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The 12 best beauty photographers in London


Written by Becky T

Published Dec 14, 2023

Used both for editorial campaigns as well as commercial advertising for cosmetics and skincare, beauty photography is all about showcasing the art of self expression. Similar to portrait and headshot photographers, beauty photographers typically capture images of a subject's face. However, where portraits and headshots serve to represent a person and their own identity, beauty photography is more about promoting products or celebrating the beauty and art of the human face in general. This means that beauty photography tends to be more stylistic and conceptual, and photographers often play with unique angles and lighting to create artistic effect.

We're truly spoilt for choice when it comes to great beauty photographers in London. So whether you're looking for the perfect beauty photographer to promote your cosmetics line, or you're a beauty photographer yourself seeking inspiration from the best in the business, this curation of the 12 best beauty photographers in London will offer you a deeper understanding of what brings success in the world of beauty photography.

Note: If you're a beauty photographer using models for your shoot or campaign, it's important that you understand the importance of photography model release forms, as these ensure that both you and your models are protected against potential legal issues, as well as upholding the privacy and rights of your subject.


  1. Jack Eames
  2. Egle Vasi
  3. Annsy
  4. Samantha Black
  5. Tory Smith
  6. Rossella Vanon
  7. Ekin can Bayrakdar
  8. John Samson
  9. Iulia David 
  10. Kathrin Werner
  11. Claire Harrison
  12. Simon Songhurst

1. Jack Eames

side profile photograph of a woman with a mohawk by beauty photographer Jack Eames

Jack Eames is an award-winning hair and beauty photographer and video director based in London. Informed by his background working in photojournalism, Eames has since built a career in beauty photography that spans over 16 years. He has worked with big brands including Coca Cola, Vogue, L’Oreal, and Toni & Guy, and has served as a guest lecturer in Photography at Central Saint Martins in London. In 2023, Eames won the Gold and Silver awards for Fashion and Beauty at the Association of Photography Awards.

black and white photograph of a man who has just had a haircut from the Haircuts4Homeless scheme by beauty photographer Jack Eames

In 2021, Eames published a book in collaboration with UK charity Haircuts4Homeless, which documents their incredible work providing haircuts for homeless people. Supported by a team of trusted experts, including assistants and retouchers, Eames delivers unique, contemporary photographs and video campaigns.

2. Egle Vasi

photo of a woman with dark lipstick and white droplets on her eyelashes by London beauty photographer Egle Vasi

Egle Vasi is a photographer in London specialising in the beauty, fashion and advertising sectors. Her client list includes the likes of L'Oreal Paris, Kiehl's, Nars, Burt's Bees, and Primark, for whom she manages all stages of her creative process, from creative direction, booking talent to shooting & retouching her images.

photo of two women with circles of makeup painted onto their faces by London beauty photographer Egle Vasi

Vasi is the recipient of two Commercial Photographer of the Year Awards, one from Corporate LiveWire Awards 2022/23 and one from SME News' UK Enterprise Awards. Her images are clean and modern, and her client testimonials evidence her ability to respond seamlessly to changing briefs and present models and brands in their best light.

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3. Annsy

photo of a woman smiling in blue lipstick by London beauty photographer Annsy

Annsy is an Icelandic fashion and beauty photographer based in London. Having graduated from Speós Photography School's Professional Photography programme, she now shoots professionally for editorial campaigns, look books and online fashion and beauty publications. Her previous clients include HBO, Cowshed, and Bellissima Italia, and she has had her work published in the likes of Photo Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar Arabia, and Solstice Magazine.

photo of a woman with vitiligo leaning on her arms by beauty photographer Annsy

Annsy also owns and runs her own studio space in Battersea, which is available to hire for £40 per hour.

4. Samantha Black

black and white photo of a woman staring across her shoulder into the camera by London beauty photographer Samantha Black

Samantha Black is a professional photographer in London, specialising in family, maternity and beauty photography. After graduating with a degree in Business & Marketing, Black went on to enjoy a 10-year long career in the fashion industry, which is where she discovered her love for photography.

photo of a woman wearing dewy eyeshadow and lipstick by beauty photographer Samantha Black

Bringing her expertise from her fashion career together with her desire to "tell honest stories of warmth and intimacy", Black has developed a skill for taking beautiful photographs of women and their families.

5. Tory Smith

photo of a woman with glitter covering her face by London beauty photographer Tory Smith

Tory Smith is a British photographer, director & videographer, working within the fashion and beauty spheres and based between London and the Cotswolds. She has worked for a number of well-known brands including L’Oreal Paris, Harrods, Next, ASOS and Boots, and has had her work published in the likes of The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and ELLE Magazine.

photo of a woman winking by London beauty photographer Tory Smith

Informed by over 10 years of experience, Smith shares her expertise as fashion and beauty photographer and videographer on her online blog, including how to leverage the art of storytelling in your work as a photographer.

6. Rossella Vanon

photograph of a woman with smokey eyeshadow and hair blowing across her face by London beauty phtographer Rossella Vanon

Rossella Vanon is an Italian beauty photographer based between London and Norwich. After graduating from a degree in Sound Engineering & Music Business, Vanon followed her passion and built a successful career as a beauty photography. During this time, Vanon has worked for a number of big brands including NYX, GHD, Vogue, ELLE and Marie Claire. She has also been teaching photography workshops for over 10 years, mentoring aspiring photographers on topics such as studio lighting and model direction.

side profile shot of a woman wearing gold eyeliner and red lipstick by beauty photographer Rossella Vanon

Vanon says that light and colour are her two favourite things, and these are the aspects that she pays particular attention to when taking photographs for her clients. Playing with contrasts and effects, Vanon leverages the harmonic relationship between light and colour to evoke different moods, often using low-key lighting effects.

