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The UK offers a diverse range of scenic location filming, from historical landmarks to picturesque countryside, modern urban landscapes, coastal towns, and more. There’s no need to build a film set from scratch inside a studio when you can hire a beautiful stately home, a chic city apartment, or a quaint village church. Tutti can help you find the perfect filming location for your short film, music video, interview, or feature-length production. Browse our range of UK film locations for your next creative project.

Explore 1800+ filming locations for hire in the UK
Cinemas 2&3
Barbican Centre
per day
Location Creation
Links Green House
Links Green House
per hour
Silverstein Locations
Girl's room with window seat
Foxlea Manor
per hour
Northumberland Events Limited
The Ballroom
Victorian Grade II listed Venue Central London
Price on request
Northumberland Events Limited
The Old Billiard Room
Victorian Grade II listed Venue Central London
Price on request
Northumberland Events Limited
Victorian Grade II listed Venue Central London
Price on request
Spaces & Stories
16th Floor at York Road
10 York Road
Price on request
Meeting Room 3
per hour
Meeting Room 2
per hour

Why hire a filming location in the UK?

In addition to the beautiful scenery and architecture, the UK has a rich pool of skilled professionals to help you bring your vision to life, including directors, producers, cinematographers, actors, and production designers.

The UK’s compact size makes it easy to access various locations within a relatively short distance. This means that if you want to shoot in multiple locations, your team can quickly move between different settings, saving you precious time. Many film locations are accessible by train and bus, giving you a variety of transport options. 

The UK is also well known for having state-of-the-art film studios, equipment rental facilities, and post-production services. Many international productions choose to shoot in the UK each year, which has led to the growth of a strong film and TV industry. 

TV series filmed across the UK:

  • The popular period drama Downton Abbey was largely filmed in Highclere Castle, a stately home in Hampshire. The castle served as the primary location for the fictional Downton Abbey and its surrounding estate.
  • The stunning coastal landscapes of Dorset played a significant role in the crime drama series Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman. The show was mainly filmed in West Bay and Bridport. 
  • The acclaimed drama series Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham, England, and features various UK locations filming. The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, West Midlands, has been used as a prominent filming location for the show.

Movies filmed across the UK:

  • The James Bond franchise has featured various UK location filming over the years. For example, the MI6 headquarters (known as the SIS Building) in London, as well as the famous Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.
  • The lovable bear Paddington from the children's books was brought to life using various iconic city locations, including Paddington Station, Portobello Road Market, and Windsor Gardens.
  • The 2012 film adaptation of the famous musical Les Misérables used various UK locations, such as Greenwich, Winchester, and Portsmouth, to create the backdrop of 19th-century France.

Checklist for hiring a UK filming location 

Assess your needs

Start by clearly defining your project's requirements and the specific types of locations you're seeking. Consider factors such as the genre, time period, architectural style, natural scenery, and any unique or specific settings necessary for your story.

Understand your budget

Evaluate how much you have to spend on location hire. Hire fees can vary depending on factors such as the location's popularity, accessibility, duration of filming, and any special requirements. It's also important to factor in costs for equipment rental, additional crew members, and transport costs. 

Scout locations

Tutti makes the search process simple because you can browse so many filming locations online, all in one place. Once you have narrowed down your search it’s also a good idea to request a tour of the location to check if the space can fulfil your needs. Make sure to review features like the size of the space, lighting, amenities and ambient noise. 

Arrange logistics and support

Assess how you are going to get everyone to the film location along with your equipment and props. Will the cast and crew have access to refreshments/catering and accommodation if needed?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a filming location in the UK?

This will vary quite a bit depending on where the space is located, for example hiring a central London filming location will cost more than a countryside location - although you’ll also need to factor in higher transport costs for a remote location.

Where are the best areas in the UK for hiring film locations?

London has the largest number of filming locations available but there are plenty of other vibrant cities in the UK with great filming options - Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow to name a few. These cities are filled with diverse architecture and have convenient public transport links.

What types of filming locations are available for hire in the UK?

You can find a wide variety of filming locations available for hire, from historic buildings like churches and stately homes to urban settings in bustling cities. There are a range of options to suit different genres and storytelling needs.

What is the ambient noise level? Will it be an issue for my shoot?

This will depend on your requirements, but yes some film locations will have a certain level of ambient noise, especially if they are centrally located. If you require more information you can chat to the host and request to tour the location first before you book it.

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