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The 12 best fashion photographers in London


Written by Becky T

Published May 25, 2023

Fashion photography is a bustling and competitive industry which focuses on capturing clothing, accessories, and fashion-related pieces for a range of uses. Through the art of photography, designers, retailers, and influencers alike are able to showcase their unique styles and designs, and evoke wider themes about what these pieces are about. It can be difficult sometimes to get a feel for fashion if all we see is a static image, so it's the task of fashion photographers and their models to bring these pieces to life through their photoshoot concepts and set design.

From high fashion to street fashion, editorial to commercial, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to great fashion photographers in London. So, whether you're looking for the perfect fashion photographer to capture your brand's style, or you're a fashion photographer yourself seeking inspiration from the best in the business, this curation of the 12 best fashion photographers in London will offer you a deeper understanding of what brings success in the world of fashion photography.


  1. Nadine Ijewere
  2. Joseph Clarkson
  3. Calvin Chinthaka
  4. Tim Walker
  5. Cherry Auhoni
  6. Nick Knight
  7. Miles Aldridge
  8. Marc Rogoff
  9. Paul Farnham
  10. Zuzana Breznanikova
  11. Ian Hippolyte
  12. Kyle Galvin

1. Nadine Ijewere

Nadine Ijewere is a fashion photographer from south-east London, specialising in conceptual photography. She commonly explores themes of identity and diversity, with her own Jamaican and Nigerian heritage informing this creative mission to expand the fashion industry's existing standards and norms for "beauty". As a result, she does most of her casting herself and likes to shoot models from underrepresented ethnicities.

portrait of a woman in a pink, flower mesh outfit by fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere

Since her formal introduction to Photography at UAL’s London College of Fashion, Ijewere has shot for a number of high-profile publications such as WSJ magazine, British Vogue, and Vogue Italia, and has worked with brands like Dior, Valentino Red and Stella McCartney. Exhibitions of her works have been held at the likes of the Tate Britain and the Vogue Photo Festival.

portrait of a woman in a light blue puffy coat by fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere

In 2019, Ijewere shot a cover story for Vogue with Dua Lipa, Binx Walton and Letitia Wright, making history as the first woman of colour to shoot for the cover of Vogue across the magazine’s whole 125-year history. In 2020, she won the ICP Award (International Centre of Photography).

2. Joseph Clarkson

Joseph Clarkson is no doubt one of the best fashion photographers in London, working for high-profile brands and magazines such as Vogue Italia, Matched Magazine, Dazed and Schön Magazine.

photo of a man yawning in a fluffy knit snood by fashion photographer Joseph Clarkson

His online portfolio showcases his ability to adapt to a number of different briefs, from grungy to modern, classic to edgy, Clarkson is able to bring to life the range of concepts and models that he has at hand.

photo of a man dressed in a fairytale-esque outfit fashion photographer Joseph Clarkson

Like Ijewere, Clarkson is interested in challenging the fashion and beauty industries' beauty ideals to champion a more diverse representation of beauty with which a wider range of individuals can identify. Whilst exploring these themes in his final year university project at Manchester Metropolitan University, titled 'Sticks and Stones', Clarkson was awarded the Open Eye Gallery Award for photography back in 2018.

Follow him on his Instagram for regular updates on his work.

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3. Calvin Chinthaka

Calvin Chinthaka is a British-Sri Lankan fashion photographer in London and Creative Director of LOVI CEYLON, a designer-sarongs retailer with the "first patent-pending sarongs designed with built-in pockets, belts, and lining to suit your active lifestyle". He has also shot editorial campaigns for brands such as Naked Wolfe.

photo of a woman posing with neon pink eyeshadow on by fashion photographer Calvin Chinthaka

Chinthaka has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Photography from the University of the Arts London and an MA in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion UAL, where he has since run guest lectures for fashion students. His immersion in the industry goes beyond his abilities as a photographer, as he has an expansive knowledge of fashion analysis as a more critical, academic discipline, having released a documentary in 2019 titled Osariya, which explores how the Kandyan sari plays a role in the social identity of women in Sri Lanka.

promotional photograph for fashion photographer Calcin Chinthaka's documentary film, Osariya

Follow Chinthaka on his Instagram to follow his work and achievements.