7. Ekin Can Bayrakdar

close up photo of a woman with shimmery eyeshadow and hair covering her face by London beauty photographer Ekin can Bayrakdar

Ekin can Bayrakdar is a professional fashion and beauty photographer based in London. Since graduating from a degree in Fine Art, Bayrakdar has used his creative vision to produce beautiful, ethereal images for brands and editorial campaigns, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Karen Millen, and Debenhams. As with many professional photographers, Bayrakdar personally retouches and colour-grades all of his photos to ensure that the final images are in line with his own creative vision.

photo of a woman with red lipstick and a green patch on her face by London beauty photographer Ekin can Bayrakdar

Bayrakdar showcases his expertise his blog, where he shares stories about his journey as a photographer as well as advice on how to improve in the world of fashion and beauty photography.

8. John Samson

black and white photo of a woman posing with sheer gloves on by beauty photographer in London John Samson

John Samson is a British fashion and beauty photographer based in London, who has worked with clients such as Wild, NEXT, Wilhelmina, and ELLE to help them deliver photographs that leave a lasting impression. Informed by a background in corporate leadership, Samson prides himself on being "uniquely adept at managing high profile projects" and understanding the intricacies of brand identity.

photograph of a woman with gold makeup streaked across her face by beauty photographer in London John Samson

Samson is flexible and adaptable to a range of briefs, offering tailored photography for lookbooks, editorial campaigns, advertising and e-commerce. And if you're a model looking for tips on agency interviews or portfolio and posing advice, check out Samson's blog for a range of expert advice.

9. Iulia David 

Image of a woman holding her head back with her eyes closed by beauty photographer Iulia David

Iulia David is a professional photographer based in London, specialising in editorial, commercial and beauty portrait photography. Her photography has been published in a number of high profile magazines including Tatler UK, Women's Health Australia, and Schon Magazine, and she has worked with prominent cosmetics clients including Neutrogena, Beauty Bay, and Nars.

image of a woman holding her face with her hands by beauty photographer Iulia David

David also teaches masterclasses to photographers on beauty lighting and Photoshop high-end retouching. These 4-hour workshops provide actionable advice and demonstrations to photographers who want to learn how to improve their beauty photographs, from lighting and angles to camera settings and retouching.

10. Kathrin Werner

image of 3 women smiling playfully wearing bright eyeshadow by London beauty photographer Kathrin Werner

Kathrin Werner is a product and beauty photographer based in London. After graduating with a BA in Photography from UAL and working as an intern and photography assistant, Werner has gone on to build her own career working for prominent brands such as John Lewis and Boden, and has had her worked published in the likes of Harpers Bazaar, Evening Standard, Time Out and BBC.

photo of 4 women wearing thick black headbands by London beauty photographer Kathrin Werner

Werner says that the red thread which defines her photography is "modern minimalism and attention to detail", and one look through her portfolio shows that she has a unique ability to harmonise a distinct playfulness with a clean, high-fashion impact.

11. Claire Harrison

photo of a woman with pink hair and lipstick by beauty photographer Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison is a London based beauty photographer, who delivers stunning beauty photography for the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Clarins and L’oreal. Working out of her studio as well as on location, Harrison has a "fascination with skin texture" and "the magic of colour". Her work is delicate, clean and ethereal, often incorporating symbols of femininity.

side profile photograph of a woman with blue swirls of makeup on her face by beauty photographer Claire Harrison

As well as working with photography, Harrison directs video campaigns for a range of beauty brands. Beauty photography and videography require similar skills, but the latter demands a nuanced understanding of movement, pacing, and visual storytelling, transforming the static beauty captured in photographs into a dynamic and engaging visual narrative.

12. Simon Songhurst

close-up photo of a woman in red lipstick next to yellow flowers by London beauty photographer Simon Songhurst

Simon Songhurst is a hair and beauty photographer and filmmaker based in London. Throughout his career, Songhurst has travelled the world delivering images for a range of prominent brands, including Marks & Spencer, L'Oreal, Rimmel, and Lancôme. Taking a collaborative approach to his work, Songhurst likes to work closely with his clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life.

photo of a woman posing with silver makeup on her hand by beauty photographer Simon Songhurst

Songhurst shares his learnings and expertise on his YouTube channel, where you'll find a range of informative videos from camera reviews to tutorials on retouching. This content is usually also shared on his blog, and is well worth checking out if you're a photographer looking to upgrade your professional skillset.

Wrapping up

So there you have it - 12 of the best beauty photographers in London! Whether you're a makeup artist, retailer, influencer, or model, using beauty photography to showcase your brand allows you to demonstrate your ability to communicate the essence of your products or personal style, fostering a compelling and visually appealing connection with your audience.

To achieve this, beauty photoshoots may take place in diverse settings, such as infinity cove studios, urban environments and natural landscapes. These iconic locations create a photography backdrop that enhances the stylistic effect of beauty photography and contributes to the overall storytelling. If you're looking for tips on how to choose a photoshoot location, we've got you covered.

For more inspiration from some of London's best photographers, why not check out these upcoming photography exhibitions in London.

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