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The 10 best boudoir photographers in London


Written by Becky T

Published Jun 05, 2023

Boudoir photography is all about tapping into the sensual energy of the sitter and empowering them to feel confident in their body and their sexuality. Styles can range from the risqué and provocative to the more subtle and romantic, often nodding to references of Greek statues, Pre-Raphaelite muses and classic or vintage photographs. Typically, boudoir photography has been a female-focused art form, but as the world begins to challenge the confines of gender, more men are seeking out boudoir photoshoots.

This liberating form of photography is emblematic of a more open and accepting world, where people are free to explore and embrace their sexual identity in personal and creative ways, without judgement or shame. So, whether you're looking for the perfect boudoir photographer to capture your sensual essence, or you're a boudoir photographer yourself seeking inspiration from the best in the business, this curation of the 10 best boudoir photographers in London will offer you a deeper understanding of what brings success in the world of boudoir photography.


  1. Tara Wilton
  2. Adam & Barbi Csomor
  3. Siorna Ashby
  4. Monika Szolle
  5. Lize Okoh
  6. Rodney Pedroza
  7. Paulina Sobczak
  8. Patrick Falaniko
  9. Rob Anderman
  10. Johanna Elizabeth

1. Tara Wilton

Tara Wilton is a glamour and boudoir photographer, born and bred in London. She studied Fine Arts at university, before going on to become a prestigious fashion photographer. In 2018, she decided to turn her love for the female form into a business working as a glamour and boudoir photographer.

black and white photo of a woman sitting on a chair topless in a boudoir photoshoot London by Tara Wilton

Glamour photography differs slightly from boudoir, in that whilst boudoir photography is focused on self-expression and personal intimacy, glamour photography tends more towards promotional photographs for escorts, glamour models and others in the sex-work industry. Both are forms of erotic photography, but their overall tones and intents are distinct.

Wilton has her own studio in North London, but also offers location shoots at a range of locations across London, including her own "60s inspired mid century home". Her business primarily caters towards female models and sitters, but is also happy to shoot "male fitness models, dancers and escorts".

photo of a woman posing in a colourful room in a boudoir photoshoot London by Tara Wilton

Wilton has a discreet team of makeup artists and hair stylists that help her on her shoots. She also offers post-production retouching as well, understanding the balance between maintaining an authentic representation of her sitters and perfecting her photographs to a high-quality, artistic standard.

Packages start at £300 for a photo shoot and images. Check out Wilton's Packages page for more information on pricing. You can email Wilton at tara@londonboudoirphotographer.co.uk to arrange a booking.

2. Adam & Barbi Csomor

Husband and wife business partners, Adam and Barbi Csomor, run their own boudoir photography business called London Boudoir. Adam is their lead photographer, whose work is informed by his previous career in massage therapy - as he notes, his "confidence around human bodies radiates out to my clients so they always feel comfortable & confident".

photo of a woman posing on a mattress outside by boudoir photographers London Adam and Barbi Csomor

The pair are united in their mission to help men and women find their beauty and confidence, and to empower them through the art of boudoir photography. You can also book couple photoshoots with a partner or friend.

They have an in-house professional make-up artist, Mari Sol, who helps sitters feel confident and present the best version of themselves to the camera. They offer shoots both at their studio and in outdoor photoshoot locations.

photo of a woman sitting on a grassy field by boudoir photographers London Adam and Barbi Csomor

Session fees start at £250 (not including prints or digital images). For full information on pricing, visit London Boudoir's Services page. Use the contact page to schedule in an appointment.

3. Siorna Ashby

Siorna Ashby is a boudoir photographer in London who promises to "revolutionise your relationship with your reflection". Having struggled with body image herself, Ashby is sensitive and compassionate to clients who arrive with anxieties and insecurities regarding their shoot. She prioritises an environment that makes the sitter feel safe and relaxed, and promises to give her clients the space to "disrupt the pattern of negativity" and "reconnect with their femininity".

photo of a woman posing on a chair with a bed sheet by boudoir photographer London Siorna Ashby

Ashby owns a private portrait studio in Finsbury Park, north London, from where she operates her business. She caters to a range of styles and requests, and is LGBTQ+ inclusive, aiming to make everyone that comes to her feel safe and seen. Ashby's website features a number of signature styles and inspiration, from "Dark & Sultry" to "Ravishing Renaissance".

