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At-home recording studios are convenient, but you just can’t match the creative experience of working with a professional south London studio. Recording the perfect track requires a combination of talents, so why not rely on south London’s most experienced musicians, engineers, and producers to assist you? Not sure where to start? Check out our guide below where we set out exactly what you should look for in a music recording studio.

Our top recording studios in south London

Why hire a recording studio in south London?

South London has plenty of options, so you can find a studio to suit your needs and budget. For example, Raw Material Music is located in Brixton and is a registered charity that serves the south London community by nurturing raw talent. The studio specialises in music production but the spaces can also be hired for rehearsals and performances. Another top studio in Brixton is Wolf Studios, it offers quality equipment mixing and mastering services at an affordable price. Tribe Urban Studios is sleek and contains the latest recording equipment complete with a touchscreen audio mixer and finished with ambient lighting. 

How to get the most out of your professional music recording session

Spend time laying down your tracks in pre-production

A simple home setup is all you need to get a feel for what you want it to sound like, the instruments you want to use and how it will fit together. This will save a lot of time (and money) in the recording process because you already know what works. 

Decide what equipment you need

If you have your own instruments you feel comfortable playing it might be worth bringing these over using the ones at the recording studio. But in other cases they might have higher quality equipment than you do at home that can improve your sound. You may want to visit the studio in advance to see what they have on hand. 


If you are recording as a band, everyone needs to know their parts inside and out. To really get the most out of your recording sessions, and ensure you don’t waste time and money in the process, look to hire a rehearsal space to practise first. 

Choose a producer

Your producer will make the final decisions on what sounds they like, which performances are the best, and what ultimately makes it into the final track. If you don’t hire a producer then you and your engineer will be the producers, so you’ll need to be on the same page about what sound you are trying to achieve. Professional recording studios generally have experienced sound engineers and producers you can hire for your sessions. 

Schedule your time

Decide ahead of time when work will begin and when you will take breaks and quit for the day. Set goals and benchmarks for progress, such as recording everything during the first three days and scheduling two days to mix the songs, which involves taking all the individually recorded instruments and vocals and arranging them into the final sound.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to hire a south London recording studio?

It’s helpful to know what services you require before you start your search, as prices in south London will vary greatly depending on whether you want to make use of the team to help mix your tracks for example, or whether all you need is the space and equipment. In general, studio prices fall between 250 and 1500 per day.

How do I get to the recording studio? Is there free off street car parking available?

If you want to take public transport, you can use the map view on Tutti to search for recording studios surrounding the most convenient stations. If you would prefer to drive you can also filter your search by selecting free or paid parking availability in the advanced search options.

Do I need to bring my own instruments to the recording studio?

No it’s not necessary to bring your own equipment, the recording studio will have a range of band instruments available, and will be able to provide a list of these. If you would prefer to play your own instruments that’s also fine, you can bring them with you to the studio.

I want to ask the studio a question before I book, can I contact the studio directly?

Yes, you can easily send a direct message to the host via Tutti, by first going to the studio’s listing page and then selecting the ‘message host’ button.

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