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The 12 best lifestyle photographers in London


Written by Becky T

Published Feb 21, 2023

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the art of the everyday. Authenticity is the name of the game, and those that rise to the top know how to construct candid, intimate moments that tell a visual story about the people at the heart of the photographs.

Walking a delicate balance between natural and still refined, this style of portraiture allows for raw emotion and a 'real-life' feel to shine through the art that is produced, whilst still being supported by the creative vision and planning of the photographer. Subjects are captured in everyday moments that reflect a story or emotion, making it a great choice for both personal portraiture, as well as editorial and commercial photography. If you're using models, make sure you draft up a photography model release form to protect all parties.

So if you're looking to be inspired by some of the best lifestyle photographers in London, you've come to the right place. Learn from those at the top of their game, and master this art of insight and authenticity!


  1. Michael Leckie
  2. Celso Marrero
  3. Sam Todd
  4. Amy Murrell
  5. Jon Enoch
  6. Michael Heffernan
  7. Julian Love
  8. Pete Muller
  9. Lauren Luxenberg
  10. Nick David
  11. Jack Terry
  12. Laura BC

1. Michael Leckie

Michael Leckie is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in London, who specialises in fitness and sports-based photography. With a long list of celebrity subjects such as Stormzy, Sir David Attenborough, Harry Styles and Richard Ayoade, Leckie's reputation is well established, and he has worked for huge clients such as AirBnB, TikTok, and BBC (and that doesn't even scratch the surface!).

image of celebrity Wez Nelson showering by Michael Leckie

Leckie uses angles and natural lighting in his work to produce images that are crisp and simple, yet impactful. Often shot against plain or unassuming backgrounds, he allows the depth of his subjects to shine through, and even in his 'busier' photographs, it is clear that it is their expressions and interactions that lead the narrative.

image of a man in running gear by Michael Leckie

Leckie is active on his LinkedIn and Instagram pages, where he posts content and updates about his recent projects and commissions. He's in high demand, but if you manage to bag him, then you know you're in good hands!

2. Celso Marrero

Celso Marrero is a creative commercial photographer who, amongst other specialties (such as food and ecommerce), delivers a range of lifestyle photography services to his clients, which have included the likes of Netflix, Babyliss, and Ivy Collection. Equipped with an experience in the world of sports and fitness, Marrero focuses on this industry in his lifestyle photography, using his creative vision to bring life and meaning to each picture.

image of a topless man skating in a skatepark by Celso Marrero

His "modern urban style" plays with shadows and materials to give context and dimension to his portraiture, using the textures and shapes of sports fencing, tennis nets, stadiums and skate parks to frame and decorate his images and the meaning they convey. This sophisticated blend of environment and personality pulls his photographs together and draws out a story that is easy to read.

image of a woman stretching in gym gear, photographed through a tennis net by Celso Marrero

Marrero works collaboratively with his clients throughout the process, from location and model scouting all the way to the image's final editing, so if you're looking for someone who can help you every step of the way, then Marrero is your man.

Follow Marrero on Instagram for regular posts showcasing his colourful range of projects.

3. Sam Todd

image of a woman looking pensively with the sea in the background by Sam Todd

Sam Todd is a photographer based in South London, specialising in sport and lifestyle photography. His client list includes the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Team GB. It's safe to say that he's made a big name for himself in the world of sports photography, and looking at his portfolio, it's easy to see why.

image of a couple balancing on a ledge in front of a cityscape, taken by London lifestyle photographer, Sam Todd

In his own words, Todd's work "has a clean aesthetic while still maintaining a level of depth and drama", and a flick through his extensive portfolio shows that he knows his strengths: poetic shots that convey meaning through their simplicity. He consistently manages to capture those fleeting moments where the mind is somewhere else - lost in thought or laughter, the expressions on his subjects often read as though there couldn't possibly be a camera right in front of them. That's lifestyle photography done well!

If you want to learn more, check out his studio space in Brixton, or follow him on Instagram for examples of his work and behind-the-scenes action.

