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Garden Hire UK

Garden hire UK

From Victorian walled gardens to modern manicured lawns, the UK’s diverse garden venues offer a wide range of scenic options for film productions, photoshoots and events. Whether you’re looking for a large or intimate space to hire, Tutti has an array of quality, affordable garden spaces across England. Start browsing now to find the perfect outdoor space for your needs.

Explore 100+ garden spaces in the UK
Large SE London garden space and bunker plus 1930s style house interior
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Garden with lawn and garden path
Ravenstone Hall
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Stunning, tranquil garden
Modernised Victorian home with tranquil garden
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Outdoor swimming pool with garden
Telford Park
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Silverstein Locations
Spacious back garden
Chorley Wood
per hour
Kitchen garden
Converted Barn
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Newflex - Citibase Local Reading
Entrance and garden of Reading complex
Price on request
Location Creation
Formal garden with sculpture
Ravenstone Hall
per hour
Location Creation
Private back garden with cabin
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Why rent a garden in the UK?

London in particular is well known for its gardens and parks, such as the famous Kew Gardens and Hyde Park, the largest of the four Royal Parks. And when it comes to garden venues for hire, we have everything from the classic to the unconventional. Host a summer event on a rooftop terrace and garden with panoramic views of the city, or film any time of year in a winter garden. You can find gardens for hire at historical museums, beautiful homes and galleries.

What can you hire a garden venue for?


Many photographers rent gardens and outdoor spaces for photo and video shoots, including engagement and fashion shoots.

Garden venues are known for their versatility, making them perfect backdrops for a wide range of photography styles and themes. Whether you are working on portraits, pre-wedding photos, or family photography, a garden space gives you the creative freedom to experiment with various shots and compositions.

Natural lighting is another advantage of renting a garden venue for photoshoots. The abundant natural light available in these outdoor settings creates beautifully lit photos and reduces the need for lighting equipment. If you’re a photographer who prefers working with natural light, work to your strengths by hiring an outdoor garden.

One of the unique aspects of garden venues is the seasonal variety they offer, think dramatic red and orange foliage in Autumn and delicate blossoms in Spring. You can take advantage of these seasonal changes to create distinct and season-themed photoshoots and add diversity to your portfolio.

From a cost perspective, garden venues are a great choice for photographers because they usually require minimal set construction and decoration compared to indoor studio setups. So if you’re a photographer looking to manage your expenses while delivering photos in a professional setting, a garden venue is perfect for you.

Film and TV Productions

The UK is popular for film and television productions, so it’s no surprise garden spaces are used regularly in all types of scenes. With the large number of garden venues, it’s easy to find one conveniently located so it’s easily accessible for cast and crew via public transport. 

Garden venues are popular with location scouts because they can be adapted to fit various storylines and genres, and can be transformed to depict different time periods, moods, or settings. Whether it's for romance, drama, or scenic shots, garden venues offer a blank canvas for filmmakers to craft their stories. Plus an abundance of natural light can significantly reduce the need for extensive artificial lighting setups, saving time and resources during filming.

Privacy can be a concern for video productions, and most garden venues for hire offer a private, fenced area for shooting. This creates a focused and distraction-free environment for the cast and crew.

Many UK garden venues boast unique features like fountains, statues, bridges, or swimming pools. They can also showcase the distinct architecture, culture, and history, which all helps to tell the narrative of films and TV shows set in the UK.


Gardens can make the perfect venues for hosting events and celebrations such as performances, corporate gatherings, and product launches.

The array of garden venues across the UK allows you to choose an outdoor venue that aligns with the theme and style of your event. For example, hire a garden to host a product launch and showcase the latest offerings in a picturesque setting. These outdoor spaces can be adapted to accommodate various branding elements, product displays, and interactive installations, ensuring that your product takes centre stage. 

Many UK garden venues offer a secluded area, making them suitable for intimate gatherings and private events. Garden venues also facilitate outdoor activities and entertainment to add a fun and relaxed atmosphere to events, including lawn games, picnics, and al fresco dining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in London has the best garden venues for hire?

Central London features intimate garden spaces like rooftop gardens with iconic city views. West London, including Kensington, Chelsea, and Richmond are renowned for their beautiful residential houses and gardens. North London offers spacious outdoor areas and south London has wonderful gardens in Dulwich, Crystal Palace, and Clapham. East London has a trendy and eclectic selection of garden spaces in areas such as Hackney and Greenwich.

What types of projects are suitable for hiring a garden venue?

Garden venues are versatile and can be used for a wide range of creative projects, including feature films, TV shows, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and photography shoots.

Can I visit the garden venue before booking it?

Yes, you generally can view a garden location in person before your shoot or event. If you would like to tour a venue, please message the host to confirm this is possible and arrange a suitable time.

How do I find and book a garden venue in the UK for filming?

You can start by browsing Tutti’s large range of garden spaces for hire. You can also filter your search to only include results with certain features such as a swimming pool, pool house, gazebo, outdoor furniture, or fire pit.

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