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Hiring a podcast recording studio in London

Maybe you want to start a podcast but you don’t have enough space at home or work to build your own podcast studio, or you want to give podcasting a go before investing in a ton of professional equipment. Maybe you already have a podcast and you want to take the production quality to the next level, or you have an upcoming guest and want to show them you’re a true professional by hosting them in an impressive studio space. For all these reasons, you should consider hiring a professional podcast studio in London. There are so many to choose from, from simple budget-friendly studios to state-of-the-art spaces featuring gorgeous backdrops for video recording. You can easily find the podcast studio to suit your needs and budget on Tutti.

Why hire a podcast studio in London?

Your idea could become the next no.1 podcast in the world, but you’ll only find out by taking action today and hiring a professional podcast studio. There are currently over 2.4 million podcasts worldwide. But we’re not trying to put you off, this only proves people can’t get enough and this medium is here to stay! 

As podcast popularity exploded, so did the number of studios across London. Now you can be more selective about which area you want to record in and the atmosphere you want to create. Whether you record a video podcast for YouTube or an audio-only podcast across apps like Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts and Audible, you can start to attract a bigger audience by improving your production quality at a podcast studio.

If you’re looking for a sleek studio for your video podcast, Mavro Worldwide Studios in south London has a number of customizable podcast studios including a coloured studio with 11 coloured backdrop options to suit your style, as well as a green studio allowing you to add in any background you’d like in the editing process.

If you’re looking for a more intimate and relaxed space to record your podcast, Tribe Urban Studios in Greenwich offers a dedicated podcast studio which is sure to put your guests at ease with its warm colours, comfy chairs and plant decor. 

Gafff is another well-known podcast studio in east London with professional equipment for exceptional recording quality as well as access to an onsite audio engineer. The space even has a production console - giving you the freedom to add calls, jingles and sound effects while recording.

Checklist for hiring a London podcast studio

How much space do you need?

As a listener, there’s nothing more frustrating than 2 or more people sharing one microphone, and therefore not being able to hear each person clearly. Make sure the studio is set up for the number of people you plan to have on your episode so everyone gets their own seat, microphone and headphones. You’ll also want to check if everyone can be seen on camera if you’re video recording. 

Which platforms will you be sharing your podcast on?

Video podcasts have become hugely popular and many podcasters share their episodes in both audio and video form across different platforms. Decide whether you want to video record your podcast before you pick a studio so you can ensure they have video recording equipment as well as a backdrop to match your podcast’s vibe. 

How will you be getting there?

Although there are plenty of podcast studios in central London, don’t forget to search greater London boroughs and even further afield as these studios are often more affordable and offer better parking options.

Do you need extra assistance?

If you’re new to podcasting, or just prefer to leave the technical details to the professionals, look for studio hire which includes support from an expert audio engineer. This will ensure you don’t waste precious session time fixing your sound, after all, getting the sound right is essential to making a good podcast.

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