4. Amy Murrell

image of a man standing in a field surrounded by dogs by Amy Murrell

Amy Murrell is a creative photographer in London, specialising in food, interior, and lifestyle photography, although her work often takes her across the globe. With over 15 years in the business, Murrell's client list has included the likes of SoHo House, Cowshed and M&S.

image of a woman diving into the ocean by lifestyle photographer Amy Murrell
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Murrell's style is fresh, quaint and tranquil, and she prides herself on her attention to natural light, opting to utilise it as much as possible in her shoots. There is a warmth and homeliness that threads through her portfolio, even when the subject of the photograph is alone. As with any good lifestyle photographer, her images feel more like a secret snapshot into people's lives than they do a staged representation of it: allowing real emotion to give dimension to a digital image.

Check out Murrell's Instagram for a feed conveying pure relaxation. The visual equivalent of listening to wind chimes tinkling in the wind...

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5. Jon Enoch

image of a man on a rowing boat in the middle of a lake, taken by London lifestyle photographer Jon Enoch

Jon Enoch is an award-winning lifestyle photographer in London, working within the advertising, corporate and editorial sectors. His client list includes the likes of Facebook, Skoda, EA Sports and Benefit Cosmetics. His projects are diverse and his capabilities extensive, from high-budget shoots in the desert to quiet portraiture in the studio or local pub.

image of a man drinking a beer with a sandwich on the table in front of him by Jon Enoch

Enoch's work is distinctive and dramatic, achieved through what he describes as "a bold, uncomplicated approach to his images". It often has a cinematic feel to it that still manages to maintain rooted in authenticity. Lighting and contrast are used to evoke emotion which compliments and reflects its subjects, rather than distracting from them. If you're looking to add an edge or some dramaticism to your lifestyle photography, it's a good idea to invest in photo editing software.

Follow him on Instagram or Twitter for updates and campaign examples.

6. Michael Heffernan

Michael Heffernan is a London-based lifestyle photographer, who works for advertising agencies, design consultancies and leading brands. As he asserts on his website, Heffernan can adjust to a diverse range of project scopes and scales, offering to scout locations, source models, and supply stylists.

image of three people smiling with cans of beers in their hands by Michael Heffernan

His style is spontaneous and fluid, with an affinity for immortalising those raw, dynamic moments that would otherwise be lost in the blink of an eye. To be a good lifestyle photographer, you must learn to recognise these climaxes of everyday life and emotion and be able to act quick in capturing them without showing traces of your presence.

image of a woman diving into a lake by Michael Heffernan

Heffernan's Instagram page provides a good snapshot of his work, showcasing his bright, airy style and ability to adapt to a range of environments.

7. Julian Love

Julian Love is a lifestyle photographer in London whose work blends "the authenticity of documentary with the polish of advertising" to deliver images that capture natural emotion, whilst still maintaining a professional and clean appearance. Love has worked for clients such as Google, Dove, Simple and Samsung, and has co-founded his own creative agency, We are The Loves.

image of a woman smiling on a running track by Julian Love

This breadth of expertise across photography, branding, and business allows Love to bring an arsenal of creative skills to his work as a photographer. Both through his own work as a photographer, and through his creative agency, Love seeks to unearth the human stories that bring a brand to life.

image of a man with a beach in the background by Julian Love

If you want to see more of Love's work, check out his Instagram feed.

8. Pete Muller

Pete Muller is a London-based lifestyle photographer working within the advertising sector. Having worked for some huge names such as Nationwide, Mercedes, Fiat and Papa John's, Muller's work promises to stand out, capture attention and evoke real, organic emotion.

image of a woman helping a small child that is wearing a pair of her heels by Pete Muller

His style is bright and playful, often capturing intimate moments between people, or of people with themselves. This spontaneous and dynamic aesthetic is more reminiscent of a window into strangers' lives than it is an editorial campaign. As you'll see in this list, every lifestyle photographer has to draw their own balance between 'organic' and 'polished', and whilst both are important, lifestyle photography necessitates a certain level of authenticity and real-life feel.

image of a man pushing two friends of a skateboard, taken by a London lifestyle photographer by Pete Muller

Muller posts regularly on his Instagram, which evidences his impressive range in style and approach.

