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Written by Jessie S

Published Jan 10, 2023

Hi there,

2023 is going to be a year of improvement for Tutti. After our successful crowdraise at the end of 2022, we're using the money to grow in a number of ways:

  • Much more traffic for your listings
  • More technology to simplify your booking experience
  • New Tutti team members to support you

In order to make sure all of the above works as well as you expect, we'd love some support and feedback from you.

Please let us know if you'd be willing to share a few hours of your time to work with us to improve Tutti services. In exchange you'll be able to test new time-saving, premium features we build, for free.

We'd really appreciate your support if you're happy to help. Fill out this brief form to let us know.

Until next time,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

P.S. Community meetup! We would love to meet you in person, and put some faces to names. So we've organised a meetup on January 18th at Toulouse Lautrec, in Kennington, South London. There'll be live music, food, and other Tutti community members: our fantastic team, investors, and other hosts. And the first drink is on us. Want to come join? Sign up here.

2023: The year of more traffic

We spent December optimising certain pages for speed so that we'll significantly increase our ranking in Google. If you're interested in SEO, our previous speeds were 30-50 out of 100, and we've increased them to 60-95 out of 100. This should bring thousands more visitors towards Tutti over the coming months.

We also just hired our first PR person, who will be helping us raise our general profile and be discovered by a lot more people in a lot more places (beyond just Google).

We are doing this with the end goal of getting you greater visibility on your listings. Our mission is to help you with bookings in any way we can: software to simplify your booking process, additional marketing to help you discover clients, and more.

To make the most of these improvements and be easily found, make sure your listing is optimised for Tutti by completing the following:

  • Fill out your profile with a profile image, description, and whatever else you want to add in Profile Settings → Public Profile. For a great example, see Dom's profile.
  • Make sure you have both location AND space listings, even if your listing is just one room. This gives you two opportunities to be found across our website.
    • IF you have more than one room or area, create a space listing for each, so people can find the relevant space for their needs.
  • Set up your payment details in Profile Settings → Payments, so that all bookings flow correctly and automatically.
  • Include a publicly visible fee. Even if you do quote-based pricing, share a public minimum spend so that creatives know roughly how much your listing will cost to hire.

2023 is set to be a super exciting year. We can't wait to see where it takes us.

Super Spaces

We showcased this space to our artists in this month's newsletter. If you'd like us to showcase your space, become a Verified Host.

St Nicholas Church

West London's St Nicholas Church is situated on the bank of the River Thames and boasts an impressive fifteenth-century tower and beautiful wood and masonry features inside. The space has been hired for film productions as well as live music performances and piano recitals using the grand piano available for hire.

Decidedly Different

Ever wondered how Google, Twitter or Facebook looked when they first launched? Or how about reliving the good old days of MySpace and Ask Jeeves?

Non-profit Wayback Machine is an internet archive where you can explore more than 778 billion web pages saved over time, from 1996 to today. Simply enter a URL and pick a date from the calendar - check out how Tutti looked four years ago, back in January 2019.

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