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How to take great photographs of children


Written by Esther C

Published Jul 11, 2024

Photographing children can be incredibly rewarding when you're able to capture their young innocence and joy. However, it can also present unique challenges that require a different approach compared to other types of photography.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about photographing children – from understanding the basics to mastering candid moments, posing techniques and post-production tips.


  • Understanding the basics of child photography
    • The importance of patience in child photography
    • Essential equipment for photographing children
    • Safety considerations when photographing children
  • Mastering the art of capturing candid moments
    • The role of play in children's photography
    • Techniques for capturing spontaneous moments
  • Techniques for posed child photography
    • Creating a comfortable environment for posed shots
    • Tips for directing children in posed shots
  • Dealing with common challenges in child photography
    • Overcoming shyness in front of the camera
    • Managing restless or uncooperative children
  • Post-production tips for child photography
    • Choosing the right editing software
    • Enhancing your photos without losing authenticity

Understanding the basics of child photography

image of girl playing on playground
Photo by Bruna Saito

Children's photography is all about capturing the natural essence of childhood. It’s about freezing moments that encompass their genuine emotions, laughter, and curiosity. To achieve this, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills. And perhaps most importantly, you need patience.

The importance of patience in child photography

Patience is the key to successfully photographing children. Children are unpredictable and may not always cooperate according to your plan. Instead of forcing poses or expressions, give them the space and time to be themselves. Wait for those candid moments when they are at their most natural and relaxed.

Essential equipment for photographing children

When photographing children, it’s important to have the right gear at your disposal. A versatile camera with a fast autofocus is crucial for capturing them in action. Invest in lenses with a wide aperture to create a soft background that draws attention to the child. Additionally, a portable tripod and external flash can enhance the quality of your photos.

Safety considerations when photographing children

Child safety should always be the top priority when taking photos. Ensure a safe environment by choosing a suitable photography studio or outdoor location and removing any hazards. Establish trust with the child and their family before proceeding with the photoshoot and communicate with parents or guardians to understand any specific safety concerns.

Mastering the art of capturing candid moments

image of boy jumping in a puddle on a city street
Photo by Daryl Wilkerson Jr

Candid photos capture the genuine personality and emotions of the child, preserving memories that will last a lifetime. To achieve this, you need to create an environment that encourages playfulness and natural interaction.

When it comes to photographing children, spontaneity is key. Allowing them the freedom to be themselves and express their true emotions can result in truly magical images that encapsulate the essence of childhood. Whether it's a cheeky grin, a look of wonder, or a burst of laughter, these candid moments are what make each photo unique and special.

One technique that can truly elevate your images is capturing the child's perspective. Get down to their eye level and see the world through their eyes. This perspective will add a unique and enchanting touch to your photographs, allowing viewers to connect with the child on a deeper level.

The role of play in children's photography

image of boy playing with toys in a studio
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

Play is essential in children's photography as it allows their authentic personality to shine through. Encourage children to engage in their favourite activities, whether it's flying a kite, playing with their toys, or simply running around in the park. By capturing them in their element, you will have photographs that truly reflect their spirit.

Furthermore, incorporating props or settings that hold sentimental value to the child can add an extra layer of depth to the photographs. Whether it's a beloved teddy bear, a favourite dress-up costume, or a special family heirloom, these elements can help create a story within the image, making it even more meaningful for both the child and their family.

However, it's important to remember that props should complement the child and not overpower them. They should enhance the natural beauty of the photograph, rather than distract from it.

Techniques for capturing spontaneous moments

image of a boy hugging a girl on a couch
Photo by Anna Shvets

Spontaneous moments make the best photographs. Be ready to capture those unexpected smiles, laughter, or even tears. Adjust your camera settings for quick shots, and be prepared to snap away. Remember, it's the candid moments that often hold the most emotional value.

Additionally, building a rapport with children before the photoshoot can make a significant difference in the outcome of the images. Taking the time to connect with them, understand their interests, and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera can result in more natural and authentic photographs. A relaxed and friendly approach can help create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing the child's true self to shine through in the photos.

Techniques for posed child photography

image of a child standing in a box
Photo by Pixabay

While candid shots often bring out the fun and playful side of children, there is also a place for posed photography. Capturing children in more controlled settings can still yield stunning results.