She also works with various hair and makeup artists to bring your vision to life, and offers tailored and natural retouching of your photographs.

photo of a woman on a bed in lingerie by boudoir photographer London Siorna Ashby

Scroll down on Ashby's Boudoir website page for information on pricing and contact her to arrange a booking. Single-photo shoots and images start at £276.

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4. Monika Szolle

Monika Szolle is a Polish photographer in London, specialising in wedding, boudoir and portrait photography. Szolle's style as a photographer is people-focused, offering custom approaches and tailored services that can adapt to a range of requirements.

black and white photo of a woman on a bed in a boudoir photoshoot London by Monika Szolle

Szolle is set on promoting boudoir photography as a form of self-healing and a way to nurture self-love and confidence. Whether you've just gone through a difficult breakup, learning to embrace your postpartum body, or want to celebrate getting over an eating disorder, boudoir photography is a way to embrace the home that you're body is and celebrate everything that it has got you through.

Szolle runs boudoir photoshoots out of her studio in East London, but she is happy to travel to other accommodations such as hotels or private residences throughout London. When it comes to retouching, Szolle will only edit out "today's problems" such as blemishes, pimples and bruises, as she wants people to embrace and adore the skin that they're in, and doesn't believe that anybody needs heavy retouching.

black and white photo of a woman posing with a sheet wrapped around her in a boudoir photoshoot London by Monika Szolle

A boudoir session fee with Monika Szolle costs £350, though this doesn't include prints and digital images, and clients can expect to pay between £800-2500 for their experience and products. Contact Szolle through her website to retrieve complete pricing and packages information.

5. Lize Okoh

Lize Okoh is a professional photographer in London who owns and runs Okoh's Boudoir, a boudoir photography business that leads by Okoh's key principles as an advocate for self-love and body positivity. A self-declared "Queen of themes and photoshoot concepts", Okoh can tailor her shoots to a huge variety of styles and ideas.

photo of a woman posing in orange lingerie by boudoir photographer London Lizie Okoh

Clients are asked to come to their session at Okoh's East London studio bare-faced and with clean hair so that Okoh's in-house professional make-up artist can enhance your natural beauty and prepare you for your shoot. She will also travel to a location of your choice, so if you want to get creative with your photoshoot, why not have a go at location scouting for a unique spot before your shoot.

Like many other photographers on this list, Okoh believes that boudoir photography is about learning to love our bodies as they are and that editing out your unique features can be damaging to your self-esteem. As a result, she won't edit or alter your body size or crucial features with retouching, but will correct light, exposure, colour, and facial blemishes.

photo of a couple lying in bed by boudoir photographer London Lizie Okoh

Okoh's session fee is £300 (not including prints or digital images), and 0% payment plans are available upon request. Contact Okoh on her website to schedule in a consultation.

6. Rodney Pedroza

Rodney Pedroza is an award-winning photographer in London, specialising in portraits, headshots and "Le Noir" (boudoir) photography.

black and white photo of a woman flipping her hair by boudoir photographer London Rodney Pedroza

Pedroza believes that people's bodies tell a story and that they should be respected and admired for the art that they are. His black-and-white boudoir photography seeks to give women the opportunity to reclaim their feminine energy and leave feeling more confident and empowered within themselves.

Pedroza's client testimonials showcase his talents as a photographer, in making clients feel safe and relaxed, as well as working with them to channel their inner beauty into outward charm. He works with a range of women of different ages and races and knows how to let individuals shine and flourish as their authentic selves.

black and white photo of a woman posing on the floor by boudoir photographer London Rodney Pedroza

Contact Pedroza on his website to discuss your appointment. Session fees are £350, which includes a professional makeup artist and a 3-hour fully guided shoot with Pedroza. Portraits and prints are sold separately.

