang Kganye and Hrair Sarkissian. Their work shows the power of photography to explore, investigate and interrogate our world. The winner of the £30,000 prize will be announced on 16 May 2024.

6. Energy: Sparks from the Collection

Photograph of a woman running from fire from London photography exhibition: Energy: Sparks from the Collection
Riot Girl, C-type colour print, by Vinca Peterson, 1999

From hidden technologies to photographic subjects, this exhibition draws attention to "the diverse kinds of energy in photography". Whether it's sunlight passing through a lens, the flash of an artificial lightbulb, or the travelling glow of long-exposure city lights, every photograph needs some kind of energy to bring itself to life. This display will explore the ways that light and energy are memorialised within a still image.

7. Street Life

street photograph of people outside of a cafe
45 Jermyn Street (2019) by Shane Taylor

Curated by Framelines and David Hill Gallery, this is a collaborative group exhibition highlighting fascinating works of street and documentary photography. The exhibition covers an exciting cross-section of imagery from 18 different photographers, some award-winning artists and others being shown for the first time.

8. Nick Waplington: Living Room

photograph of a family in a living room, as featured in London photography exhibition 'Nick Waplington: Living Room'
From the series 'Living Room, 1991' by Nick Waplington

This exhibition presents the work of British-American photographer and artist, Nick Waplington, celebrating his iconic series Living Room with previously unseen image variants and new works.  

The original book was an instant sensation. Published in 1991, it documented the lives of friends, families, and neighbours on the Broxtowe housing estate in Nottingham, England. The new exhibition follows the same sequencing of landscape and portrait images but replaces the originals with as-yet-unseen work from the archives, often from the same roll of film as the original image.

Wrapping up

No matter what type of photographer you want to become, visiting photography exhibitions is an outstanding way to discover new styles, learn how to improve your own art, and find inspiration. And with new collections popping up all over the city every month, there's no shortage of exciting works to discover.

Weekdays are generally quieter for most exhibitions, but you can book timeslots in advance online for all of them to guarantee admission. Why not make a day of it with a friend and visit a few in succession, stopping by at some local independent pubs to discuss your thoughts on each exhibition. All in the name of research, of course.

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