9. Lauren Luxenberg

Lauren Luxenberg is a lifestyle and portrait photographer in London, specialising in fashion and sport. Her impressive client list includes the likes of Vogue, Levis, Pandora, and SoHo House.

image of a man walking in front of a large building by Lauren Luxenberg

She has a distinctive, self-defined aesthetic, which Luxenberg herself describes as a ‘warm nostalgia’ reminiscent of the 1980s, and shot through the 'female lens'. Through this active effort to engage the female gaze, she explores various socio-political themes through her work, including toxic masculinity and men's mental health.

image of a man dragging two guitars along the beach by Lauren Luxenberg

There is certainly a poetic and nostalgic energy to Luxenberg's photographs, and her colour palettes are a huge part of this. It's important to consider the tone that you bring to an image through colour and composition (though important, your subjects are not the entire picture).

Follow Luxenberg on her Instagram for a peek into her eclectic range of work. Perhaps you'll gain some inspiration on starting your own photography portfolio!

10. Nick David

Nick David is a London-based location photographer and filmmaker, who produces digital and print campaigns for the likes of HSBC, NHS, Sainsburys and Stella McCartney.

image of three children baking, taken by London lifestyle photographer, Nick David

His style is crisp and colourful, evoking a feeling of optimism and warmth from subjects who are often found smiling, laughing, or embracing. Whilst lifestyle photography inevitably involves planning and direction, it can be just as much about taking advantage of spontaneous moments of unplanned interactions. In this way, you must always be prepared to act on an instant.

image of two women hugging on the cliffs by the sea by Nick David

Check out David's beautiful photography on his Instagram page, or follow him on Twitter for updates on his professional work and his own personal activism.

11. Jack Terry

Jack Terry is a lifestyle photographer in London, who has worked for brands such as Adidas, Evri, Just Eat and Google. Homely and engaging, his style is simple but powerful through its authenticity. Good lifestyle photography may sometimes give the impression that the photographer has done no work at all, that they have just stumbled upon a tender, spontaneous moment - but the illusion is that this very impression is often the result of a skilled and dedicated photographer behind the scenes.

image of a woman sitting in bed on her laptop by Jack Terry

Terry's work is "inspired by the playfulness and vitality of childhood", a theme which he pulls through his work using a curious and energetic creative vision. His photographs have a vibrancy and edge that bring them to life, evoking a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) that makes you want to be a part of his photographs.

image of two women smiling at the camera as they walk by Jack Terry

For a curated snapshot of his work, follow Terry on Instagram.

12. Laura BC

Laura BC is a London-based lifestyle photographer, who specialises in the travel and tourism sector. Working across the globe for an eclectic range of surf schools, resorts and retreats, BC has an affinity for capturing people's passions and adventures. Her work has been featured in the likes of Business Insider and Booking.com.

image of a man sat on a beach, staring out at the sunset above the sea by Laura BC

Evoking feelings of adventure and wanderlust, BC's style and niche are well-defined. It's important for any lifestyle photographer to distinguish themselves from the masses and establish what they are known for.

image of a woman in a sun hat smiling by Laura BC

Backed by over 10 years of experience in the industry, BC's blog includes useful advice for aspiring and professional photographers. She even has a page with links to buy the specific photography equipment that she herself uses.

As well as regular posts on her Instagram page, BC has her own YouTube channel, where she shares advice and tips for photographers looking to upgrade their professional arsenal.


So, there you have it - 12 of the best lifestyle photographers in London! Lifestyle photography can be a difficult skill to master, as you have to tread carefully to marry the line between organic yet polished, authentic yet professional, raw yet clean... Too 'natural', and you risk losing that creative flair and impact, and yet too posed and you risk losing the emotion and character that makes lifestyle photography what it is in the first place. The key is to use your direction to provoke and guide real reactions, rather than staging these reactions themselves. If you're looking for true, unstaged snapshots of human subjects, check out our article on the best street photographers in London.

However, whilst this 'curated candidness' is a crucial aspect of lifestyle photography, the purpose of this can span a huge range. From editorial clients wanting to promote a product to independent clients who want to immortalise a memory. This means that it's important to consider the specific narrative and emotion that you're trying to convey through this snapshot of 'everyday' life.

Looking at other lifestyle photographers in London is a great way to see how this is achieved by leading professionals within the industry. Immerse yourself in creative inspiration, and learn from the best in the business. For more inspiration from some of London's best photographers, why not check out these upcoming photography exhibitions in London.

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