7. Paulina Sobczak

Paulina Sobczak is a portrait, personal branding and boudoir photographer in London, who works closely with her clients to deliver bespoke photoshoots and beautiful tailored images.

black and white photo of a woman on a bed in a boudoir photoshoot London by Paulina Sobczak

To be a good boudoir photographer, it's essential to prioritise your client's comfort and create a safe and respectful environment. Sobczak works carefully to understand her clients, not only their creative vision and what they want out of the shoot physically but also their concerns and individual temperaments. It's important to guide and support them throughout the process, helping them to feel confident and empowered in front of the camera.

You can learn more about what Sobczak is about on her YouTube channel, where she shares insights into her work and business, including behind-the-scenes footage and client testimonials.

black and white photo of a woman posing in a boudoir photoshoot London by Paulina Sobczak

Fill in the form on Sobczak's contact page on her website to get started with arranging a shoot.

8. Patrick Falaniko

Patrick Falaniko is the owner and photographer at Goddess Studio, a portrait and boudoir photography business located in Waltham Forest, London. Before starting his own business, Falaniko worked as a creative director in fashion and advertising for 20 years and as an art director and graphic designer before that.

photo of a woman in lingerie in a boudoir photoshoot London by Patrick Falaniko

Falaniko takes inspiration from a range of interests and experiences, including nature, martial arts, and art deco.

As with many boudoir photographers, Falaniko believes that the value of these shoots extends beyond the photographs that are produced at the end; boudoir photography shoots are valuable in and of themselves, to help people grow confidence in their bodies and develop their self-love.

photo of a woman posing on a bed in an open blouse in a boudoir photoshoot London by Patrick Falaniko

Packages start at £349, for more information on pricing visit Goddess Studio's Pricing Page.

9. Rob Anderman

Rob Anderman is a professional photographer in London who specialised in portraits, headshots, fashion, boudoir and erotica. His work has been published in the likes of British Vogue and The Sunday Times, and his successful career has seen him acquire a number of creative contacts that enable him to find the right talent for any project.

photo of a woman posing on a bed in lingerie and heels by boudoir photographer London Rob Anderman

Through his own artful lens as a boudoir photographer and the team that supports him, Anderman empowers clients to see themselves in a new light, appreciating their own bodies and embracing their individuality. This transformative experience helps individuals to recognise and embrace their own worth and beauty.

Anderman works both out of his studio in Barking, east London, and across a variety of location shoots, where he can bring his portable photo studio equipment, including photography backdrops and a lighting rig.

photo of a woman sitting on the floor in a corset by boudoir photographer London Rob Anderman

Pricing and quotes are discussed upon enquiry - you can contact Anderman by phone or email at robanderman@live.co.uk.

10. Johanna Elizabeth

Johanna Elizabeth is a boudoir photographer based in Hampshire, which isn't quite London but as Elizabeth is often referred to as the leading female boudoir photographer in the UK, we thought we'd have to give her an honourary mention. Direct trains to Havant from London are less than an hour and a half, and clients regularly travel from all across the country to visit Elizabeth's studio.

black and white photo of a woman  posing on a bench in underwear by boudoir photographer London Johanna Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the Chair of the Board of Directors at The British Institute of Professional Photography and works with an all-female team at her studio to create a safe, relaxing space for women to explore their sexual identities.

photo of a woman wrapped in bed sheets by boudoir photographer London Johanna Elizabeth

Elizabeth's shoot fee is £250, with print and digital portraits starting at an additional £250. You can contact the studio on Elizabeth's website to arrange a booking.

Wrapping up

This list of the 10 best boudoir photographers in London shows that to succeed in this industry, you must be able to curate a safe environment that allows your sitter to relax and embrace their authentic self. Most boudoir photographers will be dealing far more often with first-time clients who aren't used to channelling their sensual energy in front of strangers, so it can be a challenge to make them feel comfortable and confident during their shoot.

Having said that, boudoir photoshoots are a great way to explore your erotic expression and self-identity in a safe and supportive setting, and giving clients the opportunity to embrace this can be an endlessly rewarding job for boudoir photographers themselves. If you're new to the world of boudoir photography (either as a sitter or photographer), then it may feel like a strange and uncomfortable concept to take your clothes off in front of a stranger and have them photograph you (or vice versa), but any good boudoir photographer will prioritise comfort, privacy, and consent above all else.

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