4. Tim Walker

Tim Walker is an award-winning British photographer in London and one of the best fashion photographers in the industry. He regularly works for the likes of Vogue and Love magazines and has had his works exhibited in a number of notable galleries and museums across London, including the V&A, Somerset House, the National Portrait Gallery and the Design Museum. He has also published several books and produced a number of short films.

photo of 4 people dressed in large, colourful coats by fashion photographer Tim Walker

Not long after completing his studies in Photography at Exeter College of Art, Walker shot his first story for British Vogue aged just 25, going on to build a successful career off of his "fantastical photographs inspired by his love of fairy tales and a thirst for adventure", working with celebrities and famous designers, including Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Björk and Kate Bush.

4 photographs of men in colourful, abstract outfits by fashion photographer Tim Walker

One of many famous contributions of Walker's is his work photographing the iconic Harry Style's 2019 Fine Line album art. His distinct vision brings a surrealist, often psychedelic feel to any campaign that he works on.

5. Cherry Auhoni

Cherry Auhoni is a fashion photographer of Macanese heritage based in London. They have a BA in Fashion Communication and Styling from Middlesex University and an MA in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion. Since graduating, Auhoni has built up an impressive client list that includes the likes of the Guardian, i-D, London Fashion Week, Vice, Wire and Wonderland Magazine, and their work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Archive Gallery and many more.

photograph of 4 people playing hide and seek in colourful, abstract outfits by fashion photographer Cherry Auhoni

Auhoni's work is informed by "their constant preoccupation with freedom, identity and community", working particularly to expand the representation of the LGBTQIA+ community, often raising funds for LGBTQIA+ charities through their exhibitions and telling important narratives of queer identity and experience through their photographs.

photo of a man posing with a gun by fashion photographer Cherry Auhoni

Follow Auhoni on their Instagram to stay up-to-date with their work and activism.

6. Nick Knight

Nick Knight is a prominent British fashion and portrait photographer and music video director in London and the founder and director of SHOWstudio.com, an award-winning fashion film and live broadcasting website. His works have been displayed at galleries across the world, including the Tate Modern, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Saatchi Gallery, and the Brooklyn Museum and he has worked for clients such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Swarovski, and Yves Saint Laurent.

photo of a woman posing on a chair in a trench coat, smoking, by one of the best fashion photographers in London, Nick Knight

Knight is an honorary professor at the University of the Arts London, from where he also has an honorary Ph.D. In 2022, he was awarded the Master of Photography Award by Photo London.

photo of a woman in a Japanese-style editorial outfit, with a safety pin edited through her forehead by fashion photographer Nick Knight

Back in 2016, Knight's hand-coated photographic reprint of his 1992 campaign photograph, Tatjana Patitz for Jil Sander, sold for a record-breaking HKD 2,360,000 (just over £240,000). That same year, he was commissioned to shoot official portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for the Queen's 90th birthday. He has worked with a number of other celebrities and high-profile clients, including Kanye West, Lady GaGa and Bjork, supporting his status as one of the best fashion photographers in London.

7. Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is a British fashion, portrait and fine-art photographer in London, who is known for his "vibrant acidic" palette and psychedelic photographs, which he shoots predominantly on film. After studying Illustration at Central St Martins, Aldridge went on to develop a successful career working with clients such as Longchamp, MAC Cosmetics, and Sergio Rossi.

photo of two women at an art gallery by fashion photographer Miles Alridge

Aldridge's works appear in permanent collections throughout galleries in London, including at the V&A, The British Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery. His photographs have been regularly featured in reputable publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, GQ, Teen Vogue and The New Yorker. He has photographed a number of celebrities including Viola Davis, Cara Delevigne, and Michael Fassbender.

photo of Donatella Versace sat on a red couch in a colourful room by photographer Miles Aldridge

Aldridge's style is theatrical and intriguing, with his photographs often feeling as though they have been captured from an old, surrealist film. This aesthetic is certainly intentional, as Aldridge likes to insinuate broader narratives through his photography, often playing on the sinister inferences evoked through his references to "suburban comfort" and "the false promise of luxury".

8. Marc Rogoff

Marc Rogoff is a South African-born photographer based in London, specialising in fashion, portrait and commercial photography. Rogoff's colourful career as a fashion photographer has been informed by a wealth of prior experience working as a fashion designer, consulting for fashion brands and even developing his own.

photo of a woman floating mid-air in a green dress by one of the best fashion photographers in London, Marc Rogoff

As one of the best fashion photographers in London, Rogoff has earnt himself an impressive list of clients and collaborators, which include The Times, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Zoo Magazine, and Vodafone. His portfolio showcases his distinctive, dramatic style, often achieved through the use of low-key lighting that plays with shadows and contrasts to support these intense photographic narratives.

photo of a woman in a blazer and long floral skirt in a white room by photographer Marc Rogoff

Follow Rogoff on his Instagram for a curated snapshot of his beautiful photographs. He also sells prints of his work on his online store.

