Recording studios in London

Working on your next solo track and need some good equipment to record it? Or is your band interested in putting together an album? On Tutti, we have a variety of recording studios you can rent per hour or day, from intimate home studios custom designed by their owners for solo writing sessions, to spacious studios laid out for days of creativity with separate live rooms, control rooms, and green rooms. Some of our studios are simply available for dry hire, while others include the cost of engineers or producers. Message the host of each with your request to see how they can best help you. Below is a list, in order of price, of some of the studios we have available across London (cheapest first).

Isolated rehearsal studio

BonaFide Studios

Muswell Hill, London

Starting at £11/hour

Mon-Sat 9am-midnight

We aim to provide you with the kind of relaxed environment in our practice rooms that you need to work on your live show, write, or rehearse.

Free parking, wifi & air conditioning.

We are part of Nature Reserve Parkland Walk, its stunning setting will give you more than just an inspiration.

All our rehearsal rooms are kitted out for band practice but also cater for solo artists, teaching, photo shoots and much more!

Just ask for whatever you need and we will do our best to provide it. We believe in service in our studio and we do what it takes to meet the customers needs.

Full back-line is available including: Marshall, Vox, Fender and Trace Elliot amps as well as Pearl and Pacific by DW Drums and Shure 58s microphones.

Lock outs welcome.


Home recording studio

Sound Terrace Studio

Waltham Forest, London

Starting at £30/hour

Mon-Thur 10am-10pm Fri 10am-5pm

Small, perfectly formed, affordable recording studio, 3 mins walk from Leytonstone tube. Run by Sam Thomas - composer - recording artist - session player. It can be rented by the hour and includes Sam's services. He can be as involved with the production/arrangement/mixing etc as desired - anything from simple recordings to full-scale productions. He works closely with Café Music Studios in Bow, who specialise in mastering tracks to full industry standard.

*recording sessions are £30ph but rehearsals/mixing sessions etc that didn't involve Sam could be less.


Creative space for recording, film and studio hire

Arcus Sounds

Newham, London

Starting at £40/hour


Introducing Arcus Sounds, East London’s one-stop-shop for recording, film and studio hire. 

We are a fully equipped music recording studio, that also happens to be perfect for videographers, content creators, photography and location shoots.

With our modular setup, users can rearrange the room to suit their needs - with artists free to choose from our in house selection of industry standard recording and lighting equipment.

Situated at ground level, with street access and free parking*, our spacious 9m x 6m arch space has already played host to live session recordings, livestreams and music video shoots.


Photo/Film Studio

Mavro Worldwide Studios

Lewisham, London

Starting at £40/hour



Main studio (Studio 1)

Wolf Studios

Lambeth, London

Starting at £47/hour

Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

For over 30 years, WOLF STUDIOS has been providing quality recording, mixing and mastering as one of London's top independent studios. It is owned and run by mixing & mastering engineer Dominique Brethes and is located opposite Brockwell Park in trendy Brixton, in South-West London.

With a reputation for quality mixing and mastering, Wolf Studios is also a great environment to record voice, individual instruments, horn sections, string quartets or percussion. We also do film sound post production work including dialogue editing, sound design and 5.1 mixing.

With online or unattended mixing and mastering an increasing part of our business, we are now offering fixed price SONG MIXING (click for info) starting at £250 per song, and ALBUM MASTERING packages from £235, individually engineered by Dominique Brethes.

Both studios have Pro Tools HD3 and we can do recording and mixing to picture and voice over. Studio 1 features some of the best in analogue equipment including Studer & Ampex tape machines, Amek desk and vintage microphones.

Studio 2 is set up for surround sound mixing and mastering for TV, film, DVD, Blu-Ray and enhanced audio delivery formats.

We can offer tape transfer and sound restoration from various formats including 2 inch multi track tape, 1/2 & 1/4 inch stereo tape, Dat, PCM F1, Adat, Tascam DA-88, Mini-Disc, Vinyl & cassette.


The Crypt Studio 2

Crypt Studios

Haringey, London

Starting at £48/hour

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Studio 2 consists of an isolation booth and a comfortable, acoustically-treated control room. It is fully equipped for vocal/instrumental tracking, mixing, mastering, writing and post-production work.

Microphones and equipment from Studio 1 are available for use in Studio 2; just ask for details.



Nevo Sound

Nevo Sound

Islington, London

Starting at £60/hour

Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

We designed the studio for acoustic precision centred around a custom Neve 5116 console, ATC monitoring, fully loaded digital editing suite, and a unique collection of rare analogue and digital synths. You will also find walls of electric and acoustic guitars, exotic and rare stringed instruments; and plenty of percussion instruments to play with.


Boutique recording & rehearsal studio

Fiction Studios

Camden, London


Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Fiction Studios is the boutique recording studio located right in the heart of Central London.

The studio also features an array of classic analogue gear including a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Juno 60, Roland SH101, Crumar Performer and Oberheim DMX drum machine to name a few.

There is also a dedicated drum area, which can be used to mic up an acoustic kit with an array of high quality microphones. Alternatively a Roland TD25V running Superior Drummer is also available.

The library area provides a relaxing writing space, which can also be used as a rehearsal/live area with a 2K Active PA system and monitoring wedges.


Spacious Live Room

9M Studios

Southwark, London


Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

State of the art, multi-purpose live room opening in the heart of London, in 2021. 

As part of a larger recording studio complex, the central live room can be used for anything music-related due to its sheer size and acoustic treatment. 

With 34square meters to work with; musicians will be able to track, rehearse, write, shoot, teach and so on.

How bookings work on Tutti

Find the perfect space
Use our advanced filtering system to find the perfect space for your needs. You can filter by location, accessibility, instruments, gear, capacity, and so much more.
Contact the owner
When you've found the perfect space, contact the owner directly with a question, or request a specific date & time, using our instant messaging system. No need to search for contact details.
Pay quickly and securely
Once you and the owner have agreed to a time & price, you can pay to confirm your booking instantly & securely on Tutti. No need to wait for an invoice, worry about entering bank details incorrectly, or remembering to bring cash.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find recording studios on Tutti?
You can look through this page and click the options that most appeal to you. Alternatively, you can go to Tutti's search page at tutti.space/search, click filters, and set 'Location type' to 'Recording Studio'
How much does it cost to hire a recording studio via Tutti?
It costs the same as it would if you hire the studio directly - there are no additional fees for booking over Tutti. Our recording studios range in price from £12/hr to £72/hr
How do I book a recording studio via Tutti?
For any of the studios listed above, you can simply click their photo, and you will be taken to their listing. On each listing, you can request to book the space. This request will go directly to the owner/manager of the space. Once they've accepted your request, you can pay quickly over Tutti via credit/debit card. It takes seconds to pay, and once the money has gone through, your booking is confirmed. All you have to do is show up, play, and enjoy.