By carefully selecting the backdrop, props, and lighting, photographers can create magical scenes that highlight the wonder of childhood.

Creating a comfortable environment for posed shots

image of a child sitting next to a teddy bear
Photo by Singkham

When planning a posed photoshoot for children, create a comfortable environment where children feel at ease. Use props or familiar toys to instil a sense of familiarity. Engage with them and building a rapport before directing them into poses will result in more relaxed and natural-looking images.

Furthermore, paying attention to the lighting and temperature of the environment is crucial. Soft, natural light can enhance the child's features and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Ensuring the space is neither too hot nor too cold will help keep the child comfortable and cooperative throughout the shoot.

Tips for directing children in posed shots

image of a girl posing in a studio
Photo by Yan Krukau

Directing children during posed photography requires a gentle approach. Give clear instructions while maintaining a playful and lighthearted atmosphere. Allow them to contribute their ideas and encourage them to express themselves. This will help create genuine and joyful expressions.

Additionally, incorporating games or playful activities into the photoshoot can help keep the child engaged and animated. By turning the photography session into a fun experience, children are more likely to cooperate and showcase their natural charm and personality in front of the camera.

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Dealing with common challenges in child photography

Child photography comes with its fair share of challenges. From shy subjects to uncooperative moments, it's important to know how to handle these situations with ease. Children are naturally curious and full of energy, which can make them unpredictable subjects.

Overcoming shyness in front of the camera

image of a boy on a swing
Photo by Trinity Kubassek

Many children may feel shy or self-conscious in front of the camera. To overcome this, establish a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Engage in conversation, play games, or ask about their favourite activities. Make it a fun experience rather than a formal photoshoot, and gradually they will become more at ease.

Building trust and rapport with the child is crucial in bringing out their natural expressions. Encouraging them to be themselves and express their emotions freely can result in stunning photographs that reflect their true personality.

Managing restless or uncooperative children

Not all children will be in the mood for a photoshoot, and that's okay. Be prepared to adapt and be patient. Allow breaks for them to relax or refocus their energy and incorporate their interests or favourite toys into the shoot to maintain their attention. Remember, flexibility is key when working with young subjects.

Embracing the spontaneity and playfulness of children can lead to unexpected and delightful moments captured on camera. By being attuned to their mood and energy levels, photographers can adapt their approach to ensure a successful and enjoyable photoshoot for both the child and themselves.

Post-production tips for child photography

image of a girl posing against a blue background
Photo by Amina Filkins

After capturing those precious moments, it's time to enhance your photos and bring out their full potential through post-production.

When delving into the world of post-production for child photography, it's essential to consider the delicate balance between enhancing the image and preserving the authenticity of the moment captured. Each smile, each twinkle in the eye, and each playful gesture holds a story waiting to be told through your lens.

Choosing the right editing software

Investing in a reliable editing software will allow you to fine-tune your images. Look for programs that provide a wide range of editing tools, such as exposure adjustments, colour correction, and the ability to remove distractions. Experiment with different editing techniques to find your unique style.

Exploring the intricacies of editing software can open up a world of creative possibilities. From adjusting the lighting to perfecting the composition, each tool at your disposal plays a crucial role in bringing your vision to life.

Explore 8 of the best photo editing software to pick the right editing software for you.

Enhancing your photos without losing authenticity

portrait image of a smiling girl
Photo by Jb Jorge Barreto

While editing can transform your images, it's important to maintain their authenticity. Avoid heavy-handed edits that result in an unnatural look. Aim for subtle enhancements that enhance the colours, contrast, and overall mood of the photograph while retaining the child's natural charm.

Moreover, the art of post-production is not just about altering images; it's about elevating them to evoke emotions and memories. By delicately enhancing your photos, you have the power to create timeless pieces of art.

Final thoughts

Capturing the essence of childhood through photography is a wonderful way to preserve memories and create beautiful art. Now that you're equipped with the knowledge and techniques to capture stunning children's photography it's time to put them into practice. Remember, it's all about embracing their unique personalities, being patient, and allowing the moments to unfold naturally. Happy photographing!

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