9. Paul Farnham

Paul Farnham is a London-based fashion photographer, who has worked with the likes of Burberry, Disney, Dior and Adidas, and has had his photographs featured in publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair Italy, and ES Magazine.

photo of a man crawling in a white room with a large, ornate mask covering his face by one of the best fashion photographers in London, Paul Farnham

His style is modern, clean and impactful, "seducing the viewer with beautiful cinematic expression". His online portfolio does a great job of showcasing his versatility and creative originality, but if you're looking to view something more specific, you can contact Farnham to request a tailored portfolio of his work. You can also view more of his work on his Vogue portfolio page.

photo of a woman striding with an oversized, ornate suit on by photographer Paul Farnham

Follow Farnham on his Instagram profile for more updates on his work.

10. Zuzana Breznanikova

Zuzana Breznanikova is a London-based photographer, specialising in editorial fashion and fine-art photography. She has worked for clients such as Harrods, D&G, Prada, Moncler, Rolls Royce and Armani. Her artwork has been acquired by over 500 collectors across the world and has been displayed in a number of notable art galleries, exhibitions and even on the main billboard of New York Times Square. 

black and white photo of a man sat on a chair wearing a floral bomber jacket by fashion photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

Breznanikova is well-versed in a number of post-production processes, including photo editing software such as digital painting in ProCreate, as well as using AI to achieve her desired aesthetics. Her photographic style is inspired largely by Japanese culture and the beauty of nature, which can be seen in her minimalist compositions and soft, muted pallettes.

Vogue shoot of a woman holding up a yellow scarf by fashion photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

Follow Breznanikova on her Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on her work and interests, which include NFTs and digital art (she herself is one of the top-ranking independent artists OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace).

11. Ian Hippolyte

Ian Hippolyte is a fashion photographer in London, driven by a creative mission to "tell diverse, inclusive and empowering stories through distinct fashion imagery". At just 24 years old, Hippolyte has an impressive client list that includes the likes of Atlantic Records, Canon, GQ Portugal, Royal Opera House, Schön and Sony Music, and is quickly earning himself a reputation as one of the best fashion photographers in London.

editorial photo of a woman with red hair by fashion photographer Ian Hippolyte

His style is sophisticated yet refreshing, blending the slick, classic edge of editorial fashion with a vibrant and buoyant kind of modernism, which pulls from diverse aesthetics and youth culture.

photo of a woman sat in an all red studio, dressed in a red suit on a red telephone by one of the best fashion photographers in London, Ian Hippolyte

Follow Hippolyte on his Instagram to see more of his striking photographs, or on his YouTube channel for an array of educational and behind-the-scenes footage, including how to become a fashion photographer yourself!

12. Kyle Galvin

Finally, Kyle Galvin is a photographer in London, specialising in fashion, beauty and celebrity portraits. His work has been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, WWD, Glamour Magazine, and Grazia, and he has worked with clients such as Armani Beauty, CHANEL, Dior Beauty, Estee Lauder, Fendi and Paco Rabanne. 

photo of a woman wearing a long frilly white dress by fashion photographer Kyle Galvin

Galvin has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion, where he was named one of the most promising graduating talents by the British Journal of Photography in their "Ones to Watch" class of 2015. Since graduating, he has developed a successful career working on high-profile campaigns with several celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Zoe Sugg, Jujubee, and Suki Waterhouse.

photo of a man posing in a shirt and kilt by photographer Kyle Galvin

Follow Galvin on his Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to see more of his work (and TikTok dances).

Wrapping up

What this list of the 12 best fashion photographers in London demonstrates is that to succeed in this industry, you must be able to incorporate distinct narratives and contexts that add depth and intrigue to your images. Done well, fashion photography (like any form of photography), should tell a story. Obviously, the confines of this narrative will vary depending on your brief, but you always have room to translate your physical subjects into art through your own creative vision.

To achieve this, fashion photoshoots may take place in diverse settings, such as fashion photography studios, urban environments, natural landscapes, or other iconic locations, creating a photography backdrop that enhances the fashion and contributes to the overall storytelling.

For more inspiration from some of London's best photographers, why not check out these upcoming photography exhibitions in London.

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